EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)


Quote:Going on tour alone must be totally different from when you are with the Postmodern Jukebox group?

I'm the kind of woman to have many facets! During my concerts, I go from the retro nightingale to the rocker. I can even make myself a jazz singer ! Why not deliver everything you have and give an original twist to all the genres you like? I like everything. Being on the road with Postmodern Jukebox is also something crazy. I am lucky to be able to sing along with my closest friends and to discover the world at their side. I feel very lucky!

Are there any songs you'd like to take back?

At the point where I am, I have picked up a number of songs and I still have plenty that I can not wait to share. I am looking forward to the idea of ​​performing some new performances on stage during this first European tour. Elvis 'reworked Elvis ' classic "Can not Help Falling In Love" has just been a golden record! I've been dreaming of it since I was a child. I am delighted that people are seduced by my interpretation of an iconic love song.

What attracts you so much in the 40s and 50s? Given your young age, how can you identify at this time?

There is something in the films, music, photography and style of the 40s and 50s that has always attracted me. There was mystery and sophistication at that time. It was something hypnotic. My parents grew up in the 60s and 70s. They founded a group together. It was called "Midnight". I remember watching them with great admiration until I began to sing with them, to follow them in Chicago clubs ... I always had a foot in the 60s thanks to them.

Are there any films or celebrities that inspire you?

I deeply admire Lucille Ball, Ann-Margret and Nancy Sinatra. With their audacity, their femininity, their beauty and their wisdom, how not to love them? As for movies, I love those who are a bit surreal like Big Fish , Pleasantville and American Beauty . They influenced my vision and my desire to move forward and achieve all my goals.

How would you like us to take back your songs?

It fills me with joy when I hear someone take back one of my songs! I believe that one of the best gifts that life can give us is to inspire people. I like to inspire people to dive deep inside themselves in order to find what makes them unique. When I hear someone pick up one of my songs or one of my covers, I'm interested in passion and originality in their voice and body language.

What are your projects ?

My very first European tour started two days ago! I will be in Paris on the 29th of May, at the Divan du Monde. My next album is released this summer and it is very retro. I also make the voice of a little boy named Bill Murphy in the animated series Netflix F Is For Family . Season two also starts this summer!
Interviewed, translated and adapted by Jessica Saval
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Anyone have a set list from the show? I'd love to know which songs she performed or if she sang any new original material. Bonus points if you have video. Thanks
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Well, we're about to leave for the concert, early and relaxed, so some members of the wider team HaleyFans including Tusk will be on the spot tonight and we'll report what happened! Don't know when that will be because it will be way past midnight European time until we return! We'll see what we can do!
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
This time difference takes some getting used to. Around showtime I'll be in some post-lunch meetings.
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Quote:Jesse Elder
8 hrs near Warsaw, Poland ·
First post-show dinner hang last night in Warsaw with this new fam. Excellent show... Tonight: Berlin!!! — with Ray Moore, Haley Reinhart and John Notto.
...and Angela and Darwin Johnson
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Soundcheck is on, Haley sounds fantastic, we entered to Behave, my favorite song! Angie is radiating behind the merch desk and the band looks in great spirits!

Set list as posted on stage:
Talkin about
Keep coming back
Baby it's you
The letter
Love is worth fighting for
Black hole sun
White rabbit
Check please
Good or bad
I belong to you
For what it's worth
I can't help falling in love
My cake

We're in for a treat!

Btw Tusk doesn't have internet here and problems with the sim card so if you're waiting, he asked me to let you know he won't be posting.
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Ok thanks for the info, looks like a nice lineup. Have fun
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
White Rabbit. Oh man, looking forward to hearing Haley's interpretation of that!
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Interesting 60's picks Smile

^ #whatsthatsound? Wink

and Baby It's You

(05-25-2017, 11:57 AM)JMT Wrote: White Rabbit. Oh man, looking forward to hearing Haley's interpretation of that!

Back in the day

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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Haley really IS dipping into the 60's with these covers. I love it. Are we thinking these will be on the new album?? Personally, I hope some make it.

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