ZZ Ward
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RE: ZZ Ward
(01-25-2014, 05:56 PM)Tusk Wrote: [Image: 628x471.jpg]

Since I work across the street (to the right -- or west -- not seen in the picture), I keep coming back to this photo taken 62 years ago. I wonder how long ago that flower shop either moved or went out of business? I wonder what business was on the corner to the left then, which is now American Apparel. (I wonder what the apartments or rooms on the second level of that building must be like 62 years later.)

It's interesting to see that one organization, after all these years, is still there, although doing a different type of entertainment. (Tonight Dan Savage, hosting one of his Valentine's Day "Savage Love Live" shows is on tap to demonstrate how times change.) I suspect that almost every other business on both sides of 45th and at both intersections (Brooklyn and 45th and University Way and 45th) has changed, but The Neptune is still in existence.

Let's hear it for Larry Johnson and his landmark efforts.
03-26-2014, 02:19 PM,
RE: ZZ Ward
This morning I noticed that ZZ's concert date is now up on the (eastside) marquee.
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RE: ZZ Ward
Went to ZZ's concert at The Midland tonight. Got to hang out w/ ZZ's band for a couple of hours after the show. Cause they showed up at the bar next door, & the only customers seemed to be other people who'd just come from the show. Got a chance to talk to Chris (drums) & Luke (guitar) quite a bit. They were really nice guys btw & seemed to like talking about the band.

I did ask Chris if he had any idea if Boardwalk was planning to sign Haley, but he didn't know. He said "That's something you'd have to ask Evan. We (the guys in the band) don't know too much about what's going on w/ the managers." Something like that
03-27-2014, 08:45 AM,
RE: ZZ Ward
Do they call themselves "Top"?
03-27-2014, 09:03 AM,
RE: ZZ Ward
^^Big GrinTongue
03-27-2014, 12:18 PM,
RE: ZZ Ward
(03-27-2014, 08:45 AM)Miguel Wrote: Do they call themselves "Top"?

Haha Big Grin. You're here all week, try the veal, right? Wink
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RE: ZZ Ward
Great show. I watched ZZ's Youtubes before the show, but honestly, none really caught my interest (I do like 'Til the Casket Drops). That being said, ZZ's Live performance added a jolt of life to the songs. She is an excellent performer whether the energy came from her fans or vice versa, the energy that traveled through the venue lasted the entire show Cool

The Meet and Greet belied how energetic and the 'swag' the woman has on stage. She was soft spoken, chill and personable. I told her I knew Chiara through Haley, met her in Vegas. Also asked if she might have insight if there was a connection with Haley to Hollywood/BoardWalk, but of course, she gave the politically correct and neutral, "I really wouldn't know about that" although she did say she knew Haley.

At the Meet and Greet line, I was surprised to find out so many 'flew in' to see ZZ here. In our group, people flew in from California, Texas and Oregon. In line with us were people from Colorado, Alaska...I was about the only 'local among the group LOL (I'm sure there were others, but it was of note so many were willing to travel to see her)

The crowd was electric, knew and sang every song, clapped to make a beat when ZZ needed them... She had them in the palm of her hand Cool

The whole experience just reenforced in me, just how badly Haley was supported by her Label. ZZ's 'Team' made the whole thing an easy treat from creating her 'Brand', Social Media (If you tweeted from the venue, likely you were 'favorited' or 'retweeted' by her Twitter) They had us take a group pic of the MnG'ers as well as one of the crowd in the venue

[Image: 2af3da10bab111e3837a12cb638b5d5b_8.jpg]

We were in the balcony upper right Wink

Here are some pics taken by Greg (My camera was terribly insufficient Tongue )

[Image: BkVWIbOCIAACx9V.jpg:large]

[Image: BkVXiyxCAAAfTgk.jpg:large]

[Image: BkVZJ83CMAAQQ_C.jpg:large]
@ZZWard #Swag Cool pic.twitter.com/hdUdPw8NHI

[Image: BkLXxZFCYAA3EGH.jpg:large]

I really, really, really hope that Haley's new team can give Haley the same type of support ZZ got, a very professional operation from what I saw Angel

PS, one of her opening bands featured a unique, bluesy vocal from the lead singer and a 3 man brass section, a nice surprise, by the name of the "O My's" (The Haley force is strong in this one Tongue Wink ), I'm told they also hail from Chicago

They also have done stuff with ZZ
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RE: ZZ Ward
Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 4h
@chiarakramer Watched your gal pal @ZZWard Rock Seattle #GregWilliamsPic pic.twitter.com/drzPDbPAfy

Quote:Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer 5m
@HaleysTusk yay!!!
#Besties Big Grin
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RE: ZZ Ward
This is unlisted

ZZ walked out and told the crowd that the 'Fire Marshal' won't allow her to do an encore, then walked off the stage, then scampered back on "April Fool's"... The 'tour pic' above is taken in this clip. Sorry for the blasted audio, but you can get a sense of the energy she creates. The whole crowd was clapping in unison to her.

Definitely has honed her performance skills, very enjoyable show and performer Cool

^^^The song's called "Blue Eyes Blind"

04-04-2014, 10:30 AM,
RE: ZZ Ward
^^^Thank you for posting that song from the concert. I see what you mean about energy from the crowd and ZZ in performance mode. Looks like a great time!

And that picture from Greg was amazing. Smart thinking to send it to Chiara. Smile

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