Adele might take 3 to 5 years off
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Adele might take 3 to 5 years off

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Quote:Every singer knows the List: citrus, vinegar, mint, dairy, spicy or fried foods, fizzy drinks, caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. These are the vocal cords’ enemies. And when one has a five-octave contralto as dynamic, award-winning, money­making, and record-breaking as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins does, one figures out how to avoid these things. Some require less effort than others. Mint? Vinegar? Feh. Cigarettes? Not so easy. Over the few days that I spend around Adele, I see her sneak a fag here and there. No one is perfect. But alcohol? For a once hard-drinking South London pub girl who has admitted that she has written some of her best songs after a few belts, I would have thought this might present something of a challenge. Not so much, it turns out. Adele hasn’t had a drink since last June. She gave it up cold turkey right around her birthday (May 5) last year. “Don’t like drinking anymore,” she says in an accent that falls somewhere between Eliza Doolittle and David Beckham. “I think I got it out of my system. D’yaknowhaImean?”

...Her nerves (about throat surgery) were further calmed when other singers who have had throat surgery (some of them patients of Zeitels’s) reached out. “John Mayer had it done at the same time as I did,” says Adele, “and he really helped me be chilled out about it. Roger Daltrey’s had loads of stuff done; Steven Tyler reached out; Elton John. Lots of artists have had problems with their voices, but you don’t know about it. And they are still singing incredibly well in their 50s and 60s.”

...Adele got more than just her voice back—she got her life back. From the minute her career took off in 2008, she had been moving at warp speed. “It was so fast-paced, I could hardly ever even remember the bulk of my day,” she says. But then everything came to a halt, and she got her bearings. “I think I just needed to be silenced. And when you are silent, everyone else around you is silent. So the noise in my life just stopped. It was like I was floating in the sea for three weeks. It was brilliant. It was my body telling me to fix me. I had so much time to kind of go over things and get over things, which is amazing. I think if I hadn’t had my voice trouble, I would never have broached those subjects with myself. Now I just feel really at peace. And really proud of myself. I’ve never fully appreciated the things that I’ve achieved until now. In fact, my entire life has changed in the last ten weeks. I’ve never been so happy, and I love it.”

...One day in London, her publicist at Sony in the U.S., Benny Tarantini, brings her a bunch of year-end issues of American magazines, three of which had her on the cover, and one of which, Entertainment Weekly, contained a love letter of a piece written by no less than Julia Roberts. I watch from across the room as she absentmindedly flips through them while talking to Tarantini. When her miniature dachshund, Louis Armstrong, comes scampering up, she tosses the magazines aside and scoops up Louis, her priorities made visible.

It’s clear that Adele has very mixed feelings about the machinery of fame. When I jokingly ask her later if the novelty has worn off, she says very firmly, “The novelty’s not worn off.” She takes a second to think about it. “That Julia Roberts thing? I was flabbergasted. I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to. But it was just filling up my day with hatred. So, loads of friends e-mailed me the Julia Roberts link. And that was truly like. . . . I can’t remember not knowing of her!”

...When I repeat the notion that I have heard that it’s going to take a brave man to date her again, she says, “Come on! I’m wifey material! I’m great. No one’s got to be brave. It’s not like, ‘You fuck me over and I’m going to write a record and make you the most hated man in the world.’ I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way. I’m done with being a bitter witch.”

...For someone so young, Adele seems to have a powerful urge to settle down and start a family of her own. Indeed, in three interviews, it is the topic that comes up the most. One day, I ask about her future. “I am fucking off for four or five years,” she says. “If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don’t know what I’ll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch.”

...In other words, Adele does not want to become a brand. Who wants to work that hard? “I find it quite exhausting,” she says of being a singer. “It wears me out. And I have a tendency to think I am missing out on things. When I am busy and on tour, I feel like I’m stuck in this bubble, and all my friends are going forward with things. But if I get emotional about it and Skype them, they say, ‘There’s nothing going on here. Absolutely nothing.’ So that’s what wears me out. Constantly feeling paranoid about my life, that it’s going to disappear and they are all going to forget me.”

Which is why, after the Grammys and after she makes up the last of the concerts that were canceled last year, she plans to go away for a long while. Indeed, she’s already made a move to the countryside near Brighton, where Konecki is based. “I want to set up my home. I need to lay some concrete. And I think that will really cure my paranoia of feeling like I am missing home, missing out.”

...Most successful pop stars these days, all but forced by their labels to produce albums at a frenzied pace, don’t have that luxury. But because Adele signed with the British indie label XL, which licenses her music to Sony, she is under no such obligation. In other words, she has the clout to do however she pleases, even if that means, as she says, “taking four or five years” to put out another record. “I’m in it for the long run,” she says. “I don’t want to be disposable. You’re only as good as your next record. I’m not scared of losing this. I won’t come out with new music until it’s better than 21. I’m not expecting to sell as many records, but I don’t want to release shit. Also, I have nothing to write about! I’d be lying. And that would go against everything I’ve ended up building for myself. So, yeah, I will need at least three years to write a record.”

It’s as if by “laying concrete” instead of “chasing pavement” she hopes to give refuge, at least for a little while, not only to her voice—but to the personal life that has always fueled her songwriting. “I want to evolve as an artist. There’s so much music I don’t know about yet. I want to go on the road with my friends who are artists. I want to go and see things as a fan again. I am a fan, but I can’t remember what it feels like to be a fan anymore. Because I’ve become an artist. I’ve become the artist.”
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RE: Adele might take 3 to 5 years off
i don't blame her. her album was a huge hit which has won her lots of awards plus she's still recovering from throat surgery even though she sounded amazing when she sang at the grammys. poor girl needs to rest big time.
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RE: Adele might take 3 to 5 years off
She writes her own material. Her first two albums dealt with breakups. She's currently in a relationship and she wants to devote her time to it and possibly settle down. So she doesn't feel she has anything to write about at the moment. But she wants her next album to have happier songs (not be about breakups) and top 21 musically.

That might be a tall order.
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RE: Adele might take 3 to 5 years off
Let me state the obvious...

This could be another case of the stars aligning for Haley.

Tonight, I saw an old post or tweet that said Amy Winehouse opened the door for Haley and Adele put in the doorstop. If Adele steps aside just as Haley is entering that would be perfect.
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RE: Adele might take 3 to 5 years off

Some reports are saying Adele is now backing off the remarks based on a blog entry on her official site titled: 5 was my favourite number but now it's 6

^ 6 refers to the number of Grammy awards she was nominated for and won this year. 5? Perhaps the fact she received 4 Grammy nominations in 2008 for 19 and was nominated again the next year for "Best Pop Vocal Performance.".

In the blog entry, she doesn't mention "5" or "6" again until the last paragraph:

Quote:I’ve a few days off now, and then it’s the Brit Awards here at home and then I’m straight into the studio. BOYYAHH! 5 years? More like 5 days!

Note: 2008 & 2009 & 2010 & 2011 & 2012 = 5 years & the Brit Awards are not until 2/21.

But based on this blog entry the BBC and others are reporting:

Quote:Chart-topping singer Adele has played down suggestions she is to take a five-year break from the music business.

The reports were prompted by a profile in Vogue magazine in which she said she was considering a hiatus lasting "four or five years".

"Five years? More like five days!" she wrote on her blog following Sunday's Grammy awards in Los Angeles, which saw her walk way with six prizes.

Her UK spokesman said it was "just an off-hand comment".

Speaking ahead of the Grammys, however, her manager Jonathan Dickins said plans for a 2012 tour had yet to be properly discussed.

"We have to ease her back," he told Billboard magazine, referring to the throat problem and surgery that temporarily robbed the British star of her voice in 2011.

"I'm gonna [sic] let her enjoy this moment and not drive her mad," he went on. "We'll sit down and work out what we're doing going forward."

Adele seemed quite clear about her intent in the Vogue article. I wouldn't trust this interpretation of her blog entry until we hear the same from her on camera.
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RE: Adele might take 3 to 5 years off
Another thing to be curious and excited about: what will Adele's new album sound like?

She posted a really interesting letter - lots to think about and relate to:

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