"HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
So annoyed I'm going to be in LA a week late Sad
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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
(01-03-2015, 09:12 PM)lauraliz Wrote: Not sure where to put this (here, Casey thread or musical connections)--but just was this on FB from PMJ:

Quote:Postmodern Jukebox

We are very excited to bring back "Postmodern Nights" to Hyde Sunset in LA, beginning this Wednesday, Jan 7! This week's guests include Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, Shoshana Bean, Ariana Savalas, Lara Johnston, and the La Follies, so it's going to be amazing. Tix are limited, so get them here: bit.ly/1zJo0WY

Scott Bradlee will be there this week, but this residency will continue running even when PMJ is on tour; "Postmodern Nights" will feature a rotating group of awesome PMJ performers, special guests, and dancers performing PMJ arrangements each Wednesday night. So, LA gets our first long-running PMJ-related spinoff, but we're hoping to start these residencies all across the country.

So, it's very possible that Casey and Haley will be doing more PMJ shows when Scott is off on tour.Smile

Since Haley is "officially" in the lineup, it suggests they will release her song with PMJ on Tuesday (1/6).
01-03-2015, 10:15 PM,
RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
This could be a great opportunity if the residency attracts as many people as the Jazz Nights at Hotel Cafe did.

The venue, however, does not sound kind to the pocketbook. Or accommodating in general.

Quote:The problem is the SBE staff--- you guys need to realize people that are coming to the restaurant are your GUESTS and stop acting like you're doing them a favor to let them come inside to spend money. It's a restaurant, not a night club!

Quote:Everything was fine until I walked up to the hostess post.

I informed them that I was just trying to stop by with my friend to grab a quick drink at the bar before our dinner reservation up the street.

The hostess instantly looked up at me and informed me, "Oh, you have to have reservations for that."

I asked, "You have to have reservations to grab a drink at the bar?"

(I was thinking, "Man, I've grown up in LA most of my life and have heard of a lot of "Hollywood rules to abide by" but I've never heard of anything close to what she said.")

Regardless, the hostess replied, "Yes...but it's okay you can just go this time."

As appreciative as I was for her kindness in letting me in I feel that it was a bit much as an establishment to require reservations to grab a drink at the bar...

I feel you should be allowed to stop by and grab a drink at any bar in town as long as it is at a decent time, the place is not crowded and overfilled to capacity. I know even bars like Mondrian's Sky Bar will let you in as long as you don't come at peak hours. I don't like it when establishments make up silly rules to be especially pretentious. I feel like stuff like this is what gives LA a bad wrap from time to time.

Plus, the girl who served us at the bar had a major chip on her shoulder.

Quote:The staff believes in some convoluted way that they make more money than the people coming to this place. Avoid

Quote:Came on Friday night at 9, restaurant wasn't busy at all. I had called because we were running late for an 8:30 reservation. They said they'd be able to accommodate us. When we got there they only offered a table in the corridor despite the many available tables in nicer areas of the restaurant. Refused to even let us "wait" for another option. Of course, we left and dined elsewhere.

Quote:This place and the people who work there (especially the hostesses and manager) seem to think that they work at some club and not a restaurant/bar/lounge that this place claims to be.

...Called to make a reservation for party of 8 people on a Friday night. I called on a Wednesday and was told that there was a table available. However she couldn't tell me if it will be outside or inside. She (person i spoke with) also asked me whats the male/female ration. That should've been a red flag. I'm making reservation for DINNER at 8pm on a friday night. Does it have to be a certain ratio to get into a restaurant and have dinner??? The people in my party are in their 30s, adult professionals, not some 21 year olds "hollywood wannabe actors" Anyway, then she proceeds to tell me that we can have dinner there but at 10:30 we need to give up our table as they start turning into a lounge and tables are for bottle service only. How much is bottle service? For 8 people it's $1500. So never mind that we are going there to have dinner and drinks and will most likely spend around 1k anyway, we still need to shell out more money or get out at 10:30.

Arrived on Friday on time for our reservation, right away met with attitude at the front by these "hostesses" who think they run the world on some crazy power trip, dude, you are working outside in your coat as a hostess! lol. Security at the door making it look like its some high end club. It's 8pm. We are shown to the bar and told once the rest of our party arrives, we can get seated. 7 out of 8 arrive and they end up sitting us, about 20 mins later, at a tiny table where 4-5 people can sit comfortably!!! The table is small, but they put a bunch of chairs around it and make it work... Ok we don't make a scene and sit down. Waiter comes (he was actually the only nice person there that we've encountered) and takes our drink orders and gives recommendations. We start to order food.. and thats when the fun begins lol

One of these hostesses on a power trip comes by and informs me that 2 people are here who are trying to join my party, which will make the party total to 9 and she can't let them in cause the reservation is for 8 people only.

Now, have you EVER been at a restaurant anywhere where an extra person shows up and can't join the rest of the party and is being turned away at the door???? EVER??? It's a restaurant, on a friday night, before 9pm!!!!!

Uh oh:

Quote:Although, I'm not what you would call a "club guy", I had a good time at Hyde. I came here with a group of friends for an after party and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We danced, we drank, and we got to see Randy Jackson from American Idol. My only regret was not having my samurai sword with my for Mr. Jackson to sign, because you don't NOT get Randy Jackson's autograph. I would have left 4 stars, but a rude female bartender informed me that "we do not have your card" even though I opened a tab and had ordered a few drinks throughout the night. Clearly it was there because they ran my card for that tab.

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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
(01-03-2015, 10:15 PM)Miguel Wrote: The venue, however, does not sound kind to the pocketbook.
This is a common thing with these types of shows, CrustaceanBH, Anqi are also dinner/show venues, on the higher end. The venue I'm seeing Casey, the Triple Door, in Seattle, is also a dinner/show venue. It's actually a great way to see a show, you sit at a table, boothlike, and have dinner....I've been there twice for shows, it's slightly more expensive, but I don't think they're as expensive as their California counterparts Tongue

...Another reason I'd like to see Haley perform at the Triple Door (besides her actually performing in Seattle Tongue ) Is the Triple Door also offers the sale of the audio for the night's show:

Quote:The Triple Door’s unique, intimate setting, pristine sound, and attentive, enthusiastic
audience combine for a memorable show. We offer two ways to capture your show for posterity:

1. 2-Track Direct to Audio CDR: $10.00 incl. tax. Console Matrix Out-AES/EBU
Digital Direct into HHB CDR-882 Professional Dual-Drive CD Recorder.
This is a dedicated mix which includes all inputs from the stage and a stereo room
mic. Not just a “house mix”, this is a discrete mix that can be tailored for the
recording. The results can be quite acceptable for personal listening and sharing
with friends. This is also the method used for radio broadcasts originating from
the Triple Door.

2. NEW: Multitrack Recording for Studio Mixdown: $200.00 plus tax. Up to
48 tracks available via Console Pre-EQ AES/EBU Digital Direct Out into
Tascam X-48 MkII 48-track digital recorder. Multitrack sessions can be
copied to DVD or external USB 2.0 or eSATA drives. File Format: 44.1 kHz
Broadcast WAV.

3. Multitrack mixdown is now available, $50/hr.

Would be awesome to be able to purchase a from board audio of a Haley show Cool
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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
(12-22-2014, 04:49 PM)Tusk Wrote:
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 16m16 minutes ago
Lots of ppl are asking when @HaleyReinhart 's PMJ video is coming out...

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 16m16 minutes ago
...I don't want to make a habit of giving clues, but it'll out after the new year

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee · 51m 51 minutes ago
New video coming tmrw! #postmodernjukebox
01-05-2015, 08:03 PM,
RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
Crossing my fingers for "Chandelier" or "Take Me To Church"
really crossing my fingers that it's Haley's video tomorrow. Big Grin
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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
Besides new Haley music and the potential for mega exposure for Haley, I'm excited to see increased activity on my channel, a way for new fans to see her performances, when they're exposed to her for the first time, or reminded of her from AI from her PMJ video Big Grin

Looks like we're waiting a little bit longer ....

Quote:Scott Bradlee
New video with @morganajames is coming tomorrow - here's our 70's soul take on Ariana Grande: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d85tijy0pBs

This week, personally for me, with the whole SMYM video ordeal, has bee a big fat TEASE TongueWinkBig Grin
01-05-2015, 09:35 PM,
RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
At least Scott let us know the night before this time which video was coming out. Tongue

On a lighter note, have you guys listened to Morgan James before? She has a beautiful voice and has appeared on Broadway in several productions. I was listening to PMJ "Its a Man's Man's Man's World" the other night. Haley would have sounded amazing singing this song.
01-05-2015, 09:56 PM,
RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
(01-05-2015, 08:03 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: Crossing my fingers for "Chandelier" or "Take Me To Church"
really crossing my fingers that it's Haley's video tomorrow. Big Grin

Me too but that didn't happen but hey something to look forward to Wink Plus she is trying to create some hype with what she has been working on Idea so good PR with no management behind her so to speak...
01-06-2015, 01:17 AM,
RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
(01-05-2015, 08:03 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: Crossing my fingers for "Chandelier" or "Take Me To Church"
really crossing my fingers that it's Haley's video tomorrow. Big Grin

Take Me to Church -- I think she would do great with it. PMJ already did Chandeller with that giant clown, so I doubt that would be the selection.

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