Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
02-04-2019, 07:49 PM,
Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
Quote:Jay MichaelsVerified account @jaymichaels13 13m13 minutes ago

Tomorrow 7:15p PST @HaleyReinhart guests on the iconic  @loveline @drDonaghue and @wearechannelq listen live anywhere @Radiodotcom app & get ready for some fun! [Image: 1f47f.png] #LOFISOUL

[Image: Dymvpt4VAAE8ubd.jpg]
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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
For some reason, the host of the show's Twitter got suspended. 

Here's the link, I think.  I pointed out to Jay his link was dead, asked him if this was the correct one (linked to from wearechannelq's Twitter)  but he didn't reply, just deleted his post.

Hopefully this is the correct link

Here's the program's link, the above link is where it directs you to, to listen

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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
New nugget, Haley worked w/ her newest favorite Producer from Chicago, who also supplies the guitar on #Shook, Tony Esterly
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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
Haley tells about how she met Drew, that Patti was bugging Drew to give Haley his number, but she thought he was also hitting on Patti too lol Smile

Here's what she said when asked about when the album is coming out...

Quote:"I want to get you guys stuff before I obviously go on tour so you guys can have a taste for the music, so I'm planning to release stuff, bit by bit and umm... I want to leave a little mystery, because I'm doing a lot more of this on my own, this time around, which I love...

and for me, you know me, I like a lot of mystery, so...I'm gonna, I'm gonna tell you that you will for sure get music....Hang in there..." 

About her celebrity softball experience
Quote:"They didn't show my better moments, OK?  That's all I'm gonna say about that...
I'm. Really. Excited. To. Go. To. Kansas.
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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
Haley on meeting Drew,
-Longest relationship she's ever been in (4+ years)
-Met at a wedding
-Drunk cousins & Patti trying to hook her up
-"Did you give my daughter your number?"
[Image: 1f602.png]
-No 'rules' just morals'.  Trust is everything

-Had relationships w/ musicians before where more ego was involved
-"My Babe does not really have that ego, at all, so it's a beautiful thing"
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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
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RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
They posted the podcast, Haley comes on at the 20:25 mark:

02-10-2019, 08:29 PM,
RE: Haley on Radio tomorrow Feb 5
[Image: 51035623_2119988434979575_75137887405648...tagram.com]


Good times in studio last night with our guests @haleyreinhart@queerfatfemme ! #haleyreinhart#queerfatfemme #loveline

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