Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
(09-20-2018, 01:02 AM)Tusk Wrote:
Quote:Attention Haliens attending @HaleyReinhart PAVE show, a VIP ticket gets you access to the front rows, it's NOT a Meet & Greet ticket. They made M&G available, adding a 3rd option that wasn't there before. M&G is a separate purchase in addition to ticket

$50 more

(09-20-2018, 09:31 PM)Haleylvr4evr Wrote: Really???? Well I still need her to sign my vinyl record anyway, so I will do the extra $50. But they should've told us that before!! And I got the whole weekend off from work!! I already had it requested a while ago, but I always get scared until it comes true....especially after my vacation thing happened this year.
I think that was a surprise for everyone, myself included. I've worked over 10 years in banquets. Charities will do what they can to raise money. I'm fairly sure that M&G wasn't there even a couple weeks ago, I know, I went to that page a few times. But to be fair, if you read under "VIP", all it says,

"Vip Ticket includes access to seating directly in front of stage"

Nothing about meeting w/ Haley. I think in our minds, our experiences w/ PMJ and Haley, we assumed VIP included meeting Haley..... so truthfully, it was posted correctly to begin with. Maybe they opened up the M&G late as to somewhat control how many get it.
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
The surprise $50 add-on M&G was inserted at 9 pm on September 17th. Many of us VIP purchasers that got our tickets over 2 months ago are pretty sure the VIP toggle didn't just say "access to seating directly in front of the stage" back then. Annoying that the $22 gen admiss people can pay the same as the $75 VIP's to get the M&G.
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
You can believe since I got both VIP and M&G, l’ll be sitting as close to front and center as possible. I think maybe the venue forgot to add the M & G option to the ticket website until later...or did it say it was included with VIP tix before?
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
As I stated above, the vip description did ONLY say it gave access to front row, no mention of a meet with Haley (rarely does a venue advertise VIP and not have description what VIP gets you). They didn’t just add the front row access description, it was there since tickets became available. I remember for sure, we just assumed it included meeting Haley. The M&G Option was added recently

(Putting it another way, anyone recalling that it was posted VIP was to meet Haley?)

I remember because I found the Patio Ticket page was selling the tickets to the show back in June (Babbs is helping raise funds for the show and tweeted about it... I researched and found the Patio ticket page for the show, PAVE hadn't linked to it yet)).

I messaged Jay to confirm because it hadn't been officially announced, he said it shouldn't be up because the agreement hadn't been finalized yet, asked me to take my post about it on HF down. He also asked to get Babbs to delete her PAVE tweet.

Jay: "That other Chicago show (we were talking about Ribfest, PAVE is the 'other Chicago show') is not done and that announcement will come down
"It's coming down"
"Delete any tweets U had on it"

Back then it said the same thing, access to front rows. The Patio ticket page came back up once it was officially announced
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
WINDY CITY LIVE (Thanks Ryan Chiaverini) Thursday Morning, September 27, 2018
Richard Roeper brings us his Fall Movie Preview. Wheeling native HALEY REINHART is back and performing for us. Windy City Live Stream
09-27-2018, 11:31 AM,
RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
I suspect the reason that an encore show is over-riding what was scheduled as Haley is because of the Kavanaugh Hearing special report that may pre-empt Windy City Live.
09-27-2018, 12:38 PM,
RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
Haley Rescheduled for Wednesday: WCL - Wednesday Haley
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
[Image: 41451936_298194077678412_3840322212318010460_n.jpg]

#Inception @haleyreinhart
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
Angela Rose
Sound check at Windy City Live - listen to Haley Reinhart’s soulful voice. Gives me chills!!! She’s in town from LA and touring nationally for a benefit concert for PAVE this Saturday! She’s a platinum recording artist who was also on American idol! Grab your ticket! https://www.etix.com/…/shattering-the-si...e-patio-th
soundcheck WCL
On the set of #WindyCityLive with the amazing Platinum Recording artist Haley Reinhart who performed her new single and talked about her passion for PAVE’s work of preventing sexual assault and helping survivors heal! Join us this Sat 9/29 at the Patio Theatre in Portage Park in Chicago for a benefit concert! She truly has the voice of an angel, so soulful!!!! Tix here: https://www.etix.com/…/shattering-the-si...e-patio-th
PAVE-Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment #idontknowhowtoloveyou #WCL
[Image: 42639695_10214770152942282_8263955417571...e=5C5DA6B4]
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
Tomorrow!! My original plan was to drive by myself, but then I saw there is no parking lot, and might not be safe for me to go alone being in the city. My parents will be dropping me off at 5 for the pre-party meetup and picking me up afterwards. That way I won't need to worry about parking or construction or traffic. Smile

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