Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
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Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
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Happy to announce my endorsement with @telefunken_mics ? Thanks for catering to these smokey & other times silky pipes o’ mine. Wink Shot these bad boys on my last tour in Philly with the homie @slimbojimboyo! More to come ? #whatsthatsound #telefunken #funky #tourstyle #swipeleft #linkinbio

I actually saw this article about a week ago, but I think my brain might be 'full' on Haley stuff, for some reason I didn't post about it? Tongue

Quote:Reinhart’s recent Concord Records debut, “What’s That Sound,” combined original tracks with covers of iconic songs from the late 1960s. It was recorded at the historic Sunset Sound in Hollywood and mixed by Bill Schnee, a Grammy winner known for his work with Marvin Gaye, Rod Stewart, and Steely Dan. The album was recorded to tape and performed solely with vintage instruments.

“Recording analog makes such a difference and adds a warmth that you just don’t hear that often anymore,” says Reinhart. “I had the pleasure of using the Telefunken 251 to record the vocals and it is by far the most crystal-clear studio mic I’ve ever used. Instead of a compression effect, it’s amazing how it captured and brought out all of the unique nuances in my voice.”

Reinhart has massively expanded her devoted fanbase (or “Haliens”) and now boasts 444k+ Facebook likes, 205k+ Twitter followers, and 115k+ Instagram followers, as well as over 3.8 million Vevo views and more than 1.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Reinhart received a Gold Record from RIAA, a Clio Award, and a Women In Sync Award for her rendition of the hit single “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, which was also featured in the viral commercial for Wrigley’s Extra Gum.

“It was such a neat experience using Telefunken’s classic white M80 on tour,” commented Reinhart. “It’s clarity really allowed me to play with the mic and work its magic, just like any other instrument. From smooth to smoky pipes, the Telefunken brings out true character. So happy we found each other.”
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
Awesome news! Big Grin
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
Haley recorded with Telefunken on Idol.
Quote:Los Angeles, CA, May, 2011 – Eight-time Grammy Award-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has employed two AR-51 tube microphones from TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustic for his “American Idol” productions. Jerkins, who has worked in the past with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, is one of this year’s top producers working alongside the contestants throughout the season.

“During my time on ‘Idol,’ I used the AR-51s,” added Jerkins. “It helped being able to have one microphone to handle 20 different style of voices, with the ability of having 9 polar patterns at my disposal. I take these microphones with me when I travel to work with A-list artists around the world.” Celebrating his 14th year in the music industry, Jerkins is responsible, through his numerous hit productions, for over 160 million in record sales worldwide.

“Rodney is working with the ‘Idol’ artists to develop their studio chops as well as their stage performances,” explained Jerkins’ recording supervisor Brandon Kadell, who worked closely with TELEFUNKEN artist liaison Jason Scheuner on the choice of mics.

...“We’ve tried a number of top microphones with different vocalists,” continued Brandon Kadell. “But when we fired up the TELEFUNKEN it complemented each vocalist best overall. We have to work so quickly, so instead of setting up three or four mics to find the best texture, we just go with TELEFUNKEN and it takes care of all of them. And the quality of the sound cuts right through when we are mixing, too."

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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
M 251
[Image: TFUNK-ELAM251-2.jpg?1514383721]
Quote: MSRP: $10,995.00
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
Postmodern Jukebox -- and/or their audio engineer -- endorses another microphone.

Quote:[Matt Telford] Before, I was using either the Shure SM58 or the Telefunken M80s. The MTP 550 DM has a better axis then the M80 does. Also, the M80 is a very bright microphone whereas the MTP 550 DMs are more balanced out.

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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
I'm wracking my brain trying to remember, I seem to recall a Behind the Scenes video of Haley on tour, Patti was there, so it was either in Chicago or North Carolina, and there was a 'gold' microphone that Haley was talking about, Patti might've said something..... but for the life of me, I can't recall where or how I would've seen it...... Tongue

Does this jog anyone's memory? Huh
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
Meanwhile it looks like Casey might have an endorsement deal with a rival mic maker.


Awesome performance by Casey Abrams today at our Sunset Sound studio recording session!

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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
telefunken white M80
[Image: 369a02183e0a59abd01e0d3106085a9c--studio-gear-audio.jpg]


[Image: xjlikqeau6gdydx8dhoz.jpg]
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
It's possible I saw the gold mic on one of the Instagram Stories Haley or the crew were posting at the time.... looks like Patti got the gold one. In other videos, Haley has the white one she used in Chicago.....
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RE: Haley endorsement w/ Telefunken Mics
Audio engineer on Reddit talking about getting endorsements:

Quote:I have Waves, Telefunken, TC Electronic, Line 6, and Roland endorsements. If you have major label clients it's not very hard. Telefunken is a particularly amazing company to work with. I got M60s and M82s to test about a year before they came out, they make whatever color I want for the bodies, free vintage tubes, all kinds of swag. It also helps that the mics sound incredible.

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