New Haley (Hayley) In My Life
02-12-2015, 09:25 AM,
New Haley (Hayley) In My Life
So, I have a new Haley in my life, her name is Hayley Atwell, and she stars in the terrific ABC show from Marvel Comics, “Agent Carter”. I am not a comic book fan, but saw the show got very good critical reviews and tried it out. What a great show! It is more a BBC show than a traditional Marvel Comics show as it is set in 1946 New York, with all the costumes, music and film noir of the period. Meanwhile Ms. Atwell, who is just gorgeous in her period outfits, was Captain America’s beau in his first movie, but is now a secret agent assigned to find Howard Stark (father of Iron Man Tony Stark) who is accused of selling weapons to the Russians. As noted, I am not a comic book guy, but apparently there a lot of ties to the current Marvel universe, including Black Widow, etc, etc.

But the real story is how great Ms. Atwell is in the role. Killer voluptuous looks (she is no Size 2!), a sexy British accent, and she kicks ass believably as needed. The rest of the cast is great as well, and the stories are very well written and entertaining. This is only a limited series, with only 8 episodes, so hopefully you can catch up with HULU or via DVD at some point, if you are interested. I would love to see another season, but the ratings have not been great, but I understand they have grown due to DVR watchers, like me. Anyway, another Hayley in my life…..

02-12-2015, 11:51 AM,
RE: New Haley (Hayley) In My Life
Agreed, rmd1064. I love both Hayley Atwell AND Agent Carter!

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