The Better Era
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RE: The Better Era
H/T Rachel

Quote:Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley 9m9 minutes ago
Comment from @HaleyReinhart's pal Anders on the Halienation Facebook group! Awwww!

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RE: The Better Era
What a nice guy to do that. Heart I told him I hope Lover Girl makes the album. Big Grin
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RE: The Better Era
Halien's Heart are so good at ferreting out information and keeping the buzz alive many have noticed. Quite a compliment if you ask me to be mentioned by Billboard, Ole and Grammy winners to just mention a few Cool Big Grin
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RE: The Better Era
(03-23-2016, 11:00 AM)rmd1064 Wrote: OK…in this "Better" era, Haley is talking about a tour. Now hopefully this will be a tour of venues (300 max maybe) that she can sell out, and hopefully she can tour with a band, not just a guitarist or pianist. And, hopefully she could do 15-20 dates to start and see what happens. Anyway, I was thinking about a set list, and decided to take a shot at one. I am thinking an 80 minute set, so about 18 songs. I tried to cover her past and present… Feedback encouraged! Thanks….

Hit The Ground Running
My Cake
Good Or Bad
Wasted Tears
Oh Darling
Keep Coming Back
Can't Help Falling In Love
Lover Girl
Seven Nation Army
Oh My
Show Me Your Moves
Bennie And The Jets
House Of The Rising Sun
Love Is Worth Fighting For

I think you are missing many of the new (so far unmentioned) songs that will be on the album since that is what she is promoting on tour. I doubt she will be singing any songs she did on Idol and probably only a couple from Listen Up & PMJ.
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RE: The Better Era
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RE: The Better Era
Release date has been announced, finally! It's April 16th:
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RE: The Better Era
I think that's from a re posting of an old interview....could be true or not... meanwhile this was tweeted today...

Quote:Chad Taylor ‏@ChadTaylorRadio 2h2 hours ago
Check out American Idol Alum Makes a Stop in Minneapolis This Summer [VIDEOS] … @mix949 @haleyreinhart

They used my video of Better from Portland...

Quote:She’s got the voice of an angel, and the looks of a Hollywood starlight. Mix 94.9 welcomes American Idol alum Haley Reinhart to our favorite venue in Dinky Town the Varsity Theatre. Haley’s touring behind her hit soulful version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which Mix 94.9 is all over. Be listening for her new single “Better” in the Flip or Fop next Tuesday at 2:20 p.m. during the Afternoon Mix.
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RE: The Better Era
Quote:Jason Scott ‏@JasontheScott 1m1 minute ago
Haley Reinhart's new single 'Better' is now up on AllAccess. Listen here (scroll down) ►

You have to sign up? Tongue

Once you create an account, go here if you can't figure out where to navigate...
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Awesome with the full band Big GrinBig Grin

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: Ca_eDiNUUAEusYA.jpg]
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RE: The Better Era
I'm digging it.

It made me smile.

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