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RE: Youtube Surfin' - cherelann - 09-20-2013

LMAO Big Grin

RE: Youtube Surfin' - lovinghaleyr - 09-20-2013

(09-20-2013, 04:19 PM)cherelann Wrote: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
LMAO Big Grin
I think LMFAO it's a better definition for this POORPOPURRY TongueTongueTongue

RE: Youtube Surfin' - midnightblues - 09-20-2013

Hey watch your mouthTongue

RE: Youtube Surfin' - buzzenator - 09-20-2013

^ Are you suggesting Haley's rope-a-dooper stinks? Dodgy [Image: sign0138.gif] [Image: sign0137.gif] [Image: sign0082.gif] [Image: sign0149.gif]

RE: Youtube Surfin' - john - 10-07-2013

I've missed performance by Eduard Khil on AI. Interesting feedback from the judges.

RE: Youtube Surfin' - john - 10-13-2013


RE: Youtube Surfin' - john - 10-30-2013

RE: Youtube Surfin' - Tusk - 11-08-2013

Someone posted the guy on the right sort of looks like Rob Schneider, and seems toasted off his a** LOL, but they do a decent job on the melodies Big Grin
This made me laugh Smile

How to Sing If I Fell Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson

We saw this guy before, singing all the vocal parts to "Because"

RE: Youtube Surfin' - Tusk - 01-04-2014

In their Hey Day, nobody like Earth Wind & Fire....

Sublime performances even later on in years

Use headphones on this one Cool

RE: Youtube Surfin' - Tusk - 01-18-2014

Python fans will get a kick out of this, particularly the last bit...Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

(Not a 'music' video, I suppose Blush , but I was 'you tube surfin' and happened on this that made me laugh quite a bit)

Some refereces:

The French Taunter, from the Holy Grail

The Parrot Sketch

Stoning from the Life of Brian

Black Knight from the Holy Grail

Biggus Dickus from Life of Brian

Upper Class Twit of the Year (sketch)