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RE: RIP - john - 08-24-2017

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Jerry Lewis Telethon 1972
Imagine and then some

RE: RIP - Tusk - 09-03-2017

I was actually contemplating catching another show if they ever came around this way, grateful I at least got to see them twice. I haven't been a fan of seeing acts who are waaaay past their prime, more often than not, it's the memory of what they were that you are listening to, rather than who they are now. Steely Dan, along w/ Roger Waters are two acts I've seen who have always come w/ their top game even at their advanced age....RIP Walter Becker

Steely Dan: 10 Essential Songs
In honor of the late Walter Becker, we look back at some of the sly jazz-rockers' best

[Image: steely-dan-essential-songs-2017-listen-2...2213bc.jpg]

RE: RIP - john - 09-03-2017


RE: RIP - john - 09-27-2017

[Image: nintchdbpict000208258717.jpg?strip=all&w=960]

RE: RIP - john - 10-03-2017

Quote:Tom Petty, Rock Icon Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66


[Image: 6c98f0fca7a3412ca208eb8d6219dfc4-TOM_PETTY_00569.jpg]

RE: RIP - Tusk - 10-03-2017

My earliest exposure to Tom Petty was when I lived on an Army base, our first residence in the US, our grandmother had sponsored us over. Other children, bullies, because I was Vietnamese and the war in Vietnam was coming to it's conclusion, would walk past me taunting me by singing "Don't act like a little Refugee', lyrics from Petty's album, Damn the Torpedoes....

Despite that, Damn the Torpedoes was and is one of my favorite albums, some iconic songs on that album. Luckily, even at that young age, I knew better than to blame Petty or his song for the cruelty of bullies. Music conquers all....

RIP spent many hours enjoying this man's songs, even Refugee Tongue

RE: RIP - john - 11-19-2017

[Image: 0104-manson-gallery-primary-300x250.jpg]

RE: RIP - john - 11-20-2017

Mell Tillis
[Image: gettyimages-85003334-4799c297-669a-4218-...c91aa8.jpg]

Della Reese
[Image: Tess-touched-by-an-angel-33140233-330-500.jpg]

If I Never Get To Heaven

RE: RIP - john - 11-20-2017

Quote:[Image: logo-billboard.png]

From The Beatles to The Beach Boys, Nine Inch Nails & More: Charles Manson's Ties to Music


He lived with Dennis Wilson and co-wrote a Beach Boys song

In the summer of 1968, Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson picked up two hitchhikers who belonged to the Manson Family. According to Family member Dianne Lake, Wilson dropped the women off at their home and went inside to meet Manson. The two became fast friends, bonding over music and marijuana.

The Family quickly moved in with Wilson, who provided everything they needed, including an exorbitant medical bill when gonorrhea spread through the house. Manson and Co. basked in their newfound life of luxury, while Wilson, caught in the throes of a nasty divorce from his first wife, Carol Freedman, relished the opportunity to live freely and adventurously.

Charles Manson Prison Recordings Become Limited-Edition Vinyl Release
Wilson later invited Manson to record some of his songs in his studio, an exciting prospect that quickly turned sour. Manson didn’t appreciate Wilson’s producers tampering with his music and eventually pulled a knife during the sessions.


The Family moved out shortly thereafter; their brief sojourn ultimately cost Wilson more than $100,000 in medical bills, damaged property and stolen personal items. But the drummer got his vindication in the end. In September 1968, The Beach Boys reworked Manson’s “Cease to Exist,” altering some of the lyrics and rechristening it “Never Learn Not to Love.” It appeared on their 20/20 album the following year with Wilson credited as the only songwriter.

Wilson later found a bullet on his bed, for which Manson took credit. “I gave him a bullet,” the spurned musician said, “because he changed the words to my song.”


RE: RIP - Tusk - 11-21-2017

Malcolm Young, Brother of Angus, was the long time rhythm guitar and back up vocals for AC/DC. He had to quit the band a couple years back as he began suffering from dementia....many many rockers paid tribute to him...

[Image: DO63-Y3W4AEYP3d.jpg]

Quote:Guns N' Roses‏ @gunsnroses Nov 19

This goes out to Malcolm Young.
He will be sorely missed.

Even one of my all time favorite artists, Bill Sienkiewicz created a portrait of him as a salute....

[Image: DO8iqAzV4AAB-ph.jpg]

Bill also drew one for Mel Tillis at his passing....

[Image: DPBxV6NVAAAyNf9.jpg]