Michelle Chamuel
11-04-2014, 09:19 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle was on Mass appeal today. She did a cute little interview, and stayed loyal to Pharrell for her pick for winner.

A note though, she plays the acoustic guitar and is learning to play the electric guitar for her tour.

Which I'm so excited about. (I also..can't wait to get to be excited about seeing Haley live..)

11-13-2014, 10:00 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
So excited, I'm seeing Michelle on Saturday. (I love it when I get Haley and Michelle updates in the same weekend. Who isn't looking forward to Tusks videos?) Some of her tour videos are popping up.

She's covering "Clarity." Which, even though "Grenade" "Just Give Me A Reason" "Trouble" and "Why" were probably better performances, musically..this makes sense. It's funny, I never gave Clarity enough credit when she performed it on the show. What made me take a second look was watching so many other people try and completely fail at it. Jessica Sanchez was probably the best of the bunch, but it wasn't very good. Jacquie Lee and Jena Irene were just not good at all. In some ways it makes sense that Michelle would be able to do it well. One of her talents as a vocalist is her ability to sing songs live that are meant to be just for in the studio. (In fact, she does that with some of her own music that isn't really meant to be performed on tour.) I'd love to hear Haley, Kelly or Adam try it. Adam has a good voice for the song, and Kelly and Haley are pretty much human auto-tunes. Plus, they all do a good job of staying in the pocket. It's just a deceptively difficult song.

But anyway, she does a more slowed down (although not completely acoustic) version here, and I really like the audio because you get a sense of how pristine her vocals are live.


Here's another tour video. It's her single "Face The Fire."

Anyway, she's really fantastic live, if you get a chance to see her, you should.

(And if you do the meet and great, she's playing janga with everyone. )
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
I saw Michelle live last weekend. She was fantastic. The set itself is more pop rock live than I expected. (I thought she'd stay with the electronic jazz pop.) But it was great to hear the more full versions of her music. She played the keyboard and bass, and the drummer (Not Theo Katzman, I'm not sure who he is but I'm pretty sure he went to school with them) repeated that she was a better percussionist then him. And I'd love to see her play them and perform sometime. (She has some videos where she's playing a drum bucket thing and singing backup for her friend, but I'd like to see her with the whole set..) For her part, she kept getting caught in all the chords..

She sang a cover that I was unfamiliar with. (I thought it might be an Usher song, but it ended up being a Mary. J song.)


It was kind of fun to see her sing an R&B song. She's done most other genres (jazz, rock, pop, electronic) but despite her ties with Usher, I hadn't heard a straight R&B song from her yet. (90s R&B is some of my favorite music too..).

She also sang a few songs from her Reverb Junkie album, which I really love. I enjoy the new songs a lot, but I find her Reverb Junkie stuff is...deeper..(perhaps the best word.) Likely because it's just her. But it's hard music to try and perform, so I always appreciate it when she goes for it. (It's really only meant for studio.)


I already linked a version of Clarity, which was probably my favorite of the night. That along with "Golden"..which is always my favorite. Big Grin

I actually got the opportunity to meet her again. She had everyone playing jenga, which was fun. She cheats. Big Grin She has a competition going between her fans to see who can get the tallest tower from city to city (we didn't win.). And she lets us all cheat..so that's okay. But that was a bit of an original idea, and we all had a fun time. (There was an adorable child, who I was near when we were waiting outside. First, she had the same glasses as Michelle, which was adorable. Then she got a guitar pick because it was her birthday..and the child yelled that she could "die of happiness." )

On a side note, I kept thinking how little she (Michelle. The child was also little..but I'm talking about Michelle..) and then I took a picture of her..and we are the same height. Good to know how little people think I am...

Also, here's a fun little article about the process of making "Face The Fire" http://www.antimusic.com/news/14/Novembe...oice.shtml
12-01-2014, 10:06 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
So Billboard is streaming another song from Michelle's album (at this rate, I'll hear the whole thing before it comes out in February.)

This was Usher's favorite of her new songs, and I know they were in talks to have him produce it. (And, it is produced a little differently than some of her stuff, but it could have been produced by one of the guys that helped write it.) It's a really sweet love song, and seems like it's one of the more heavily electronic influenced songs on her album. It's definite earworm.

12-04-2014, 08:24 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle released another single today, called Lottery (previewed from Billboard). It's available on itunes now.

She also did a nice interview with two radio station guys. Charming as ever.

The commented on her fashion/look on The Voice. And I wanted to touch on that. One of the reasons people who watched the Voice got so attached to Michelle was because the show...actually treated her like a person. As in, we saw her personality..and that was what mattered (along with her performances..). The Voice's treatment of their female contestants was one of the biggest reasons I began to favor The Voice over Idol.
12-30-2014, 09:28 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle gave a nice interview to All Access Music.


Interesting things to say, as always. Smile I particularly like how she describes good pop music.

Also, I'd love to see her and Usher work together in the future. There was some major musical chemistry there.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Quote:With Face The Fire, my personality is intentionally forefronted, the words are clearer, and it’s crafted so that people can sing along.

Thinking about it now, it’s sort of a paradox. A pop album like Face The Fire takes more people to make. I worked alongside my collaborators – Theo Katzman and Tyler Duncan to make this album, and I think my personality is quite accessible in it. While The Reverb Junkie is just me, and oddly enough, I think my personality is somehow more obscured. It takes more patience to decipher the artist behind The Reverb Junkie.

Additionally, I think part of the beauty of pop music that I hope to bring out in Face The Fire is that good pop is so well crafted, you don’t even realize how much work went into it to get it to sound so effortless. It’s magic.

That is interesting. But I think the real lesson to be learned from the article is: When on tour, don't take a short bus that burns vegetable oil.
01-04-2015, 07:01 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Haha. You know, she talks about it in a way that makes me question if she was 100% in agreement about it. (For instance, she did not like the smell. But I think she was touring with 6+ men, i'm not sure the tour bus was going to smell good regardless..Tongue )

And for some reason, vegetable oil bus is something I can see Casey totally being up for.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Golden is available to listen too (although I don't think buy) on youtube.

This has, easily, been my favorite of Michelle's songs I've seen her perform. (I do prefer the acoustic one.) I love the studio too. I've been more excited about hearing this one, so it was a nice treat last night. Big Grin


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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle seems to be releasing a song every other week for the release of her album (I think Taylor Swift did something similar. Interesting marketing plan...although Michelle seems to want to stay under the radar anyway.)

Anyway, this is probably my second favorite from her performances. It's called "The Fall."

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