Haley Reinhart performing on Janis Joplin FB Live
06-16-2020, 02:55 PM,
Haley Reinhart performing on Janis Joplin FB Live
06-16-2020, 04:30 PM,
RE: Haley Reinhart performing on Janis Joplin FB Live
She sounded (and looked) great, with her between-song banter projecting her usual blend of peace and love with a touch of adorkableness. Dylan in fine form as well. In scanning the comments, there were some of the to-be-expected "Janis was the best you suck" remarks from diehard loyalists (with one uninformed soul telling her to stick to Taylor Swift lol), but many, many more positive thoughts from people discovering her (or re-discovering her; a few reminisced about voting for her on Idol). So I'd call this a positive!
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RE: Haley Reinhart performing on Janis Joplin FB Live
I liked the setting. Hope we get more backyard shows. There were some comments Haley was lip synching and one that Dylan wasn't actually playing the guitar. I'll chalk these up to how good the performances were and how bad the stream was for some people.

It's been shared over 1,500 times on FB.

Some of the share comments:

Quote:She’s awesome!! I love Janis Joplin music

Quote:Check out some great blues/rock here by a "young Janis Joplin"

Quote:Wendy-Leigh Coombes Elmien Jonker she has pipes on her

Quote:What a voice! Haley Reinhart ...

Quote:que hermosa vozzzz gracias por tu talento y traernoss a janis

What a beautiful voice thank you for your talent and bring us Janis

Quote:Take a moment this young lady is good

Quote:Vale la pena escuchar a esta chica....
This girl is worth listening to...

Quote:Well done!!!! all, but (what) a voice wow!!!!!

Quote:Gal has a great sound

Quote:I love this song, and she does a great job on it.
Reminds me why I always thought flower girls were so cool.

Quote:Leslie, when you have 32 minutes to listen to a few songs, let this Girl transport you back to March 19th, 1969 on a Sunday night to the Old University Field House. This girl isn't as good as the REAL Janis Joplin(Who Is?), but she really gets into it, does a Great cover of The Shirelles on one song, and an original or two!! To me it is worth the listen. A very talented Modern Singer that basically LOVES the Late 60's, early 70's Music!!

Quote:Janis Joplin - came back to us.. listen to this girl sing her tune!! OMG!

Quote:if y'all got time she does a good job at covering Janis

Quote:She's really good.

Quote:Wow! Just wow! Two beautiful Janis covers, the first song (one of my favs) and the last song (classic Piece of my Heart).

Quote:superbe waow je suis sous le charme un max bravo a cette top voix pas facile de chanter la regretter Janis Joplin [thumbs up][applause]

Gorgeous wow I'm under the charm a max bravo to this top voice not easy to sing regret Janis Joplin

Quote:This girl is SOOOO TALENTED!!! And absolutely GORGEOUS to boot. She truly does Janis so beautifully!! Watch this show if ur a fan of Joplin; you will not regret one second of it, I promise!!
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RE: Haley Reinhart performing on Janis Joplin FB Live
Unofficial version on youtube

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