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RE: RIP - lovinghaleyr - 06-04-2016

One of the best if not THE BEST,Rest in Peace ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

RE: RIP - john - 08-29-2016

Quote:Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star and Comedic Icon, Dies at 83
[Image: charlie.jpg]

[Image: 2-19ndnuy.png]

RE: RIP - john - 12-28-2016

The year started rough and ended rough

[Image: january-rip.jpg]

Quote:Jason Wingreen Dead – Voice of Star Wars’ Boba Fett Dies at 95
Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond Dead at 85
Country Singer Craig Strickland Found Dead at 29 After Being Reported Missing
Pierre Boulez Dead – Famed French Composer Passes Away at 90
David Bowie Dead – Legendary Entertainer Passes Away From Cancer at 69
Michael Galeota Dead – Former Disney Star Passes Away at 31
Alan Rickman Dead – ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Passes Away at 69
Celine Dion’s Husband Rene Angelil Dead at Age 73
‘Grizzly Adams’ Star Dan Haggerty Dead at 74
Celine Dion’s Brother Daniel Dead at 59
Glenn Frey Dead – Eagles Guitarist Passes Away at 67
Eminem’s Sister-in-Law Dawn Scott Found Dead at 41
Abe Vigoda Dead – ‘The Godfather’ Actor Dies at 94
Jefferson Airplane’s Signe Toly Anderson Died the Same Day as Paul Kantner

[Image: februrary-rip.jpg]
Quote:Famous Looney Tunes Voice Actor Joe Alaskey Dies at Age 63
Maurice White Dead – Earth, Wind, & Fire Founder Dies at 74
Dave Mirra Dead – BMX Star Dies of Apparent Suicide at 41
Katie May Dead – Model & ‘Queen of Snapchat’ Dies at 34
Antonin Scalia Dead – Supreme Court Justice Dies at 79
Lex McAllister Dead – Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Dies in Apparent Suicide at 31
George Gaynes Dead – ‘Police Academy’ Actor Dies at 98
Big Ang Dead – ‘Mob Wives’ Star Dies at 55 After Battling Cancer
Harper Lee Dead – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Author Dies at 89
Tony Burton Dead – ‘Rocky’ Actor Dies at 78
George Kennedy Dead – ‘Cool Hand Luke’ Actor Dies at 91

[Image: march-rip.jpg]
[Image: 666986c80cac9e2253575d00fcfdd47e.jpg][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgPtWsz9dOw-0tqTXvKN_...8Xf7tooijG]

Quote:Joey Feek Dead – Country Singer Passes Away at 40
Nancy Reagan Dead – Former First Lady Dies at 94
George Martin Dead – Legendary Beatles Producer Dies at 90
Keith Emerson Dead – Musician Dies of Apparent Suicide at 71
Frank Sinatra Jr. Dead at 72 After Sudden Heart Attack
Larry Drake Dead – ‘L.A. Law’ Actor Dies at 66
Tray Walker Dead – Baltimore Ravens Player Dies at 23
Rob Ford Dead – Former Toronto Mayor Dies at 46 After Battling Cancer
Phife Dawg Dead – A Tribe Called Quest Founding Member Dies at 45
’30 Rock’ Actor & SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard Dead at 71
Garry Shandling Dead – ‘Larry Sanders Show’ Actor Dies at 66
David Smyrl Dead – ‘Sesame Street’ Actor Dies at 80
Patty Duke Dead – Oscar Winning Actress Dies at 69

[Image: april-rip.jpg]

Quote:Merle Haggard Dead – Country Music Legend Dies at 79
Daisy Lewellyn Dead – Bravo Star Dies from Cancer at 36
Former New Orleans Saints Player Will Smith Shot & Killed
David Gest Dead – Liza Minnelli’s Ex Passes Away at 62
Doris Roberts Dead – ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Actress Passes Away at 90
WWE Wrestler Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer Dead at 45
Prince Dead – Legendary Singer Dies at 57
Michelle McNamara Dead – Wife of Patton Oswalt Passes Away at 46
Billy Paul Dead – ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ Philly Soul Singer Passes Away at 80
Ron Brace Dead – Former Patriots Football Player Dies at 29

[Image: may-rip.jpg]

Quote:William Schallert Dead – ‘Patty Duke Show’ Actor Dies at 93
Guy Clark Dead – Grammy Winning Singer Dies at 74
Morley Safer Dead – Famed ’60 Minutes’ Journalist Passes Away at 84
John Berry Dead – Original Beastie Boys Member Dies at 52
Alan Young Dead – ‘Mr. Ed’ Star Dies at 96
Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer Dies Days Before Amber Heard Files for Divorce
Jennifer Aniston’s Mother Nancy Dow Dies at Age 79

[Image: june-rip.jpg]

Quote:Muhammad Ali Dead – Boxing Legend Dies at 74
Kimbo Slice Dead – MMA Fighter Dies at 42
Gordie Howe Dead – Canadian Hockey Legend Dies At 88
Christina Grimmie Dead at 22 After Concert Shooting, Rep Confirms
Michu Meszaros Dead – ‘Alf’ Star Dies at 76
‘Big Gay Musical’ Creator Fred Caruso Dead at 41 from Suicide
‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ Star Morgan Guilbert Dies at 87
Ron Lester Dead – ‘Varsity Blues’ Billy Bob Actor Dies at 45
‘The Voice Mexico’ Singer Alejandro ‘Jano’ Fuentes Dead After Being Shot in Chicago
‘Star Trek’ Star Anton Yelchin Dead After Freak Accident
Ralph Stanley Dead – Bluegrass Legend Dies At 89
Bill Cunningham Dead – Fashion Photographer Dies at 87
Pat Summitt Dead – Legendary Basketball Coach Dies at 64 After Battling Alzheimer’s
Zurlon Tipton Dead – Ex-NFL Player Dies in Accidental Shooting

[Image: july-rip.jpg]

Quote:Elie Wiesel Dead – Holocaust Survivor & ‘Night’ Author Dies at 87
Michael Cimino Dead – ‘Deer Hunter’ Director Dies at 77
Sydney Schanberg Dead – Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Dies at 82
Country Singer Craig Morgan’s Son Jerry Greer Found Dead at 19 After Tubing Accident
Nate Thurmond Dead – NBA Hall of Famer Dies at 74
Garry Marshall Dead – Legendary Director Dies at 81
Miss Cleo Dead – TV Psychic Dies After Cancer Battle at 53
Ex-NFL Player Antonio Armstrong & Wife Killed, 16-Year-Old Son Charged with Murder

[Image: august-rip.jpg]

Quote:David Huddleston Dead – ‘Big Lebowski’ Actor Dies at 85
John Saunders Dead – Longtime ESPN Commentator Passes Away at 61
Kenny Baker Dead – ‘Star Wars’ Actor Behind R2-D2 Dies at 83
Matt Roberts Dead – 3 Doors Down Ex-Guitarist Dies at 38
Lou Pearlman Dead – Former Backstreet Boys & ‘NSYNC Manager Dies at 62
Sonia Rykiel Dead – French Fashion Designer Passes Away at 86
Nick Thomas Dead – Swimmer Passes Away While Crossing English Channel at 45
Juan Gabriel Dead – Iconic Latin Musician Passes Away at 66
Gene Wilder Dead – ‘Willy Wonka’ Actor Dies at 83

[Image: september-rip.jpg]
Quote:Jon Polito Dead – Coen Brothers Movie Actor Dies at 65
Jerry Heller Dead – Former N.W.A. Manager Died at 75
Transgender Actress Alexis Arquette Dead at 47
‘Cry Baby’ Actress Kim McGuire Dead at 60
‘Sound of Music’ Actress Charmian Carr Dead at 73
Shawty Lo Dead – Rapper Killed in Car Accident at Age 40
Mia Farrow’s Son Thaddeus Dead at 27
Bill Nunn Dead – ‘Do the Right Thing’ Actor Dies at 62
Jose Fernandez Dead – Miami Marlins Pitcher in Boating Accident
Arnold Palmer Dead – Golf Legend Dies at 87
‘NCIS’ Showrunner Gary Glasberg Dead at 50
Agnes Nixon RIP – ‘All My Children’ & ‘One Life to Live’ Creator Dead at 93

[Image: october-rip.jpg]
Quote:Tommy Ford Dead – ‘Martin’ Actor Dies at Age 52
Dylan Rieder Dead – Pro Skateboard Dead at 28
Olympic Runner Tyson Gay’s Daughter Killed in Shooting
Richard Nicoll Dead – Fashion Designer Suffers Heart Attack at 39
Kevin Meaney Dead – Veteran Stand-Up Comedian Dies at 60
Steve Dillon Dead – Comic Book Artist & ‘Preacher’ Creator Dies at 54
Cecilia Hart Dead – Actress, Wife of James of Earl Jones, Dies After Cancer Battle at 68
Bobby Vee Dead – ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’ Singer Dies at 73

[Image: november-rip.jpg][Image: sharon-jones-2.jpg][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRA7_KE9ezQayY06t_ybjQ...5sqHyfdfCw]

Quote:Leonard Cohen Dead – ‘Hallelujah’ Singer & Poet Dies at 82
Robert Vaughn Dead – ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E’ Star Dies at 83
Musician Leon Russell Dead – Famed Rocker Passes Away at 74
Gwen Ifill Dead – PBS NewsHour Host Loses Cancer Battle at 61
Sharon Jones Dead – Soul Singer Passes Away at 60
Florence Henderson Dead – ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Dies at 82
Magician Jonathan Pendragon’s Daughter Dies After Fall from Roof
Fidel Castro Dead – Former President of Cuba Dies at 90
Ron Glass Dead – ‘Barney Miller’ Star Dies at 71
Keo Woolford Dead – ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Actor Dies at 49

[Image: december-rip.jpg]
[Image: 220px-Zsa_Zsa_Gabor_-_1959.jpg][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSgepzrf1fhdqb2oW6f-ev...QYg02_X1BQ][Image: 065c56d7518cca21c0bfebc71d1be318.jpg]

Quote:Joe McKnight Dead – NFL Player Killed in Road Rage Shooting
Alice Drummond Dead – Character Actress Passes Away at 88
Peter Vaughan Dead – ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Passes Away at 93
Greg Lake Dead – Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Singer Dies at 69 From Cancer
John Glenn RIP – NASA Astronaut & Former Senator Dies At 95
‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Cindy Stowell Dies Days Before Episode Airs
Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Johannah Deakin Dies After Leukemia Battle
Joseph Mascolo Dead – ‘Days of Our Lives’ Actor Dies at 87 From Alzheimer’s Disease
Alan Thicke Dead – ‘Growing Pains’ Actor Dies at 69
‘Bewitched’ Actor Bernard Fox Dead at 89
Craig Sager Dies, Celebs Pay Tribute on Twitter – Read Tweets
Zsa Zsa Gabor RIP – Hungarian Actress Dead at 99
Dick Latessa Dead – ‘Hairspray’ Actor Dies at 87
Andrew Dorff Dead – Stephen Dorff’s Brother & Prominent Country Songwriter Dies at 40
Helen Hunt Pays Tribute to Her Dad Gordon After His Death
Valerie Fairman Dead – ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Dies of Suspected Overdose
Franca Sozzani Dead – ‘Vogue Italia’ Editor-in-Chief Dies at 66
Joey Boots Dead – Howard Stern’s Wack Packer Dies at 49
Rick Parfitt Dead – Status Quo Guitarist Dies at 68
George Michael Dead at 53 – RIP
Ricky Harris Dead – Comedian Passes Away at 54
Tricia Lynn McCauley Dead – ‘Step Up’ Actress Allegedly Murdered in Carjacking
Carrie Fisher Dead – Legendary ‘Star Wars’ Actress Passes Away at Age 60


RE: RIP - john - 12-28-2016

Sadly Debbie Reynolds gets added to the list. SMH.

[Image: C0z0fHCXgAE6u9e.jpg:small]
[Image: CSBLJvhWEAA2X7g.jpg]
With daughter Carrie

Reached #1 on Billboard charts in 1957.

RE: RIP - john - 01-25-2017

Mary Tyler Moore

[Image: marytylermoore1.jpg]

RE: RIP - john - 01-26-2017

Mike Connors

[Image: mike-connors.jpg?crop=1&h=299&w=446]

RE: RIP - john - 01-28-2017

John Hurt
[Image: John-Hurt.jpg]

RE: RIP - My Alter Ego - 01-28-2017

Well, the first couple weeks of this year seemed relatively calm but it looks as though "death's holiday" is over. It is sad, but, perhaps, not surprising. Or at least not to the degree of how last year began and ended.

May they all rest in peace.

RE: RIP - john - 02-12-2017

Quote:Al Jarreau, Grammy-Winning Jazz Singer, Dies at 76
[Image: 51yf0fDMhnL.jpg]

RE: RIP - john - 03-19-2017

Chuck Berry

Pioneer of Rock and Roll and all the rest of it.

[Image: Chuck-Berry.1.jpg]