Haley the Person
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Haley the Person
Comment that was made back in April (2011):

Quote:I knew her personally as a former teacher, and I can comfortably say there isn’t one sense of entitlement, or snobbery in that kid. She’s humble, eager to improve, and totally laid back. She was incredibly encouraging, helpful and supportive of her peers, and she’s always been a very smart musician, both theoretically and creatively. She’s been exposed to a huge variety of music her whole life, and it shows comfortably in anything she attempts to sing. She’s always well liked, very respectful, and is the furthest thing from a diva. She’s not one to look for praise, she just loves any opportunity to sing, and it shows when she performs. I always have fun when she’s singing, because I feel she’s welcomed me to enjoy with her what she loves about singing. She’s also very close to her family! If you see a snob, you’re really off! Keep slaying them Haley! We’re all very proud of you!


A comment made in June:

Quote:katie says:

I went to high school with Haley, and she is such a sweet girl. She may be strong willed, but she’s definitely the type of girl who just stands up for what she’s passionate about. She (was also given) the LEAST (back story) from the producers of anyone in the top 6… as opposed to Scotty who was labeled as the good old country boy who loves baseball, his family and anything America. and Lauren who was supposed to be “The One” from the start, so obviously the producers showed as much about her as possible. Before Haley even had one sit down with Ryan Seacrest, James and Scotty had 3, Lauren had 2… finally Haley got one.

I’m sorry that people who think Haley has a horrible attitude and is a diva think that they know her. And I’m sorry you fell for the manipulation of the producers… especially since I’m sure you won’t admit you did.

All in all she’s a great girl and if you have seen any of the interviews with her or read what people who interview her say… they all agree, she’s a sweet, down to earth, free-spirited girl.

Comment made in February:

Quote:I went to high school with her. She's hilarious and such a great singer, she'd be in almost every talent/variety show, everyone loved her!


Former classmates comment in an MTV article:

Quote:Lichtenberger said the Haley he's been watching on the show is the same cool, approachable person he remembers from school...

Another Wheeling senior who was in jazz band with Haley, sax player JT Teichert (says)..."She's a total sweetheart. She might look like a diva, but she's not an attention hog. She's just talented and nice and she really jokes around a lot."

As an example, he said that when he was a nervous freshman first meeting other students at variety-show auditions and practices, Haley was the first person to walk up to him and talk to him.


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RE: Haley the Person
Around the :59 second mark in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPcue3MCeow Haley consoles another contestant:

[Image: haleyconsoling.jpg]
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RE: Haley the Person
Here's is an anecdote from a fan that put a lot of heart into developing a scrapbook for Haley.

[Image: haleydurbinator.jpg]

Someone observing this said that after Haley accepted the scrapbook, she sat down and looked through it before returning to say thanks and give the girl a hug. The pictures seem to bear that out.

[Image: haleyscrap2.jpg]

Comment made on YouTube today (8/21/11):


Haley Fans, you know I love Haley but even more now! What we saw this weekend in person was a grateful, kind sweetheart young woman! Having 45 minutes to spend with the Idols is worth every dollar! Haley was so cool to us older fans! We opened some CD's and she signed them all beautiful clear autograph! sister suffering from breast cancer and Haley really lifted her spirit, she has really suffered this year! sister just called and said all of her pictures came out awesome she's pumped!

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RE: Haley the Person
Comment made by someone on IF:

Quote:I lurk in here but I love Haley and I have to say that I loved her on the show but good lordy did she blow me away on tour when we saw the idols at Nassau coliseum on 8/24. I feel like she got 100x better. wooweee. My sister and I both god chills during "benny and the jets" heart.gif

And my cousin works as security and she told us that when Haley came out after the show she was THE sweetest person ever and even thanked her (my cousin) for doing what she does there. I thought that was pretty awesome that she thanked security for what they do. Thought it showed even more just how awesome Haley is.
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RE: Haley the Person
[Image: haleytumblr.jpg]
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RE: Haley the Person
"Idol Confessions" lets anyone make anonymous comments and then puts them to a picture that's then posted on Tumblr for others to see and comment on. You can imagine how that might go. Anyhow, the "confession" and comment below drew a couple of responses from people who went to school with Haley.

[Image: haleytumblr.jpg]

The most recent "confession":

[Image: haleyaiconfession.jpg]
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RE: Haley the Person
Haley really got my attention when she told Randy she sang Earth Song because of the message it conveyed. This young lady seems to have a grasp of life that is well beyond her years. The negativity from some of these posters just shows their immaturity...Angel

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RE: Haley the Person
"abesco," May 19 2011:
Quote:I've known Haley and performed with her the past two years in jazz band. I assure you that, (beyond) her remarkable talent, she is a very kind and thoughtful young lady.

To really know her is to love her. Feel sorry for those that make such hateful comments without knowing what this young lady is truly about.

And her parents are two of the nicest and mellowest people you could ever meet. Their love of music and their love of their daughter truly shine thru in Haley.

Keep Rockin' the House, Haley!!


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RE: Haley the Person
I didnt know this thread! Is awsome & dont surprise me the expressions of respect and truth! You can see a soul like that (shiny) just with images.. For those who has the bless of know her in person, ur so lucky cause I doesnt matter how far she goes, u kind of got a bit of her touch..

I didnt know this thread! Is awsome & dont surprise me the expressions of respect and truth! You can see a soul like that (shiny) just with images.. For those who has the bless of know her in person, ur so lucky cause I doesnt matter how far she goes, u kind of got a bit of her touch..

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RE: Haley the Person
This thread brings a lil' tear to my eye....I love Haley so much!!

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