Happy for Haley
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RE: Happy for Haley
Posted less than six days ago, Ribfest "Can't Find My Way Home" almost has 1000 likes.  You'd have to go all the way back to Ribfest WR posted in September or Idyllwild TOS posted in August to find #TeamHaleyFans video w/ a thousand likes.....  Almost feels it might be on the precipice of catching a youtube algorithm like WR or TOS did, which means new eyes and ears on Haley Cool

Quote:Anglomik 13 hours ago

Amazing voice, impressive (& surprising) song choice.  Just became a fan!  ??
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RE: Happy for Haley
Shares Haley w/Jeff Goldlbum (MBCJFM):

Quote:Ed Landry[/url]
[url=https://www.facebook.com/ed.landry.9/posts/10215730858975972]January 5 at 6:11 AM

This is how you own a stage.❤️

Quote:Hugo Nadeau 
Great!! Now I’m in love with this woman ? Thanks Ed

Quote:Ed Landry 
Hugo Nadeau you’re just joining an ever growing club, my brotha!?✌?

Quote:Hugo Nadeau 
Ed Landry haha yeah understandably for sure. Sexiest voice in the business ?

Quote:Michel Landry 
Between the looks, the moves and that voice... she totally stole the show! And add me to that club too, will ya?
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Eddie Setterbo ·
This is sure to warm up the Winter! Where has Haley Reinhardt been hiding????⭐️?

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley Reinhart - My Baby Just Cares...
The new album from Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred…
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RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest White Rabbit

Quote:Grateful aya 2 minutes ago

never heard of her until now, but not only is she from the town right next to the one I grew up in, but she also stars in one of my favorite shows "F is for family"

Ribfest Can't Find My Way Home

Quote:Scooter Hanes 2 minutes ago

OMG, you were my favorite American Idol all those years ago, I LOVE you are still performing like this....this literally brought tears to my eyes
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RE: Happy for Haley
CFMWH ribfest

Amazing voice, impressive (& surprising) song choice.  Just became a fan!
Glad to see CFMWH finally getting some views.  There are a couple of performances of this with her dad that are just excellent, but the videos have never gotten the views they deserve.
01-08-2019, 06:00 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Cheyenne King
3 hours ago
Love your music. I’m a new fan and new subscriber. Happy New Year Smile
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RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest's CFMWH

Karen Brandwein 24 seconds ago

Am I imaging things. Or does she look like a young Miarah Carey?

She also seems to have an excellent voice. She sounds good. What year was this. Came across it by accident. Don't even know how ended up on u tube right now?
Quote:Karen Brandwein 1 hour ago

@HaleysTusk Haley seems to have an  excellent voice.. Only heard her this brief 1x but I'll be presumptuous and say a great voice for Jazz and R&B too

Will try to listen again. How old is Haley?   Gee I wish I had an opportunity to develop my voice when I was young .
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RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest CFMWH

Quote:Lisa Marie 3 hours ago

Never heard of you but this came up in my suggestions and since it's one of my favorites, I clicked.  All I can say is DAMN GIRL YOU KILLED IT!!
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RE: Happy for Haley
It's no White Rabbit, or Time of the Season, but CFMWH passed 100,000 views in two weeks, continuing to get more eyes on Haley.  Three videos from Ribfest have accounted for over 1 million views in less than six months (WR-680K, Creep-375K, CFMWH-100K---Runner up, Check Please -70K views)... 

[Image: Dw5ocICVsAAkMwl.jpg]
01-16-2019, 02:08 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Again, Ribfest CFMWH....it's certainly doing the job getting new eyes on Haley, at least according to the comments....

Quote:Rick G 1 minute ago

Wow sexy and love her voice  just happened to see this I will definitely check out more

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