Haley arrested in Palatine, IL (July 2017). Court appearance (Feb 2018)
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
Quote:People Magazine ‏Verified account @people 1h
Former American Idol Contestant Haley Reinhart Arrested for Battery http://peoplem.ag/FUAQ6uu

People mag has almost 8 million followers. Glad they put Dina's comments in the article.
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
There are people on Twitter now coming up to the bouncer's defense..."he wouldn't hurt a fly"...

I don't think Dina would make the statement she made w/o evidence to back that up. Discovery will find out at what rate the police are called to the venue, how often people are sent to the hospital from that venue. I know there's a good chance the negative comments about the venue might be coming from people who might be "exaggerating" the circumstances of their experience, but if it's shown that the venue has been a place of regular violence where people are injured (as some of the reports state) this could end up being really bad for the venue. Depending on how bad it turns out to be, losing a license isn't out of the question
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
(07-10-2017, 08:15 PM)Tusk Wrote: This is not great, but in the grand scheme of things, it's very minor....That she has a beyond competent lawyer on her side is as good as we can hope for given how little we know.

"It's not how many times you get knocked down that count, it's how many times you get back up. "

Haley and Dina are both tough and are fighters (pun unintended Blush )

Seems to me like it is great publicity to have a 5'2" singer having the guts to slug a bouncer who was assaulting a friend.

The legal issues aren't fun at all...

...but I can't see people thinking less of her for being having some grit.. (now if she slugged a female her own size that might seem like violence and anger management issues)
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
Made local 10:00 tv news as well.
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
(07-10-2017, 09:21 PM)thecommish27 Wrote: Made local 10:00 tv news as well.

Well then it's a good thing I was not watching as it would be more upsetting. I am hoping this will all be over and done with soon, especially before Sept 22 when the album comes out.
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
There's also the issue of slander if the evidence leans on Haley's side...

Someone on Twitter told me there are security tapes and she saw them, another said she was there so at this point maybe that is the strategy, tho I can't believe Dina would make such a statement if there are corroborating security tapes.

Calling a bluff like that w/ no evidence vs video doesn't seem like something an experienced attourney would do. I'm thinking that Dina at least would look into the history of police activity at that specific venue. Maybe the pressure of showing that they can't control their own bar and have to rely on Police, risking their ability to operate selling alcohol might be leverage.

Sometimes all you have to show is there's a pattern of behaviour....
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
Chicago Tribute

Chicago Sun-Times


Weird that the local paper uses a distorted photo of Haley (at minimum the photoshop job gave her a double wide nose). Real mug shot on the right.
[Image: AR-170719872.jpg&updated=201707102152&Ma...0&noborder][Image: DEbGr1lWAAEPraT.jpg]


Articles like this one from crime section of People Magazine link to that video of RITD with the awful audio that AI put up after they omitted her from the video of AI Adele covers. That's unfortunate.
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
It's possible the DH image is from a scanned image. Sometimes a scanner will stretch an image, her forehead and neck are a slightly bit wider as well. It's not the original that all the other outlets are showing and DH is a very small paper....
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
We are all one misstep away from finding ourselves in the middle of an unfortunate event. Haley is a strong and determined woman and it is my belief that she will emerge from this crisis with her head high and her honor vindicated. In the meantime I intend to think of this as "fake news". Dodgy
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RE: TMZ: Haley arrested?!?
On the bright side she gained 1,000 new monthly listeners on Spotify last night. So there's no such thing as bad publicity am I right?

Also I think Haley knew word would get out, perhaps she posted all of that baby it's you promo on her instagram before this happened so people would see it when they looked her up, she's smart.

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