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(05-11-2019, 02:52 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]

So I show the video to my teenage daughter to let her know which earworm I have, she gets an immediate earworm from it as well, she plays it to an equally teenage friend and later when that friend leaves a voice message we hear LKG playing softly in the background ... verdict: highly contageous! The Haley bug strikes at first contact.
I've been saying that hearing Haley sing these songs live has turned me into a fan of songs that may not have hit me immediately like HTTD and DKHTLY have.  Two songs who's stock rose from seeing them live for me (and hours of listening/editing them) are Baby Doll and Crack the Code.  

Haley reposting my posts about Crack the Code's debut on her Instagram story was a first for my channel and has helped Crack the Code do better than most videos on my channel for the same period of time (the grey indicates the average view range)

[Image: D6eAqipUcAUZsou.jpg]

As has been the case for many of my videos, #TeamHaleyFans came through to help elevate the video/media I recorded.  ISCAT came through in Santa Ana, Seattle and Portland where I needed help.  Originally, I thought my best video was going to come from the first show I went to on this tour in Chicago.  But thanks to ISCAT and new fan, Fred (@freecloud11) their media may have elevated Santa Ana above even Chicago (recently posted Crack the Code is from Santa Ana).

Each show I went to, I ended up using two audios (zoom audio/iPhone audio) for the final result except for Seattle, which had great audio from my Zoom mic, unfortunately, Seattle was the darkest venue, so the video isn't the best.  I'm discovering that even when you get good clean audio, you still end up having to do some post production, at least I feel like I usually have to try and enhance the audio a bit as the audio from the zoom mic is often thin sounding, so I usually have to pair it w/ the iPhone audio, while not the cleanest, has a fuller sound to support the clean zoom mic audio Tongue

OK a couple weeks out and some time to review some video, it should be pointed out not to overlook how great Haley’s #lofisoultour2019 tour band was.
I hope you got to see #haleyreinhart and “The Boys” perform live, how dynamic Haley’s music was transformed ?. To make my case, a #SneakPeek clip from Haley’s #SantaAna show #FollowMeImRightBehindYou listen to the band, how crisp and alive ✌??.

(Also....WTF? Haley performed FMIRBY LIVE!! ?. I never thought I’d ever hear it, and with this band? It sounds AMAZING?)

Found a review of Haley's Portland show, I even got a mention Smile

[Image: 3150309F-49D7-469E-9B69-CA6624F4193C.png?ssl=1]

[Image: B7B07714-8AD7-4BAE-8517-697D827726F9.png?ssl=1]

Quote:When we bought the tickets, we didn’t know it was a standing only show.  We got there early, standing in line for an hour, and then standing more than two hours for the show.  But, at least we were right by the stage.  That also gave us a chance to talk with a young man who had been the producer/engineer on one of Haley’s new songs, and with a guy who regularly video’s shows for Haley.  Both expressed belief in her singing talent, and expect Haley to break through to larger audiences at some point
Next #lofisoultour2019 video will be posted tomorrow, the song/performance I chose will be to mark the 7th Anniversary of "Listen Up!"'s debut Cool

Check out my Instagram story for a sneak peek 

Happy 7th Anniversary, "Listen Up!"

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