New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
05-21-2018, 11:17 PM,
New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Quote:Haley Reinhart Verified account @HaleyReinhart

Hiya there world!!! Pleased to reveal my new single is called, “LAST KISS GOODBYE.” &&& it’s available EVERYWHERE June 1st!!!!! #haliens #lastkissgoodbye #newmusic

Quote:Jay Michaels Verified account @jaymichaels13

Wait until you hear this

Summer anthem! The voice, the songwriter, the talent & most of all the beautiful soul @HaleyReinhart !!!! June 1 EVERYWHERE

Quote:Jay Michaels Verified account @jaymichaels13

We are just revving up! Time for music, laughter & TONS of Haley!!!!
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
“Last Kiss Goodbye” by Anders Grahn, Haley Reinhart

Written prior to the release of WTS

ht MF8
05-22-2018, 11:27 AM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"

More than thrilled to announce the release of “LAST KISS GOODBYE” with @haleyreinhart - out JUNE 1st.
Written and produced by myself and Haley. Links to follow soon.....
#songwriter #newreleases #haleyreinhart #haley #reinhart #newmusic #music #pop #last #kiss #goodbye #lastkissgoodbye #andersgrahn #anders #grahn @kobaltmusic @spiritmusicgroup @b_uniquerecords @lmeworldwide #devg

A response to Anders...

Awesome little bossa Beauty with blossom Haley in the video.
05-22-2018, 11:52 AM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Congrats kids!! @grahna @haleyreinhart

ps apparently, Chad moved up to Seattle
05-28-2018, 07:43 PM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
[Image: 33238859_186561088667278_3994259825105043456_n.jpg]

How about a music vid to go along with my new tune Heart LAST KISS GOODBYEHeart
...You guys ready!?! Comin’ out this Friday!!! #LKG #lastkissgoodbye #june1st #musicvideo #newmusicfriday
05-29-2018, 11:31 AM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Quote:Joshua Shultz @JoshuaShultz 34m34 minutes ago

I’m excited that the Music Video I had the honor of Directing for the amazing @HaleyReinhart comes out this Friday!
05-29-2018, 05:26 PM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Do you think Haley's video will show her with a love interest or will it all be shot like the still photo above -- as though the viewer is her paramour.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
I was surprised that Joshua was also the director on the video, although since following him, it's not as much a surprise since I think he's worked on at least 3 videos since we first saw those recent red/black photos of Haley. I thought he was primarily NY based and those photos he posted were taken when Haley spent over a week in NY (including performing w/ PMJ at that Youtube event)

Rachel said the photo was likely taken in Santa Monica/Venice Beach, so he would've had to come to the West Coast to direct this video.

I had a thought that maybe she might've also recorded video for this on her trips to Europe and the Caribbean as the song title and initial photograph lends to a 'first love' kind of feel....

I do think there's a fair chance Drew will be in the video, the third person perspective of watching Haley being youthful and fun is definitely a possibility as to the direction of the video

PS, the 'look' of the photo they posted of the video feels reminiscent of the first photo Joshua posted of Haley (back in April), so I'm wondering if this is a capture from the video?

[Image: DbhsHQwVMAAFfor.jpg]
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
He's based in L.A.

Quote:Joshua Shultz: LA’s Rising Director and Photographer

"Shultz is an eager, creative and assiduous Los Angeles native..."

He's apparently a second-generation Scientologist according to stories about Jim Carrey‘s on-off girlfriend who committed suicide. They were good friends.

Quote:Shultz also shared a touching tribute to White in the days following her death.

“Dear Cat, my dear friend. I am going to miss you. I remember the first time we hung out and we cried laughing watching Zoolander, ” he captioned a photo of the two.

He continued: “Or when you dropped everything to help me plan and throw my first art show. Or the last time I saw you. You dropped everything to come take care of me because I was sick. You brought me tea and vitamins. You are the sweetest kindest person I ever had the honor of calling my friend. I love you and I miss you. RIP. you are truly loved”
05-29-2018, 07:13 PM,
RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Seemed he had alot of activity in NY when all that stuff came out and Haley was just there, so I assumed he was a NYorker....Guess Google is your friend Blush

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