"CREEP" - PMJ studio version with HALEY
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RE: "CREEP" - PMJ studio version with HALEY
Quote:"On the bright side, this type of thing went from happening to us multiple times a year to barely at all, thanks to more ppl knowing about @PMJofficial. but i would like to see the producers of @TheMorningShow donate their cut from sales of this track to a charity of my choice." said Scott Bradlee, who arranged the Postmodern Jukebox version of the song.

The above was taken from one of Scott's tweets, they reached out to him for an additional statement which they updated to the article

Quote:In a statement to Newsweek, Bradlee pointed to the limitations of current copyright law.

"I think this is important because copyright law hasn't caught up with technology. I can't copyright an arrangement of an existing song—no matter how unique or specific that arrangement is. At the same time, most people agree that there is something ethically gross about a major TV studio copying someone else's hard work and then selling it for profit, without any credit given to the person that did all the work. I saw a screenshot of the credits and they credited two other dudes with the arrangement instead—even though our version from years ago had 69 million views online. That's pretty lame," Bradlee said.
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RE: "CREEP" - PMJ studio version with HALEY
PMJ "Creep" now has 75,001,138 views on YouTube now. Does that mean that Creep is a Gold song for PMJ/Haley Reinhart?
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RE: "CREEP" - PMJ studio version with HALEY
(02-29-2020, 09:03 PM)Reich Wrote: PMJ "Creep"  now has 75,001,138 views on YouTube now.  Does that mean that Creep is a Gold song for PMJ/Haley Reinhart?

Gold records are based on sales/streams in a single country. Since the 75 million includes many streams to locations outside the U.S. it alone wouldn't qualify the song.  However, it also has 30 million streams on Spotify, and probably quite a few on other services such as Pandora, etc. Throw in a some downloads and physical record sales by PMJ and there's a good chance it could qualify as a gold record. You know the math: 500K sales, where 150 streams count as one sale (or download).

In addition, the gold record certification must be applied for (and fees paid), which would probably be the responsibility of Scott Bradley.  He should go for it.

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