Haileee Steinfeld
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Haileee Steinfeld
Yeah, Hailee Steinfeld ???

She seems to be stealing Haley's "name space"

not only her first name but her last name is two syllables with an "ein" in the first half!

She had another single out that got lots of radio play (130 million youtube vevo views too) that was more dance orientated . ."love myself"

but she came on my radar hearing this one on the radio
... she has a few vocal affectations in the starting verse not too far different than a few of Haley's ... not the same thing but enough to my taste to catch my attention.

I looked her up and...

wow, she was that girl that played a memorable role in the Cohen brother's remake of True Grit ! and nominated for a Oscar for it

Anyway... no big point..
... other than that she has been in a number of other movies in fairly big roles on top of her singing career and associating with big artists like SIA etc. She's been working her butt off for years too... at least since that movie in released in 2010 and lead up to get that role.

I think my only take away is just another reminder of how crowded the field is ... trying to be a Pop-Star is finding a seat at a musical chairs table with chairs for only one out of 5 (or 50) people with some talent enough to sing things people would enjoy listening too.

A google search of Hailee shows a bunch of her notoriety and attempts in staying in the public eye....

Not much more here though haha.... most of her first album was far too dance orientated for me

...and from what I can tell she hasn't written her songs that have gotten play (although there was some hints that she's collaborating writing her second album of which the video above will be a part of(but wasn't a writer on that one I don't think))
09-08-2016, 03:47 PM,
RE: Haileee Steinfeld
I saw Hailee last night on Steven Colbert show. My impression: she is just another Ariana, Kesha or Britney Want-To-Be. Dressed in a tight hip- hugging black outfit. Lots of writhing around with some dancer guys singing some forgettable song about sex, or hunger, or something. Whatever.

I did like Hailee in "True Grit" and she seems like a fine actress. And maybe she has some good qualities as a musician (I do not know all her work), but I did not see them last night. Just another sexy pop tart singing a trashy dance-pop song. A song that will be forgotten in a year if not a few months. Get in line Hailee, there are plenty out there like you.

What I love about our Haley is that she is hopefully above all that--all indications to me are that she is and wants to be an artist on her terms. With her voice and looks--she could easily go for the easy money and/or what is popular doing forgettable pop, R/B, EDM or whatever. I hope Haley is into her career for the long haul and continues to strive to make memorable moving music for many years to come. Let the pop tarts come and go with their forgettable fluff.

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