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I'm Back in Wheeling, IL after my 10 day Halien Roadtrip Shindig so I can upload videos from 3 of the 4 shows I had planned (My Deer-smashed Car forced me to cancel the Kansas segment). Here in Denver I couldn't have been much closer to Haley, in fact my elbow holding the camera was resting on the stage 2 feet from Haley's 2 feet. Love the softness of this song: 

"Oh Damn" Haley & her Guitarists are Good!: 
A Meet & Greet with Haley Reinhart is always a very special memorable treat. This was in Denver.  Haley greets me with concern for our Halien Roadtrip Deer Damage and signs my photo of her & her dad when she was very young that I also had Harry sign as well as the Radio Station Promo CD for Lo-Fi Soul that I bought on ebay. Plus my Deer (oops Dear) friend Barb-NUG also gets greeted by Haley.   
[Image: D48zSq6UEAA35wa.jpg]

[Image: D48zSq6UIAEI66U.jpg]

[Image: D48zSsjUIAAPh1V.jpg]

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 17h17 hours ago

Pre show ritual, curlers & Cadillac slippers Wink 3 shows left on tour!!! [Image: 1f640.png]#california come thruuu & party with me & the boys while ya’s can!!! X [Image: 1f48b.png]

4.25 - #sanfrancisco #slims
4.26 - #losangeles #theroxy
4.27 - #santaana #constellationroom

Tix at http://www.HaleyReinhart.com/tour 
Quote:Professor What

Homecoming show tomorrow at @theroxy In #losangeles at 8pm! Doors open at 7pm.
What a ride this tour has been! It’s been such an honor to travel and play with this group of amazing people. So much love and respect for our incredible leader, @haleyreinhart . Even after all these shows this month, Haley never fails to melt my heart every time she steps up to that beautiful microphone she uses (mic icon). I highly recommend you check out this show if you are around!! It’s changed my life and I hope it reaches everyone else’s hearts too (heart icon)
#lofisoultour2019 #lofisoultour #haleyreinhart #westcoast
Review of Haley's show at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA on Mon, Apr 22, 2019.

Many great pictures.

Quote:What do you get when you mix indie folk with 1960s jazz, retro-pop, and classic rock? You wouldn’t think those things go well together, but Haley Reinhart made it possible.

...Overall, Haley Reinhart captured her audience and took them on a journey. If you closed your eyes and tried really hard, you could imagine standing in a lounge 60 years ago with a glass of champagne and see her lying on the grand piano, capturing the soul of everyone in the room.


[Image: D5BauNNW4AAe3km.jpg]
[Image: D5GjRUoVUAAvGuH.jpg]

[Image: D5GjRUoVUAEXDce.jpg]

[Image: D5GjRVDUYAA9xB7.jpg]

[Image: D5GjRXPU8AAqhAS.jpg]

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 41m41 minutes ago
Say whaaa? Sold out show in #sanfrancisco last night! Back in lala land now Smile #LA show tonight at @theroxy ! We’ve been waiting all tour for this [Image: 1f92a.png] Grab tix while ya’s still can! Doors open at 7pm! [Image: 1f445.png]http://www.haleyreinhart.com/tour  #lofisoultour2019 #theroxy Pics by Jamie Shultz
[Image: D5I9AgWUUAAbzxz.jpg]

[Image: D5I9Ag0VUAEb0UV.jpg]

[Image: D5I9AgZUUAAWXAv.jpg]

Quote:LaPolt Law‏ @LaPoltLaw 2h2 hours ago
Magical evening with @HaleyReinhart [Image: 1f399.png][Image: 2728.png] – at The Roxy

[Image: D5H79dGUIAAfbgp.jpg]
[Image: D5RTdyeU0AAQJ_5.jpg]

[Image: D5RTdyoUYAE5M2Y.jpg]

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 19h19 hours ago

So many emotions right now! #lofisoultour2019 is complete & I am SO grateful to my band for not only packin our van like Tetris champs, but playin their hearts out w me at Every Single Show. We gave it all to U guys & U gave us your sweet electric energy back. Miss it already,[Image: 270c.png]
Haley asked me to take a photo of the band in LA, She said they haven't had an official band photo from the tour yet (which is weird, I thought they had...)   I airdropped them to the band, Dave Gorospe (keyboards) posted one of them....

[Image: 57341037_721081618309710_527322070338134...tagram.com]

Some very young fans came to the final show of the tour in Santa Ana, I recognised the two sisters w/ the top hats from the last tour, I offered for them to be in front of me at the show so they could have a front row spot, and I could get video from behind them.  I met another young lady with her Mom, her name was also Haley, and offered for her the same thing, front and center.  I also video'd them meeting Haley at the meet and greet. 


From my channel analytics, a large majority of views come from older males.... I want to encourage more young female fans to follow Haley.  Tongue

Greg Williams also came to the Santa Ana shows, check out his Instagram for some photos from that show Smile

[Image: 58409413_428124461331915_414409774057108...tagram.com]

Finally, I posted some clips from the shows I attended including a request granted by Haley and Anders.  I had heard them mic check "yesterday" and "here there everywhere" by the Beatles, outside of Seattle's show.  So in LA, I asked if they could perform HTE (This tour, Haley pretty much stuck to performing LFS songs at the M&G's, unlike WTS tour where I saw her cover 13(?) different songs at mic check.  Haley said that they would do "Yesterday" instead of HTE since they knew it better...here's a clip from that performance 

Coincidentally, even though I asked for HTE, Haley choosing to sing Yesterday instead was appropriate for me since it was the number one song on the charts the day I was born, so...'full circle" Tongue

Finally, I posted a couple clips showing off the guitar pyrotechnics of Haley's 'Axmen' on my Instagram \m/

[Image: D5VlfiGUYAAvBcl.jpg]

4 shows, 4 cities in less than a week, I'm tired, but it's a very good kind of tired Wink
Can't wait to get back home and start editing.... I have a sweet performance from Park West to post for my next Haley video Heart
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