James Durbin Era 3
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
(03-13-2017, 01:46 PM)Tusk Wrote:
Quote:Roger Taylor says it's “quite possible” Queen will record new songs with singer Adam Lambert in the future. The band has reconvened for two album projects since original singer Freddie Mercury died, 1995's Made in Heaven and the 2014 compilation, Queen Forever – but that was only to update leftover material.Nov 15, 2016


Really, I hadn't heard that. I keep more up to date with news about the modern bands than the classic bands. Well that's going to be a bigger challenge for Queen than for QR...

(03-13-2017, 01:46 PM)Tusk Wrote: Comparing Queen and QR's discography, their stories, you can see their motivations as far as writing new music. Especially when one of QR's "Greatest Hits" is a cover of an old, little known in the States, British Rock song "Cum On Feel the Noise" (Slade).

Writing a new QR song, looking at both band's songs, doesn't come near the complexity of Queen's song writing.

Yes that's all true, and that means that Adam has much bigger shoes to fill than James. Freddie was the source for much of Queen's complexity, heck Bohemian Rhapsody was all Freddie. Adam almost matches Freddie in vocal ability and stage presence but he's nowhere near Freddie's league in musicality. Adam can't play any instruments and is, IMO (judging from his co-writes, especially those on his sophomore album), not very good at songwriting. That said if Adam only contributes vocals the new music could be good, not as good as Freddie era Queen cause it'll be missing Freddie's musicality, but still it could be good. I might even check it out when it's released but I'm extremely pessimistic about Adam bringing anything I would like, or consider good, to the table creatively.

I like Queen more than QR, to be more precise I love Queen but am indifferent to QR, Queen is the bigger and better band, no contest. Kevin DuBrow has proven to be tough to replace but he's no Freddie, to be fair, no one is. I would be pessimistic too if James was the one fronting Queen and making new music with them. This is not because I love James and don't like Adam but because I love Queen but don't really care about QR - in short the bar for Queen is higher.

(03-13-2017, 01:46 PM)Tusk Wrote: I am really happy for James, he's worked hard all these years, is a true family man. I want this opportunity to be all he can make it. That being said, the opportunity to write and record new songs with their respective bands, I don't think they're equivalent. QR affords James a better opportunity to be involved, than would Adam's opportunity with Queen. QR, even with new songs, probably won't reach a fraction of what Queen has accomplished. That fact reflects on the opportunities that are available to their respective Idol Frontman.

Adam, with Queen, will always play to bigger audiences, be heard by more fans, and given the opportunity to write, his music will reach farther than James and QR will.

Power to Adam for all he's achieved, I'm not trying to take that away from him. I acknowledge his hard work, dues paying and his talents. But songwriting is not one of his talents. "Given the opportunity to write"? Maybe Queen will give him the opportunity but the problem is he can't write. I haven't heard one song that Adam has had a hand in writing that I would consider good, really I haven't. He's tried to write and with each attempt his writing gets worse not better, he's just not good at it. James can write, his writing isn't anywhere near as complex or sophisticated as Freddie's but his writing is good and is improving with time and experience.

(03-13-2017, 01:46 PM)Tusk Wrote: Adam paid his dues leading to being heard and hired by Queen. James is now reaping the rewards of his work, bigger fan base, better exposure. As Adam is now experiencing the height of his exposure, I look on James joining QR as more of a stepping stone to bigger and better JMO Tongue

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk
@DurbinRock Congrats on the @QUIETRIOT gig, I know you won't take the opportunity for granted and put your whole heart into it \m/

Quote:James Durbin @DurbinRock
Thanks Tusk! \m/ https://t.co/f6Uw1LEgAH

Definitely agree about QR being a stepping stone for James to move onto bigger and better things. This is what I'm hoping for, but I have some reservations about Frankie Banali. I am happy for James but honestly this is a band I'm not extactic about. I am looking forward to hearing Road Rage though, but that's because of James not the band.

This is not my dream scenario for James as a band frontman. What I hope will happen eventually is that he gets hired but a popular yet overrated modern band that had an inferior vocalist (which is almost all of them TBH) or an upcoming band. That way he can take the band to to new heights and will be the best thing to ever happen to that band. This is never possible with legacy bands, which is why I'm not a fan of James and other Idols I like fronting legacy bands.
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
TBH my posts aren't about 'better' per se, just thought it was 'funny' that their paths appear to still be connected in as far as points on their path Tongue

Adam is one of those artists I recognise has an abundance of talent and charisma and works at his craft....That being said, I couldn't tell you one song he's sung. I understand people say he's a great singer, his high notes, but TBH I switch the channel or turn the volume down.

Queen, like most people, is one of my all time favorite bands, but I can barely make it through one performance by Adam. Not sure if it's because I have never really enjoyed his singing or vocals, or because NO ONE will EVER replace Freddie Mercury and everything he imbued Queen with, maybe a little of both IDK Tongue

I'm saying this to show where I'm coming from in this discussion. I'm no fan of Adam's as far as an entertainer or vocalist, BUT I will give him his due as someone who has overcome not insignificant obstacles, climbing a mountain of nay sayers and having the confidence in himself to succeed, even if his music is not my taste.

James on the other hand, I do like some of his songs, I have no issue listening to anything he sings, straight through....I also like to pull for the under dog and James has shown he has the tenacity and motivation to over come every challenge he comes up to.

I think most people will recognise the QR opportunity for what it is. A step up, a way to get your name out....essentially, this is like singing a cover song that everyone likes. Something familiar just to get your brand out there, eventually you might get lucky and popular opinion goes your way to support YOUR songs.

I agree w/ you about QR's leadership. Hopefully, James can take advantage of the opportunity whilst keeping his essence. QR are coming to the end of their time, in a genre that is a small fraction of a once great Rock/Metal/Hair Band movement. Even if they were the best metal band right now, in the whole scheme of the music industry, Rock/Metal holds a fairly insignificant part of it (unless you're Iconic like Guns and Roses or Metallica)....especially when you're talking about Ageing bands who have seen their better days decades ago.

Hopefully, James will understand, This is a BIG opportunity for him, just don't consider it as "I've made it"....hopefully, he will keep his ear to the ground to listen to better, more rewarding opportunities, more growth potential

As far as my opinion on QR, I grew up in the UK, when Slade was on the radio/TV w/ Cum On Fell the Noise (QR covered a 2nd Slade song to try and re-capture the popularity of COFTN, so when QR came onto US scene w/ a song I'd heard years earlier... I was not impressed.) Also, QR was not really part of the group of bands that brought about the Rock/Metal movement of the 80's/90's, like Def Lepard, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Judas Priest etc..... they were basically a very lucky recipient of 'good timing', when labels and agents tried to sign any metal/hair band that can sing ballads from the Sunset Strip (Warrant, Great White, Zebra, Poison....among a few).....So yeah, QR barely rate in the hierarchy of Rock/Metal acts of that period, IMO....BUT, back to topic, James joining QR is a very Big Deal, in the Durbin Microcosm. Even if I really don't care for them that much, it doesn't lessen the opportunity this marriage of band and singer offers James.... It IS a Big Deal
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Hey Tusk just got back from a few days of watching videos of James first show with QR, I'll link them at the end of my post.

So I think he did a great job and apparently they only had 2 short rehearsals before that show. It's gotten lots of coverage on the metal sites. The die hard QR fans, like the ones who post on Frankie's FB page, love him and complimented the band for picking him. On the metal sites reviews are mixed but mostly positive, even on Blabbermouth which is the ultimate troll trash talk metal gossip site. (James called the Blabbermouth posters "supreme scum" and "low feeding crotch goblins" in a recent interview with Eddie TrunkTongue)

I checked out the all the post DuBrow singers QR had before James and I have to agree with most of the QR fans that James comes the closest to filling his shoes, even DuBrow's brother said as much. It's too bad the other 2 Metal Health era bandmates Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Carlos Cavazo (guitar) aren't part of this line up. Frankie is still a beast on drums but I'm not that impressed with Alex Grossi and Chuck Wright, not much stage presence with those 2. I had no idea that Randy Rhodes was one of the founding members of this band along with Kevin DuBrow, Frankie isn't though. Geez this band has gone through so many different line ups.

And here are the videos:

The first 25 minutes of the show:


Towards the end of the show, Cum On Feel the Noize:

And my favourite QR song, Metal Health (Bang Your Head):

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
So now that we're in the subject of James fronting bands I thought I'd make a fantasy list of the bands I'd rather see James front. They're all modern (year 2000+), still relevant and their current lead singers are similar multi octave rage singers like James. Most of these are hard rock as opposed to metal. Most modern metal singers either have very growly or screechy voices, different to James classic wailing style, so he wouldn't fit in with most of those.

Audioslave (Chris Cornell)

Alter Bridge (Myles Kennedy)

Stone Sour (Corey Taylor)

Shinedown (Brent Smith)

A Perfect Circle (Maynard James Keenan)

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Yeah, in my mid 30's I didn't mind seeing bands of the '70's-80's performing, but, for me, there's a point of diminishing returns...alot of the time, you're basically going to see an inferior performance with echoes of your memory remembering what the act used to be, to fill in the holes in what you're watching.

I remember having the opportunity to see Robert Plant perform a few years after Zeppelin broke up after Bonham's death. I think he was promoting his first solo album, which was pretty good, but I had memories of the Iconic Zep songs going through my head. What a disappointment at the reality that Plant's ability to do the vocal gymnastics on the Zep songs have long left him....which is reality. But as a fan, your memories is what propels you to go see them.

Two bands I saw 'past their primes' who were still able to be exceptional at the time I saw their shows were The Eagles and Steely Dan....actually, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd can still put on a hell of a show and worth it.

Otherwise, my passion for music follows younger artists now. Since Season 10 and that fantastic collection, It's just more enjoyable to see young talent find their footing and grow....their energy, their fearlessness....that's Rock and Roll. When I see acts with 70 year olds dressed 'cool' with their dyed black permed hair... it's just depressing Tongue

If I were a QR fan, I would invite the youth, energy and dedication Durbin brings to the mix. Give fans something to focus on rather than the obvious age of the band. I'm far removed from that scene now, but it occurs to me that many Metal front men concentrate on their looks and their poses... James just wants to sing...that counts

PS....Randy Rhoads...what a HUGE loss...but related to what I just posted, we won't be seeing him 50 lbs over weight, balding and playing Casinos Tongue

PPS of course my comments about 'ageing performers' is mostly about entertainers in the Rock profession, vocalists especially, because it's not easy to sustain your vocal flexibility as you age. R&B, Soul and Blues artists.....they don't need the high pitch and sustain....most know how to take care of their voices, so can extend the quality of their careers
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Another well thought out post TuskSmile

Well the good thing is that James is getting a lot of metal media attention now and doing most the interviews, he's the real focus not QR.

Another positive is that his latest single, Till Death, from the Maps to the Hollywood Scars EP he co-wrote with Alex Grossi is starting to get more radio adds and even heavy rotation on some rock stations. Here's the lyric video cause I don't think anyone's posted it yet. If features Dizzy Reed, the keyboardist of Guns N Roses. This is a very beautiful song, one of his best. It has sound similar to November Rain yet doesn't sound dated:

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
James did his first interview with a rock station overseas - Northern Ireland Rocks. It was a long and informative interview and they played 4 of his songs (Outcast from MOABD, Never Ending Ride & Till Death from MTTHS and Beautiful from ROS).

He said that volume 2 of MTTHS, while almost finished, will probably be postponed until after the release of QR's Road Rage. He is busy rewriting that entire album (whoa did QR give him a hellava lot of creative input or what!) and only has about 2 or 3 songs left to write. He described the sound of Road Rage as very 80s but also very Zeppelin-esque (referring to Frankie's drumming heavily influenced by the late John Bonham). When he's done he'll spend the next few weeks recording vocals in Santa Cruz, in between playing shows with QR (they have 2 this weekend). He also said that Never Ending Ride will probably be released to radio as the next single off MTTHS.

The interview is here (starts about halfway):

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
James having a good time fronting QR before a big crowd at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. I guess in a couple of years we'll be seeing a long-haired James.

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Quote: JAMES DURBIN @DurbinRock 3m

Saw some really shitty punk bands tonight. One showed potential but didnt want encouragement so…fuck you

Quote:JAMES DURBIN ‏@DurbinRock 2m

Guess that makes me "The Man" lol

"I think you kids have potential. You're not as shitty as the other bands."
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RE: James Durbin Era 3

If you recall, The band had started recording their album w/ the last singer, but decided to start all over again with James....

Quote:Durbin says he was given three weeks to write, demo and begin recording brand-new songs with the music he was provided, which was written by Banali, Grossi, bassist Chuck Wright and Neil Citron, Banali's songwriting partner‪. "It was a real test as a songwriter, but I really enjoyed the creative process," he says. "Road Rage is 100 percent my lyrics and vocal melodies, and I feel very blessed and humbled to have been given that responsibility."

Quote:Billboard has the exclusive premiere for the video of Road Rage track "Can't Get Enough." Banali notes that, lyrically, the song comes from Durbin's life experiences: "From that perspective, I think a lot of people can relate to what this song is about. Musically, it is a very straight-ahead, driving rock song with great melodies in the tradition of Quiet Riot."

"Can't Get Enough" is the first video the band has shot in almost three decades.


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