Halien Creativity: Art/Photography/videos/Instagram etc..
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Halien Creativity: Art/Photography/videos/Instagram etc..
We have a thread for Haley art/graphics. This one's for any non Haley related expressions of visual creativity Cool

I took a bunch of Pics from Paris/Nice from a few years ago that I've done nothing with so since I have an Instagram, I figure might as well do something with them Tongue

[Image: 925278_405483832926159_131113636_n.jpg]
#Paris #EiffelTower #TourD'eiffel

[Image: 10354333_872703869409684_2049226405_n.jpg]
#Paris #Rodin #TheThinker #LePenser

[Image: 10354351_616054795157466_484502643_n.jpg]
#Paris #FrenchBallerina #FrenchArt #ArtFrancais

[Image: 10362094_720994324610408_965909150_n.jpg]
#Paris #TheLouvre #EgyptianArtifact #Cat

Quote:Moved from a previous thread:

Here are a couple of pics I took from Central Park that I played around with in Photoshop

[Image: BmdVz7iCcAAfHqC.jpg:large]

[Image: BmdaU0vCMAAfcoS.jpg:large]

A pic from Vietnam of a fishing village. They fished for Sardines to make a common Vietnamese sauce called "nuoc mam" (fair warning, never get it on your clothes, extremely pungent)... From where this pic was taken, on the ground were the sardines laid out to dry in the sun

[Image: 10413229_310864685738009_1186234823_n.jpg]
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RE: Halien Creativity: Art/Photography/videos/Instagram etc..
Very nice! Smile
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RE: Halien Creativity: Art/Photography/videos/Instagram etc..
Thank You Big Grin
I've been meaning to do something with those pics for awhile, Here's another

[Image: 1168737_1449558115292331_1371183920_n.jpg]

Quote:Took this picture in a small village outside of Nice, France. It was a village filled with eclectic artwork. Regretably I don't remember the name of the village, nor the name of this piece #France #Nice #FamilyUnit #DartFrancais #FrenchArt #Medievil
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RE: Halien Creativity: Art/Photography/videos/Instagram etc..
[Image: 10349754_699111966797976_1735391431_n.jpg]
Quote:"Night to Eat Out" Photo credit: #GregWilliams

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