EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
Euro tickets now on sale. The Vienna show is at Porgy and Bess - € 41.40 for general admission
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
VIP Tickets don't appear to be available for the Berlin show yet....

(Google Translated)

Quote:Trinity Music, kulturnews and The Pick present:

HALEY REINHART funk. *skirt . US soul

For most Haley Reinhart was the absolute favorite of the tenth season of American Idol, the counterpart to "Germany seeks the superstar" from the United States. Now comes the 25-year-old for the first time for a club tour to Germany. Her EP "Better" was released on April 29, 2016. Haley herself describes "Better" as a mix of funk, rock and soul, which is to encourage young women in particular to be more confident and independent.

With an excellent third place in the talent show managed Haley Reinhart to establish herself after the end of the season in 2011 as an artist and published in 2012 her debut album "Listen Up!" Then she skilfully combines elements of R & B, soul, rock, pop, jazz and Radio. For their fans, it is one among other Kelly Clarkson and the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. Together with the jazz-pop sensation "Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox" celebrates Haley Reinhart currently great success. Her common videos on YouTube recorded partly more than 15 million clicks.

After acclaimed performances at Lollapalooza, the New Orleans Jazz Fest and a successful North American tour with Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox Haley Reinhart comes this year for four concerts to Germany.
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
(05-27-2016, 02:23 AM)Tusk Wrote: VIP Tickets don't appear to be available for the Berlin show yet....

I decided to not take any chances and got a regular one for now ...

According to their website, the venue has areas that can be combined for concerts ranging from 150 to 450 persons.

That club "Musik & Frieden" ("Music & Peace") has a bit of history. There was a venue called the "Magnet Club" in a hip part of town which was one of the top go-to locations for the indie rock music scene. When that part of the town suffered from increasingly unhip upscaled-ness they moved across a few quarters to this current venue a number of years back but it went slightly downhill, according to reports - the indie scene is not as closed anymore as it used to be, there is more cross-over in music tastes now etc (as one newspaper report explains it). Also it was owned by someone who perhaps ran out of steam a bit after many successful years in the business. So only a few months ago (Dec) the Magnet Club closed but was smoothly continued without any major break as the "Musik & Frieden" but completely re-vamped and upgraded. The new owners, who are also established in the music business as agents etc. say in interviews "we don't do crap". Rather, they say, they are looking to be successful by carefully selecting what they present and are looking to serving a commited core locally-based crowd - which all makes me wonder why they start off and mention Idol in the promo text they copied from the agency (because the German version of Idol is so shitty, 100% about fabricated and real backstories, fake drama, poor singing and tabloid scandals - no comparison really - sure to turn off any true music fan - but they do transition nicely to the different messages of Better and the fusion of styles on Listen Up! as well). Anyway, they say they are looking toward attracting the more demanding acts. The whole Berlin music scene is in somewhat of a revolution between mainstreams and subcultures, tourists and locals, capitol city and remnant post-war particularities (in the 90ies there were a million run-down places for clubs and venues to establish in all sorts of niches but by now they have mostly been pushed out as Berlin, too, goes the route of becoming more and more upscale and expensive). Anyhow, Haley's team chose an interesting venue, plus it is sitting right next to the river with a tourist-attraction bridge spanning across.
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
I sent in an email to let them know that VIP isn't available on the venue's site and to let me know when/where they do become available
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
(05-27-2016, 01:58 PM)Tusk Wrote: I sent in an email to let them know that VIP isn't available on the venue's site and to let me know when/where they do become available

Quote:Official ticket link is here, working on getting VIP added ASAP. Just hold off on buying your tickets, they’ll be enough available for you when it gets resolved.
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
Quote:Anders Grahn shared Haley Reinhart's video.
57 mins ·

Haley Reinhart is coming to Europe y'all! Don't miss your chance to see and hear this amazing artist!
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
Quote:[Image: jazzzine-coverfoto.jpg]

Norman van den Wildenberg | May 29, 2016

Singer Haley Reinhart comes to the Netherlands for a one-off show. The American ex-American Idol contestant, known for her collaborations with Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox performs Sunday, October 2 in Bitterzoet under her just released album 'Better'.

The 25-year-old Haley Reinhart is a beautiful appearance and is blessed with an incredible voice. The name Haley Reinhart will not anyone say something so fast, but one that Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox follow her to know for sure. The retro-swing cover band is several years a big hit on YouTube and that they do not owe the least to the American singer. Reinhart steals as gastzangeres the show with covers of Tove Lo's' Habits' The Cardigans' "Lovefool" and the most watched movie of the Postmodern Jukebox: Radiohead's' Creep 'that more than a year, more than 18 million (! ) times viewed.

That success is Haley Reinhart not just come naturally to. Reinhart was born into a very musical family from the Chicago area and was already early with her parents on stage with the band Midnight. The love for rock 'n' roll, funk, pop, jazz and blues are being spoon-fed and she's not even twenty when the Wheeling High School Jazz Band at leading festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival and Umbria Jazz Festival is and later at Lollapalooza and New Orleans Jazz Fest.

The better voice
What Reinhart distinction from many other singers, her ability to be very flexible with her ​​voice. The soprano has a range of three octaves and can inside very many directions. A smoky rasp to a pure soul voice, and jazz cats, "call and responses" and even yodeling. That is almost all can be heard on her new album 'Better' that has only just appeared and was critically acclaimed by the press. On the Motown-inspired board is especially praised for the way the singer perfectly balances between retro and modern sound. "Not only bringing the sass, but usefull the funk," as MySpace calls it.

A must so to see and hear, especially because in the setting of the Bittersweet small nuances in the voice and songs of Reinhart even better to hear than on the big stage. The 25-year-old singer dares her vote outside the lines to color; a fine prospect for a very memorable evening.
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
(05-27-2016, 02:23 AM)Tusk Wrote: VIP Tickets don't appear to be available for the Berlin show yet....

Berlin VIP is now available.....
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RE: Haley's European Tour 2016
Stockholm VIP is available....

And I got mine!

They are 500SEK (62USD) extra on top of 320SEK for dinner seatings or 270SEK for standing omission.
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour -- Sept 14 to Oct 5, 2016
Does anyone have any clue who will be in the band for the European tour?????

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