Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
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Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
Casey performed in Chicago at Schubas, on Saturday, August 29th. It is a small Chicago venue with a bar, restaurant, and a musical venue in the back of the place. I attended with Pennylane, and we were able to snag a table right to next to the stage. Smile Casey ROCKED the house that night!!! There was none of the usual Casey shenanigans except for an impromptu rap battle with an audience member (who I found out was a classmate of Casey's at IdleWild Arts Academy. Cool Smile

We knew there was a back up band before Casey, but did not know till we got there that there were 3 bands scheduled after Casey too!
So he only played for an hour but it was packed with rock like I haven't heard him for awhile. I call it Casey's Rock Tour!Cool The venue maybe holds 150 people and was pretty full. After Casey's show, he signed autographs, and took pictures till they asked him to step into the hall area so the next band could set up. The venue part of the bar pretty much emptied out after Casey's show so I assume most people were there for him.

Here are a few videos from the night with my iphone 5. I thought these videos were ok till I watched them on my computer, and they are pretty blurry...Don't know how to improve the quality. It's pretty poor. Sorry

[Image: Casey20Abrams20at20Schubas_zpsboiipnp9.jpg]

Casey with Enrique Lara
[Image: casey20with20Enrique20Lara_zpsdgwlmlp2.jpg]

[Image: db3816bd-b696-4467-b467-ddfa4312a7e4_zps13bpmxw5.jpg]

[Image: Casey20Abrams20and20Taylor20Tessler20at2...oeyfav.jpg]

[Image: f1774d69-39d4-4ddf-a94d-70a6abf20fda_zpsjkd7itvt.jpg]

Our selfie with Casey Smile
[Image: 9aa51504-347f-4db1-95e6-f294cfc4f954_zpsfcntz8af.jpg]

Casey's set list:
Shine a Light??- not sure original artist name
Stuck in London
Can't Feel My Face- Rap Battle with audience member
Dry Spell
Smooth- Santana
Get Out
Cougar Town
Blame It On Me
Best Song In the World- Tenacious D
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
Casey had a "ringer" in the audience that challenged him to a rap battle towards the beginning of the show. Casey called it a free style rap battle and called the guy up to the stage. It was pretty entertaining and it turned into the song "Can't feel my Face" at the end.

After the show I approached the guy, and asked him if he knew Casey. Turns out they went to Idlewild Arts Academy together in CA. haha His name is Juwan, and is another stand up nice guy, who is trying to make his mark in the acting world and living in Chicago.
He mentioned how their Jazz teacher at Idlewild, Marshall Hawkins, always insisted that everyone be "spontaneous" in class, like every day. It helps explain Casey's tendencies, and I see where that would help make you be creative and unique. pretty cool!
Here is the rap part at the show. Juwan gave me permission to post this, but I left it as unlisted just in case.
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
Other facts I learned at the show:
Casey's hair is definitely shorter. Probably from having to trim it when filming his part in the movie "Offer and Compromise". Smile

Enrique Lara plays drums with Casey in The GingerBread Band and has performed with Haley at Room 5. Smile He is a sweetheart of a guy and handsome too. Wink
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
I'm sure there's some setting on your phone that just needs setting, otherwise the sound's pretty good Smile

There's definitely a different sound when you switch sax out for a drum kit, it has a rockier vibe to it. I think Haley raps better than Casey, so he might have to work on that Blush
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
Thanks Babbs for posting the videos and pictures! It looks like it was a really fun show, and an 11 song setlist too. Cool Happy to see that you and Pennylane were able to hang out with Casey for a bit. Smile
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
Glad you & Penny made it to El Sombrero after Casey's show to give me & the Reinharts the rundown and pics. Cheri & I left before the 7th inning of the Sox game with our Jermaine Dye Bobbleheads. Hope some day to get a Casey Abrams Bobblehead doll for my collection.
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RE: Casey Abrams at Shubas in Chicago, Aug 29, 2015
The performance with Casey's old school chum was fun.

I entertained the thought of making an overnight trip to Chicago and attending this show. But I ultimately decided it would be wiser to apply the funds to a trip to NYC that I had already booked for next week.

I've been seeing some great airfares of late. My trip to NYC and back is $125 total (for two non-stop flights).

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