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I put this up to a vote, I realized too late I shouldn't have included HTTD vs 3 new songs as Youtube overwhelmingly voted HTTD whereas Twitter wanted Broken Record, but way more people voted on Youtube 

Quote:Professor What (Balam) is at Mercy Lounge.
18 mins · Nashville, TN ·

@haleyreinhart is one of the most gifted and compassionate people I have ever had the honor of working with. I am forever grateful for these life-changing experiences. Here’s some shots from our show in Nashville last week. So much love for this amazing crew!!! They are family to me now.


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#haleyreinhartylosmuchachos @ Mercy Lounge

(04-10-2019, 03:41 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]We've seen how amazingly well Haley has protected her voice.  Instead of treading the well worn path of touring, supporting an industry for 2/3 of the year.  

Haley spent her initial time after Interscope (after recovering from the shock), 
signing to Ole who sent her to song writing camps and protecting/collecting her IP, 
learning about the business by going to Dina Lapolt's classes at UCLA, 
being involved in every one of her album's production, 
basically 'interning' w/ PMJ where she'd only need to sing 3-4 songs a show on tour, 
then getting a gig doing voice over for FiFF
.... all the while building a solid foundation of revenue streams from ad placement, song writing credits (as far as we know, she's sold at least 3 songs to other singers, as well as her own) and whatever FiFF pays.

Not to forget about these amazing private events she's performed for corporate and private clients (I don't think she's w/ CAA any more.  One private event I know was paid to one of the companies she created)

Basically, I'm saying, instead of touring all year, wearing out her voice, possibly getting weary of being on the road all the time, she's preserved her voice to sound and be her best when it is time to tour and meet fans.

This is the outline any young artist should follow if possible, learn your industry, create lines of income, & protect your voice, your greatest asset
Interesting points!

If I had a magic wand I'd beat some sense into other Idol alumni who haven't exactly followed Haley's path to success.

Heck. Winning isn't even important anymore. Though it seems that Hollywood Records is only interested in signing the Idol winners.

For example. I'm so beyond happy that Maddie Poppe's debut is coming out in May (The 17th.) and not getting shelved or worse.

I've compared Haley's ride to fame to Kris Allen's current path. If only because I love them equally.

Until I have the money... I have had to wait to buy Lo-Fi soul merch and physical music...

When the time comes for Kris Allen's 6th record? I hope things are promoted better on his end.

He's indie as well. And something Haley's been doing with Lo-Fi Soul (A never-ending supply of music videos.) has me wanting that for Kris. 

They're two totally different artists though. I can't even compare those two to my favorite band Hanson. Who are also independent artists...

For example. Hanson has a fan celebration every year in May. That is the musical start of their year to coincide with their anniversary as a band.

They sell fan club memberships and exclusive/never released to the public EPs on physical CD.

They sell t-shirts and more in abundance. They have a tropical island fan club event every January/Feb in Jamaica. 

So what am I getting at here? There's no right path to success. Haley is hitting all the marks though.
Haley was fortunate Interscope gave her time to write and shape her debut album. It is likely because so many of those tracks were commercially placed that she could survive the lean years, witness the firsthand the power of royalty streams, and garner generous support from Ole.

Opening act last night:

Quote:Megan Diana McGeorge is with Henry Croms and Simran Narmis.

What a gift!!! - Opened for Haley Reinhart last night and really saw/heard what an incredible voice and presence she's got....plus some sweet pink sunnies and a vintage mic that I would like to have ( who wouldn't wanna cradle that?) thanks to Simran Narmis for painting me in up in real time. the most artistic paparazzi ever. and to Henry Croms for snapping these pics. XO

[Image: D48cpswWsAApI-z.png]
Another post...

Quote: Megan Diana is with Henry Croms and 2 others.

Opened for the incomparable Haley Reinhart last night Hawthorne Theatre - what a treat and DAMN what a gift she has and knows how to wield it (applause emoticon). She basically gave a master class in vocal stylings with equals parts sass and sweetness while wearing cheeky pink glasses. (heart emoticon). So glad my friend Simran Narmis came by to paint/paparazzi me live (as well as Haley and her entire band!) and have Henry Croms take some killer photos as he always does.
(04-24-2019, 02:19 PM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]Haley was fortunate Interscope gave her time to write and shape her debut album. 

and learn the production end of the process, as it sounded like and we saw pictures of, Haley in the studio production part of Listen Up!, something critical of what's to come in her career.  One thing that is certainly true about Haley, post Idol, she appeared to have jumped in feet first about the making of her albums.

I was lucky (I'm not sure if it's luck any more the types of encounters I have on these trips, in all these years) to have bumped into Mitchell (@hausmusicproduction) at the Hawthorne in Portland.  I think he might have been shocked that anyone reconised him.

He produced "Some Where Some How" from Lo-Fi soul (I think those videos of Haley and Casey messing around singing ABBA and the Beatles may have been at his place.... Casey played piano on SWSH).

To the point.  One thing he said about Haley, she knows what she wants and determined to have things the way she wants it.  I replied that I think the ''cutesy, Betty Boop" *act* that Haley puts on as her professional persona causes many to underestimate her.  As with anyone Haley meets, Mitchell is wowed by Haley, he had previous engagements in Haley's CA shows, so he flew to Portland to see his first live Haley performance. Cool

We saw Balam climb some stairs above the stage, we called to him and Balam came down to greet Mitchell (I think these guys are the Drew side of the story, Balam played guitar for Drew at the Troubadour, they are also very close w/ Zephyr and Jose (Bass/Drums Jose was Drums at the 2018 Hotel Cafe show)

[Image: D47lWcXU4AU9byE.jpg]

Before Haley came on, Mitchell came back from upstairs and stood right next to me.  He had a pretty big camera and was taking photos next to me.  The cool thing is, I got to experience the joy of a first live Haley experience***, even though they are friends, this was the first time he saw Haley and a bunch of his friends perform live Smile   One of the positives in running my channel, is getting to see when someone gets their WTF moment, seeing Haley for the first time.  It's almost like re-living my own exhilaration of discovering something that fills me with Joy.

I could feel his energy behind me, sometimes out of the side of my eyes, I'd see hair whipping around, he didn't bump into me, but I could really sense the joy he was experiencing, the energy he was putting out.  I could even feel his smile and pride when Haley announced she was performing the song they worked on, it's first live debut.
Earlier in the day, at the meet and greet, before performing "Lay it Down" she said she was going to replace it in the set with a new song she hasn't performed Live.  I assumed it would be "Strange World" since she performed that at one of the earlier meet and greets.  But she chose the day her friend flew into state just to see her perform to debut their song Smile

Here are some of Mitchell's photos


(addendum, as Mitchell was talking about working w/ Haley, I jokingly asked him, Haley almost always says that what you hear is basically 'first take'... "Is that true?"
Mitchell said, actually we took 3 takes on SWSH, BUT they ended up using her first take! lol.... so yeah, out of a producer's mouth.  Scott said the same about Creep, she wanted to do a second take cause she was just getting over a bug and Scott assured her, the one take was perfect.  She wasn't exaggerating #OneTakeWonder Smile )

*** We met quite a few people this was their first time seeing Haley performing live.  When ISCAT airhigh and I arrived to line up for the Meet and Greet, I'd say at least 5-6 of the first 10 people in line had never seen Haley live before.  Airhigh told me that he'd heard there were 75 at the meet and greet in Seattle...that show started really late, which made me wonder why they moved the meet and greet times from 5pm to 6pm?  Maybe they felt there was too much time between the meet and greet and letting the GA in, that they didn't mind going later?
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