Halien of the Month
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RE: Halien of the Month
(01-09-2018, 12:45 PM)Tusk Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 11:33 AM)Himm2 Wrote: Which kinda confirmed to us that Derek also did the selecting usually based on Twitter activity.

(01-08-2018, 10:33 PM)KelseyW. Wrote: I selfishly wouldn't mind my 5 minutes, but since I've yet to go to a concert or even meet Haley at all it won't be happening anytime soon. Sad

Miguel, the fourth HOTM doesn't post on Twitter that much, so I don't think so.... Kindred, Tim, Bryan and many others post more than he does... Many of us are surprised Kindred, one of the longest standing, and most active onlne supporters of Haley, has yet to be chosen

[Image: DTsqC2pUQAE5-6y.jpg]

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 5m5 minutes ago

The #halienofthemonth goes to @Haleyobsession! Kindred, you are a true sweetheart. Thanks for following from the beginning. I remember 1st meeting you, how excited we both were, & I’m proud to watch you grow up into a beautiful young woman?Read more ---> http://haley.ae/January2018HOTM

Not that I'm implying that they read this, but..... (note date)

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RE: Halien of the Month
Congrats to her! Smile

Good that they're not getting rid of the HOTM. Now I'm off to wonder who else could make HOTM for the rest of the year...
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RE: Halien of the Month
I liked that Haley or her Team posted multiple photos of Kindred w/ Haley on Haley's Instagram, their "glo up" (as the kids say Blush ) over the 7 years she followed Haley. Many of Haley's younger fans literally grew up w/ Haley. At their ages, it is kind of cool to see the changes.... I can actually see how seeing these photos all together might hit Haley in just the right spot, maybe it's dawning on her how quickly time is/has passed, she's been so busy the last couple years....These fans were children following her, now adults ready to step into college/careers (and Avelene's younger than Kindred!)....

(Not so good for some of us older Haliens.... I seem to be getting wider instead of taller in my photos Blush Tongue )
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RE: Halien of the Month
Not that it matters, but my old self is only a few months older than Haley. lol Tongue

That scares me a little. It's cool, but scary how much time has passed already. D:
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RE: Halien of the Month
Looks like Derrick is still on the job.... cue the (apparently slightly inaccurate) Mark Twain quote Wink

Brandon is February's HOTM

[Image: DVeL6ZGVQAEjDe6.jpg]

[Image: DVeL6csUMAE1Ody.jpg]

Shout out to @BDW23 -Halien of the month!!! You are such a savvy dude with a bright future ahead. Smile Thank you for always pushing my CD’s to the front at @Target etc. haha... And this epic meme! You truly are my street team & an #OGHalien, most def. I vow to keep on makin music for you to groove to, see you on the next tour & thanks again! Read his interview at the link in my bio!


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