Postmodern Jukebox
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Scott Bradlee - At Last Piano Cover

Scott covers another Haley favorite.

This was back at the Chicago show ... includes footage with Haley and Casey

A Day In The Life On #PMJtour Ep. 1 - Scott Bradlee
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#PMJSearch is on ...

Sunday Morning
This one is highly produced for a submission video

Same female singer as above

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Creep - Mariah Seeley
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Quote:Scott Bradlee‏Verified account @scottbradlee 32m

Congratulations to our #PMJsearch2017 winner - OLIVIA HARRIS!! Watch her winning entry here:

I think Scott has found a real talent in Olivia. I did a quick search and found she's from Dallas.

Quote:...You may remember our Aug. 9 article on Olivia Harris, daughter of Holly Kuper and the late Hugh Harris, and her role in “The Playroom.” She plays Maggie, the eldest sibling in this tale of a 1970s suburban family. The playroom will screen at 9 p.m., today, Sept. 27, at Dallas Museum of Art’s Horchow Theater, 1717 N. Harwood St.

Olivia received rave reviews from Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times, who wrote, “There are no over-the-top fisticuffs in ‘The Playroom,’ an unnerving look back at the 1970s by Julia Dyer, but it’s jarring in its own quiet way. The film stars Molly Parker and John Hawkes as a suburban couple who embody everything that felt so empty about that decade: she drinks and doesn’t care about her children; he is so overeager to do things a certain way that he can’t see the obvious. The real star, though, is a newcomer named Olivia Harris, who plays their oldest child, Maggie.”

Make sure you stay for the closing credits, and you will hear Olivia’s amazing version of “Up on the Roof.”

[Image: Olivia-Harris-300x274.jpg]

Dec 2016:

Quote:What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but the kvell factor for Dallas native Olivia Harris, who is starring in BAZ Star Crossed Love at The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino until Dec. 18, is definitely spreading.

“This is incredible and I’m so honored to be in this show — it’s really a lot to live up to,” said Harris about her portrayal of Daisy in BAZ; she is just off a run of Scorsese at The Wallis Annenberg in Los Angeles, and producing her next album, and she calls all of the above a dream. “Everyone who has preceded me in this role has gone on to Broadway or other great shows — true success and I’m so glad to be here.”

Harris is the daughter of Holly Kuper and the late Hugh Harris and the sister of Dylan. She has made the West Coast her home base since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. The Akiba Academy and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts graduate grew up at Congregation Tiferet Israel and has been writing and recording music, acting onstage and in films, and creating many of her own projects.

“I’m getting paid to sing and to act and to do what I love and there’s lots to be said for that,” said Harris.

...“I learned from the time I was a very young girl, watching my mom who has always had her own business, how to work hard, to push forward and to make it happen,” said Harris, who as a 17-year-old was one of 30 students from across the United States to participate in the 2009 Grammy Jazz Ensemble. Her resume is growing:

She sang backup on Josh Goldberg’s recently released One album; starred in the 2012 film The Playroom; was in the 2014 film Processing and 2015’s The Trans-Former; and spent a month on the high seas in a Norwegian Cruise Line production of The Brat Pack. For Harris, there are a number of soon-to-be announced projects on the horizon. “This career takes a lot of ‘want’ and a lot of passion. I’ve learned from the best how to give my all of both.”


[Image: OLIVIA-and-zalstein-681x1024.jpg]
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(09-08-2017, 02:06 PM)Miguel Wrote: I think Scott has found a real talent in Olivia. I did a quick search and found she's from Dallas.

Yes, Olivia is good. She's a pretty polished singer.

The lastest PMJ offering is stirring very mixed reviews. Perhaps Scott want to dip into the Latin market with Despacito.

Or maybe he wants to capitalize on searches. Wink Here is the real deal -- closing in on 4 billion views:

This video has averaged more than 15 million views per day. The most viewed video on Youtube.
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Season Ten winner of The Voice Alisan Porter joins up with PMJ

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana ('60s Orchestral Cover) ft. Alisan Porter

[Image: curly-sue-435.jpg?w=435&h=580]

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Article about PMJ includes interview with Dani Armstrong. Mentions Haleys and Creep video is one that is featured.

Quote:Viral phenomenon Postmodern Jukebox’s rotating roster serves as a launching pad for emerging talent like Dani Armstrong
Scott Bradlee's entertaining collective has caught on big time with vintage Jazz-styled remakes of Pop and AltRock hits.


"I've sort of become the Jessica Rabbit/torch ballad/lounge singer/I'm-not-bad-I'm-just-drawn-that-way girl. I have fluorescent red hair, and I think that's where it comes from," Armstrong says. "Scott kind of did things backward with me. He had me doing shows with PMJ before I even did a YouTube video, which I take as high praise and him having some faith in me. I said in an Instagram post yesterday, 'I have no idea how I got so lucky to be in the group, but Scott, I know exactly why you're a superstar.' He is just infinitely talented."

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If PMJ gets Alisan to perform with them on a regular basis, that's someone who can fill the shoes that Morgan and Haley left behind. Nice pickup from them.
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I think 'replacement' is a stretch, both Haley and Morgan are powerhouse singers, I wouldn't put Alisan in that category, a bit too nasally to listen to for too long for me, I'm afraid.
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Quote:Scott Bradlee‏ Verified account

Did you hear @PMJofficial & @NicoleAtkins during the #WorldSeries ?? here's the #heineken commercial:

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