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Full Version: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
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Ermmm... looks like Haley might be bringing TWO guitarists on tour, Anders and Balam Garcia.  Anders tagged the others on his Tour post...

[Image: D2j1-yaUwAI5HAV.jpg]

The line up appears to be:

Anders & Ballam

D Gorospe

Zephyr Avalon

Jose Perez (Drummed at Haley's Hotel Cafe show in 2018)


Yeah brother sounded fantastic today!!!!!


@zephyravalon_ it did, you did, she did! This is gonna be pretty great. Wink
San Francisco (not San Fransisco) is misspelled on 2 of the 3 posters I've seen so far. The poster with the white dress has the correct spelling, but the one on the car and the one on Anders' Instagram (Haley in stripes) have the spelling error.  Don't want to offend the fans in "Frisco."  This needs to be corrected ASAP!!!
Good catch. Jay says he's looking into it.
Anders posted on his Instagram story that he’s preparing to leave for the tour, perhaps tomorrow for the first show on Tuesday?
[Image: D3ANzBsVYAE0v0D.jpg]

[Image: D3ANzBsU8AA2wH0.jpg]
Nice comment in response to the WYNC interview. Haley performed an acoustic version of HTTD with Anders and sung them out with DKHTLY.

Quote:ellendiamond from Manhattan

Hadn't heard of her because a) I'm a senior musician and b) most of my time I hang around classical music. Loved her work, her singing, her accompanist, lyrics, etc. Always wonderful to hear a truly creative, musically knowledgeable young person!
[Image: D3Ll0GJWwAEcLgL.jpg]

Quote:fyi. Halien.‏ @kkacprzak225 1m1 minute ago

@HaleyReinhart⁩ ⁦@CityWineryNYC⁩ sound check[Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png][Image: 1f3b6.png]. Sounds so great to hear this music live![Image: 1f60d.png]
Anders' Instagram story

[Image: D3NHNWLUUAAikrZ.jpg]
Last night's show was incredible. I managed to grab a set list. Wonder if it would be OK to post it online or not? Don't want to spoil anything
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