"Better" North American Tour (ended 6/26/16)
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
(03-28-2016, 12:26 PM)john Wrote: So she is going it on her own. Cool. Cool (I suppose it is still possible she will share the billing with another artist somewhere.) Many of the venues have a capacity of about 500, with ticket prices of $25. Add in the VIP tickets and maybe some merch and she has the potential to do pretty well. If she can get some airplay for her next single, then all the #better. Hopefully she will add some shows in places like Florida, Texas, Washington, and other locations. Wink

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee
@HaleyReinhart just announced her 1st solo tour in june! congrats, Haley - go get those tix, people!

Hopefully, she will have plenty of CDs (and T-shirts, tour posters, mugs, etc.) to sell. Merchandizing has not been her strong suit in the past. At the Portland Rose Festival gig a few years back, she was the only artist that didn't have anything to sell.
03-28-2016, 12:53 PM,
RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
Wow...so exciting. I have been waiting for this since 2012. Big Grin Given these large venues she surely will have a full band with her, hopefully some horns! And I guess she is the headliner...which is great, because it means a longer set and more songs.

I hope she keeps ticket prices to around $25 to get bigger crowds. Her merchandise will fly off the racks at these shows I bet. And I bet she gets a nice turnout for the very cool VIP package, including the sound check.

The venue in Pittsburgh on June 18 is the Stage AE on the North Shore by PNC Park and Heinz Field and it can seat up to 2400 indoors! If she sells that out, well, damn..that would mean she is rolling...

[Image: tumblr_static_5zyh5hgm370o0oc8goksc4w4.jpg]
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
Haley said there will be more tour dates. But I imagine they might only come if the first leg is successful.

PMJ tested the waters by scheduling shows in Canada. Then scheduled their first Europe and North American tour after finding there was demand to see a "YouTube band" live.

(03-28-2016, 12:53 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: I hope she keeps ticket prices to around $25 to get bigger crowds.

House of Independents venue lists:

$25 Advance
$30 Door

The other acts they listed were generally noted as $25 or $30 at the door.

Followed the link, after a slightly outdated bio (it notes she will soon make her voiceover debut and is touring with PMJ in the fall) there is this pricing for the VIP package:

Quote:$75.00 (VIP)
VIP Tickets Include:
-Early Admission
-Access to Soundcheck Party
-First Opportunity at Merch Booth
-Meet n Greet Photo
-Anyone in VIP that purchases the album can also get it signed by Haley

Quote:Stephanie Merino shared an event (Phoenix show).
2 mins ·
You know, I really don't follow her at all. But I love her freaking voice. You had me at Creep.
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
Hopefully added dates won't rely on tour attendance...a little disappointed to not see Seattle on the list, especially since she mentioned Seattle and Florida as tour stops in an interview...

Thankfully she replied right away that there was more to come, though I a have a feeling there's a chance that might've been #TeamHaley....although she did reply to me and Janelle, two long time fans, almost right away...so hoping that it was her that answered idk Tongue
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
I hope so too. Her team is probably looking for good size venues.

May I suggest the Iron Horse in Northampton Ma, or the Infinity Center in Hartford CT. Tongue (Infinity center is actually a beautiful classy little concert hall. I had one of the best concert experiences there.)
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
(03-28-2016, 12:15 PM)Miguel Wrote: Sounds like a good, intimate venue too.


The Mystic added Haley to their events calendar. Listed as "Haley Reinhart in Concert" HeartHeartHeart

The theater's FAQ page has some interesting language on how they configure seating for any particular concert. Says they often don't set the seating configuration (and capacity) until they see advance ticket sales. http://www.mystictheatre.com/faq/
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
$22.50 in LA, ht Rachel:

[Image: Cep7xIjWAAcaLKK.jpg]

Wonder if that lower price reflects the lower travel expense.
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
This is great news.The only thing that could make it better would be news that she'll have a band to back her.
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
When Haley is performing in SF, Paul Simon will be performing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA.
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RE: Summer 2016 Tour Dates
Quote:Cities 97 ‏@cities97radio 55m

We just announced Haley Reinhart's coming to the TC June 13th & we have a pair of tickets to win coming up at 7:20a!

Quote:Melissa K.
26 mins ·

I play to win even though I lose more times then I win.

7 am Cities 97 (97.1) is giving away Haley Reinhart concert tickets in the Twin Cities.

They didn't announce the dates when they wanted the 17th caller.

Win: I was the 17th caller

Lose: I'll be in Greece when this concert is in town in June lol

So now I have 2 free tickets to a concert I'll be giving to someone Melanie V. want them for you and Jill?? lol

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