Giving Reputation
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RE: Giving Reputation

Miguel, is this the right thread to ask why I can't give people a +1 anymore? I wanted to give Shuggah a +1 for a recent post and couldn't. Sad

Is the problem on my end or did you implement another across-the-board safeguard?

PS. Also, are there posts missing from this thread or did I post this somewhere else?

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The good news is my creativity blossomed even more after having my Barbies taken away. All's well that ends well. Tongue
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RE: Giving Reputation
^ looks like Miguel retired the reputation thing...maybe he thought LDH was going to burn the place down...or show up with a barbie backpack full of firearms...Dodgy
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RE: Giving Reputation
^ Ya, you right Buzz. If I was admin of a site with crazies like me I'd have it locked down pretty tight too. I'm not complaining, I was just making sure it wasn't my browser or something.

I'm sure the busier a site gets the more user restrictions are necessary to keep things copasetic.
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RE: Giving Reputation
I don't recall disabling the reputation system. I turned it back on.

I did unapprove some earlier posts that were off topic because this forum in particular is supposed to be informational.


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