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Full Version: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
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Sneak peek, will post tomorrow 

[Image: EDwC633U8AUDWQU?format=jpg&name=large]
So, I posted this on Twitter today.  Hopefully one of these days, Team Haley will consider releasing a live concert DVD to spread the word on what an incredible live performer she is.  And, it could include some of her videos, back stage stuff, etc.  Oh well, one can hope...

.[Image: EEIq7fBWkAAw_gY?format=jpg&name=small]
^^ Nice!! I'd Love it! (Although Tusk has made great quality Concert DVD/BluRays a number of times. Just not for national distribution)
Based on what you have stated, it appears she is at least thinking of doing something---maybe not a live DVD, but a live CD.  Many artists put out a CD/DVD combo---the live concert on CD, and the live concert on DVD, but the DVD contains extras like song videos, documentaries, behind the scenes stuff, etc.  

Anyway, looking forward to the fall leg of this tour...and whatever is next...
Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart · 1h
Excited to announce my special guest on the #LofiSoulTour @TylerHilton ? ? playing ALL dates but NYC! Get tickets now ➡️ http://me2.do/GtPr5wNm can’t wait!
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My Grandma played ragtime piano & I’d visit her on the South side of Chicago and watch her fancy hands jump over one another and scale up and down the whole piano... I’d listen in pure awe. At parties, my Mom, her 5 sisters, & I would all gather around the piano and sing songs in harmony together for hours... I took a few tunes of hers with me after all those young years sitting right next to her on that tall stool... Anyone that has the #lofisoul CD can hear the tribute song I free styled & produced with Andy Rose - in honor of my tiny Italian & ever so sassy Granny. Anyone find that hidden track yet??? ? Lo-Fi Soul CD’s avail at haleyreinhart.com #grandma #iloveyou #shook
Good news...Eric Alper is going to have Haley on his Siriux XM show this weekend.  Eric has told me via DM that he really likes Haley.  This is a pretty big deal.  He has over 670K followers on Twitter.  Hoping she will perform, but not sure.  Great news for Haley!
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