Rosie the Riveter
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Rosie the Riveter
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Come on sister! #TakeAStand #SpeakOut #WhoRunDaWorld #Women

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Is that Rosie the riveter?
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RE: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
Yes. "J. Howard Miller's poster, created for Westinghouse, has become one of the most iconic images of World War II...Interest in Rosies peaked in the 1970s and '80s, as the "We Can Do It" poster was rediscovered and became a symbol of the women's movement..."

Check out this story from September:

Quote:At 93, this Rosie is still riveting

[Image: 600]

Elinor Otto picked up a riveting gun in World War II, joining the wave of women taking what had been men's jobs. These days she's building the C-17.

Quote:"During those days, we could hardly find an apartment that would let you rent with kids. My goodness, they're going to go to war someday and they can't even live in an apartment," says Otto, who had to board her son out during the week. "It cost $20 a week, and it was hard because I made 65 cents an hour."

...on the days they didn't feel like going in, she and the girls would put "Rosie the Riveter" by the Four Vagabonds on their 78 phonograph. They would sing and bop along to the music to get themselves motivated and out the door.

Quote:After the war ended, Otto tried other jobs, but sitting in an office drove her nuts — she hates being still.

Car-hopping worked out until roller skates were added to the uniform. ("I'da broke my neck, skating and holding food! No, no, no.")

So she worked for Ryan Aeronautical Co. in San Diego for 14 years, until she was laid off.

At a party nearly a year later, a girlfriend told her to get to Los Angeles as fast as she could. Douglas Aircraft was hiring women for the first time since the war. A car full of women left for Long Beach that night, she says, and were hired right away.

These days...

Quote:Otto is out of bed at 4 a.m. and drives to work early to grab a coffee and a newspaper before the 6 a.m. meeting.

Quote:On Sept. 12, the Air Force ended its 32-year relationship with the Long Beach plant as it received its 223rd and final cargo jet. Foreign sales are few and small, but will keep the plant running until late 2014. Boeing will soon make a decision about the future of the production.

The great-grandmother says she would like to retire soon as well, but she refuses to become a couch potato ("Gotta keep moving!"). She's worked so long for economic reasons — she cared for her mother and son for years — but also because of her endless energy.

"When I go to heaven," she says with a laugh, "I hope God keeps me busy!"

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