Bystanders lift burning car off trapped motorcyclist
09-13-2011, 12:04 PM,
Bystanders lift burning car off trapped motorcyclist

Quote:Assistant Logan Police Chief Jeff Curtis said the accident occurred when the BMW, exiting a parking lot across the street from the Utah State University campus, drove in front of Wright’s bike. Wright and his bike then slid into and under the car.

The bike caught fire when its gas line ruptured, and the flames spread to the BMW. Passersby saw Wright wedged underneath the car. Several of them, despite the flames, rushed to lift the car off of Wright while others pulled him out by his feet.

Curtis said Wright suffered broken bones, cuts and burns.

...Tyler Riggs, who identified himself as a cousin of Wright’s, stated Tuesday that Wright had undergone surgery Monday night and was expected to recover, though it would be a long recuperation.

"Brandon was able to meet with family Monday night and said he is very humbled, and owes so many people his life," Riggs said. "Brandon and our entire family would like to express our deep gratitude to all the people who stopped at the crash scene . . . to help rescue Brandon."
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RE: Bystanders lift burning car off trapped motorcyclist
The guy in the suit was he the driver? wtf he is just standing around doing nothing GRRRR
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RE: Bystanders lift burning car off trapped motorcyclist

One of the commenters said:

Quote:please don't judge to fast.... ever been in a real accident? if suit-guy was the driver of the car he might be in a state of (adrenalin) shock... even uninjured crash victims can experience this. You feel disoriented and nausiated and you just stand there trembling from the adrenalin and the emotions. been there, done that. It ain't funny at all.

I am actually surprised that mister suit-guy was walking around at all.

I've never experienced that. But I've never been in an accident that was so bad that I thought I might have killed someone.

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RE: Bystanders lift burning car off trapped motorcyclist
Yes ok I understand, when the adrenlin kicks in it can do strange things, eather fight or flight.I have seen my shair of death.

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