Rita Wilson AM/FM
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Rita Wilson AM/FM
I was checking out how Haley's album was doing on iTunes (it's #29 POP). Looking over the "competition" I saw many had been released some time ago. Then my eye spotted AM/FM by Rita Wilson. It was #7 POP and just came out Tuesday. The first review caught my eye.

Quote:Admirable Debut Effort. Great song list, but why now? This is an album that should have been released years ago. Hopefully, Ms Wilson will not let this be a One Time Thing.

That peaked my curiosity so I did a quick search to learn more about her. It revealed: "She has been married to actor Tom Hanks since April 1988..."

You may recall:
Quote:Tom: I had dodged the (American Idol) virus for many, many years...This year I got hooked on watching with Rita. I must say, I never voted until last week for the first time. I voted for Haley. I voted twice....and I thought, well, that'll put her over the top...

The next review of Rita's album includes this description:

"She's made an album of songs from the 60s and 70s that doesn't sound like a vanity project at all. In some cases, her arrangements surpass the originals..."

^^...I was listening to Haley's "Oh My!" while typing that. I just listened to several of the tracks on Rita Wilson's album. There was a jarring difference. Rita has a nice tone and a nice voice, but it seems like she is singing soft songs from the 70s that she has slowed down and made softer. I suppose it's something you might play if you wanted a tranquil effect and were looking for very mellow music to play in the background. I mean, it's really sleepy. I sampled most of tracks and there didn't seem to be anything with a faster pace and more energy. It could be this was done to create a cohesive feel, but it struck me as Rita being afraid to challenge herself.

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