Football and the Reinharts
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RE: Football and the Reinharts
(02-06-2015, 03:00 AM)Tusk Wrote: Did not know Shoshana was from Washington State too Tongue

The world just gets smaller. Looks like it was a great party - sad ending, but great party!
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RE: Football and the Reinharts
(02-01-2015, 09:36 PM)Tusk Wrote: Instead of a great comeback and a 2nd consecutive SuperBowl, the game is lost on a knuckle-headed goal line play call....

Well, they're young enough to make another run next year.. It's going to be tough about Lynch though, there's going to be contract issues in the near future, it might be contentious because of the loss as opposed to had they done what they were supposed to do

You know.. I felt 100% the way you did... for the first week after.

I'd have been so much satisfied (even if disappointed) to have the Seahawks run it on 2nd and 3rd down and get hit behind the line of scrimmage (I'm just saying that if the Patriots happened to be able to do that... they did stop lynch for a loss a couple times during the game even if they mostly allowed him yards) and say be forced to throw on 4rth down and have it a forced interception or a forced miss..THEN

BUT.... on reflection I really need to give Tom Brady lots of credit for coming back from 14 points down well into the second half.

And I need to look hard at the failure of the Seattle offense or play calling during that time where they were 14 and 7 points up for not being able to get a few first downs. (I think there were 3 possesions that Seattle had after they went up by 10 points... not just e one in-between and the last one)

While I won't say that long catch setting up the try at the touchdown was just lucky, there was some large degree of the light of opportunity shining on Seattle with that long play (I'll give you that Wilson was looking good and may have completed another long one if that was dropped)

The "football gods" tend to equalize fortune over the course of the game. The ball had been bouncing a bit more Seattle's way and they were due for some turn of misfortune perhaps.

Had they not put themselves in a position that they needed to score there by answering that first brady touchdown..even with a field goal that would have let them win with a field goal... or a defensive stop etc.

Long and short is.. I feel I've had the opportunity to see a very very special career in Tom Brady, even if I've been rooting against him most of the time. (reminds me of Joe Montana.. I watched nearly every game that Joe played and rooted against him the whole time being from Los Angeles and living here in the SF Bay Area.. in college and years afterword it was my obligation to root against the SF team for fun rivalry purposes. (although with the Rams in St Louis that made less sense)... more fun having people in a room rooting for both teams too.

Anyway... with time I've come to feel that Seattle had the opportunity to win the game well before that.. and they had won the game before that and let it slip away.

Sort of like the week before Green Bay lost the game to Seattle for letting Seattle stay in the game by not getting more than field goals off of 5 drives into or near the red zone and benefiting from the turnovers.

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