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Full Version: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
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[Image: D_3ErEqU4AAjLb2.jpg]
World Premiere First Live performance Cool

Thanks airhigh for capturing this from the SF show on the Lo Fi Soul Tour, "My Baby Just Cares For Me" w/ "The Boys" Cool
Long time since posting but I'm still here almost every day...OK...usually a few times every day.

Just a quick note, we're going to the Buffalo show on Oct 13th, just short of a full 4 years since our 1st time seeing Haley with PMJ at UB (Buffalo) in Nov 2015. NO M&G back them but we talked to her for a long time, no one else was really hanging out there. I have a great pic of me and my girls, Becca and Rachel, for that show that Steve (Himm2) had Haley sign and sent to me.

2nd time was her Better tour in Pittsburgh. THANK YOU, AGAIN, Steve, for all of the courtesies you provided on that trip. I still think I owe you a dinner...or more gas money...something, but I owe you.

This will be (only) our 3rd time seeing her live but we CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I hope she remembers us (my girls also did BDay videos as part Of Rachel C's wonderful compilations back in the day), she seemed to remember that last time in Pitt.

Looking forward to meeting more Haliens in October. And how awesome is it that that moniker will be even more applicable soon because of her upcoming movie role???

Peace be with you all.
Glad she made it back up to your neck of the woods. That'll be the fourth show over four consecutive nights. I was thinking the tour ought to be more succinct travel-wise than the national tour, but was surprised to find they'll be traveling 400 miles to reach you. And there's a lot of backtracking involved.

[Image: EC_IQZ6X4AANeHG?format=jpg&name=small]
Wow, Miguel! You're right, that's a LOT of extra traveling. I know they have to go with available venue dates but that's RIDICULOUS.

Jersey up to Buffalo, back down to NYC then all the way back up to Toronto? What were they smoking when they set THAT up???
Have fun! If I could afford it, I'd have liked to go to the first show of this swing to be surprised by what Haley adds to her set list, she's got quite a few new songs to choose from since her earlier tour... On the other hand, the band is more in sync in the latter shows of the tour.  I wonder who will replace Anders if he can't join?... Dylan?  Or John?  Someone else?  It seems many of Haley's songs make good use of two guitars as the last tour attested.  Fairly sure Balam, Zephyr and Gorospe will be on this tour, so that leaves another guitar & drums to fill.

Last tour had it's best line up IMO, but tbf, it also had one more member, 5 instead of 4, an extra instrument would obviously enhance the sound of a band.......I expect "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" will make the set list
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