Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
A few oldies from Haley's playlist

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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Might be a challenge for Haley to keep to the schedule since she's traveling... unless she's preloaded the lists in advance to automatically post.

Note from Miguel: This thread contains Spotify-related posts split from the main album thread. I made this post to move the thread to the top.
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Quote:Haley Reinhart
6 mins ·
Jack White & Cage The Elephant - Two completely innovative & retro inspired artists. I eat up whatever they put out. I know they'll never regret any of their fine work, because it's authentic, raw, and unapologetic... And to me, that's exactly the way it ought to be! Hope you dance wildly to these two electric albums.✌

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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
The two albums are...

Cage the Elephant: "Tell Me I'm Pretty"

Jack White: "Lazaretto"

I started to explore Cage the Elephant because I was not familiar with them. "Tell Me I'm Pretty" is their fourth album. I first encountered a YT review that was somewhat unfavorable.
Quote: Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys hopped on the production and things take a giant leap backwards... It's like they had all these influences from the sixties and seventies that they wanted to use, and then just kept jamming them down our throat." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-U1o6gGA_I

The Consequence of Sound" review says,
Quote:The band’s musicality shines far greater than ever, even when blended together into a psychedelic soup... One has to wonder where (Auerbach's) influence ends and the band’s autonomy begins. Sometimes, the producer’s fresh ears bring out the best of the band; elsewhere, though, it sounds like they’re chasing a trend together. Do we take it as a band trying to evolve via a tried-and-true sound or as a band desperate for a current sound that they could develop through copious copycatting?


So apparently the sixties sound is somewhat trendy at the moment.

Quote:Cage the Elephant’s ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ Wins Best Rock Album at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards

The stacked category also included fellow nominees Blink-182 (California), Gojira (Magma), Panic at the Disco (Death of a Bachelor) and Weezer (Weezer).


Their most recent video upload:

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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
This Jack White tune made me think of the Haley's post last fall where she was working with Rob Kleiner. I can easily imagine a funky guitar driven song in this vein by Haley.
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Quote:PJ‏ @PJHaleyR 36m

for Haley's next playlist she's in a "movie mood". lots of cool tunes on there

(Sophie divulged last week that you can look at Haley's Spotify account to see what she is lining up)

[Image: C8023kYWAAAmqNx.jpg]

Immediately after my post

Boom, here it is.

Quote:Haley Reinhart‏Verified account @HaleyReinhart 1m1 minute ago

Fun fact: 1 of my biggest hopes is to have a song in a Tarantino Film. Oh & star in it too Wink?New @Spotify Playlist: http://haley.ae/MoodyMovieTunes
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)

Quote:Haley Reinhart

It's ladies night! These inspiring women have the utmost soul power & effortless conviction behind their voices and storytelling. Enjoy! Listen ---> haley.ae/WomenofSoulPlaylist


Quote:Haley Reinhart

I love Shazam! It's my most favorite app! ...Wish I invented it myself! What an amazing device, that allows us to explore the sounds and lyrics we connect to right away. It was love at first listen, enjoy!
---> haley.ae/ShazamSongs

Habits - PMJ
Mushroom - Feist
Dear God - XTC
Don't Worry - Marty Robbins
Montana - Frank Zappa
Walking to New Orleans - Fats Domino
Every 1's a Winner - Hot Chocolate
Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield
Danny Boy - Andy Williams
Somebody Else (explicit) - The 1975
High Ticket Attractions - The New Pornographers
Liquorice - Alice Jemima
Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
In Cold Blood (explicit) - alt-J
Berlin - Brazillian Girls
Papa Don't Take No Mess - James Brown
Redbone (explicit) - Childish Gabino
Yester-Me... - Stevie Wonder
Just Don't - Rafpael Saadiq
Don't Know Why I Love You - The Jackson Five
Nicotine & Gravy - Beck

A couple of observations... The New Pornographers is signed to Concord. Harry Styles' song is too new to have served as inspiration.
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Quote:Haley Reinhart
1 hr ·
Guys! Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my album, "Better." I also threw in my debut album, "Listen Up!" Looking back, I think of them as my musical monologues of life. It's where I was at, it's the stories I wanted to tell, it's the grooves I was feeling. Hope you feel it too! Thanks for your everlasting support. What's your fav tune out of all of em?

LIsten here & click follow to get updated playlist every week ---> haley.ae/BLUPlaylist

She posted the songs from "Listen Up!" and "Better." Wonder if that means we're getting close to official news about HR3.
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Quote:Haley Reinhart‏Verified account @HaleyReinhart 28m

New playlist is in the spirit of #NewOrleans! Had a blast @JazzFest yesterday & tonight w/ @PMJofficial @hobnola --> http://haley.ae/JazzFestPlaylist

"Oops!... I did it again - PMJ

"One Fine Thing" - Mayfield/NOJO

"Big Chief" - Dee Dee Bridgewater (DDB), Mayfield, NOJO

"Dee Dee's Feathers" - Mayfield, NOJO

"Mama Roux - Remastered" - Dr John

"Creep" - PMJ

"Gris-Gris-Gumbo Ya Yah - Remastered" - Dr John

Whoopin' Blues - Mayfield, NOJO, DDB

"I Walk on Guilded Splinters" - Dr John

"Wash, Mama Wash" - Dr John

"C'est ici que je t'aime" - Mayfield, NOJO

"Zu Zu Mamou" - Dr John

"Chippy, Chippy" - Dr John

"Congo Square" - Mayfield, NOJO, DDb

"Where Ya at Mule" - Dr John

"Iko, Iko" - Dr John

"Black Hole Sun" - PMJ

"Tiptina" - Dr John

"Do Watcha Wanna" - Mayfield, NOJO, DDB

"Junko Partner" - Dr John

"Stack -A-Lee" - Dr John

Followed by 20 more songs by Dr John and Mayfield. Plus 7NA.

See album "Best of the Night Tripper" for all the Dr John songs she listed.
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RE: Haley's Friday Spotify lists (of song inspirations for album #3)
Haley getting into some Dr. John, The Night Tripper, The Medicine Man

Mama Roux

Walk On Gilded Splinters

Gris gris Gumbo Ya Ya

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