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Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-05-2014

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super stoked for the new Star Wars movie! Principal shooting has wrapped up and now the whole thing is in the hands of post-production. The expected release is December 2015.

Yes, I was also excited about the release of that Phantom Menace fiasco, but I didn't know any better at the time and, anyway, how could anyone at the time know just how bad that movie would be?

The new one has so many things going for it that I can't help but be excited. C'mon, Dec. Get here already! Tongue

RE: Star Wars 7 - Tom22 - 11-05-2014

I loved Star Wars in my teens , seeing them as they came out.

I didn't mind the phantom menace too much because it had visually spectacular things but in the end I didn't end up caring at all about the story or where it was gong etc

What I did love was the visual aspects of that movie. I found the Nubian capital special and the costumes beuatiful. The flying go-cart racing was memorable.

What I think was missing was I didn't really find any of the characters charming or endearing.

If I watched the next too about the Siths I didn't remember them (I think I watched them all but they barely held my attention). None of the Sith actors created a memorable role.. just your standard off the shelf villian in my memory.

The love story was boring but didn't have to be.. if you follow below.

Over all , I think it really came down to actors not finding a way to bring simple scripts alive.

I liked Natalie portman quite a bit but she didn't have a decent supporting cast and of course she wasn't the only Star on camera.

Have you watched "The Hunger Games" ?

I had a really negative pre-conception of those (who wants a film about people hunting people... it was only after getting in the theater that I found out it was about a totalitarian government forcing unwilling participants to fight each other to the death)

, and I'm sure the novels were more intellectually complex than the movies... but I found the movies fascinating. Visually Artistically, story line, intriguing context, and good exciting and engrossing action(and i don't really like action films at all)

I guess I won't go into a too deep Tom22 review of all the things specifically I liked about the Hunger Games

but, as a whole the Hunger Games movies would have completely fallen appart, even with the visual things and back story I liked,

fallen apart without the great acting by Jenifer Lawrence... who's role as a star had her almost always on camera. Her facial countenance , posture , movement are all part of acting and they were essentially in every scene... of course the spoken words are even more important...
... and really the scripts weren't very good. The actor's (woody harrelson was great too, as was the co-star love interest Josh hutcheson) brought terribly cloying dialogue and what were essentially flatly written characters to life.

One public speech that Jenifer Lawrence made was so stereo-typically terrible in Catching Fire if anyone else read it but somehow she pulled it off into a great scene that should have been like a poor tv movie as written.


I'm thinking Star Wars comes down to who they cast (hopefully discover good actors instead of recyle big names).

Harrison Ford's Han Solo launched his career and without his persona (which he carried to indiana jones and to some degree throughout his career) I'm not sure the film would have worked. The others though too. Alec Guiness.was an old name that made Ben Kenobi's mystical statements believable .... because you felt he believed them.. not just some old man playing an old man. Guess I'll stop but the "flat characters" of the boy luke and the princes leia were brought alive with wry smiles and memorable and distinct mannerisms. The voices of Darth Vadar and Cp30 are memorable and unique. (think how important the voice actors that bring the cartoon characters Home and Bart simpson to life) An the actor who invented/distilled yoda made a scripted speech pattern into a style unique and recognizable due to emphasis.


Guess I'm procrastinating again today !

Acting ? Singing? they're one and the same in some ways.... at the root there needs to be belief in an attitude and posture being presented... and those need to be specially flavored to be memorable and engaging.

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-05-2014

Everything about the new movie screams cannot-wait-event. There is the amazing cast, the talented director, what should be a great script (written by Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan), as well less purely CGI work and more reliance on physical props and make-up.

And, c'mon, who can resist the idea of revisiting Luke, Leia and Han some 30 years later? Right?

RE: Star Wars 7 - My Alter Ego - 11-05-2014

(11-05-2014, 04:21 PM)Swansteel Wrote: Everything about the new movie screams cannot-wait-event. There is the amazing cast, the talented director, what should be a great script (written by Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan), as well less purely CGI work and more reliance on physical props and make-up.

And, c'mon, who can resist the idea of revisiting Luke, Leia and Han some 30 years later? Right?

Oh, is the movie that Harrison Ford broke his leg during the filming?

And, Swan-nee, if it doesn't come out until Dec. 2015, as your first message stated, I'm afraid that you will have to wait. Sorry to be the one to break that to you.

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-06-2014

Yes, he was injured when the door of the Millennium Falcon fell on him, but he did heal soon enough to return to shooting eventually and apparently as is well.

It is a bit of a wait for the movie's release. The good news is that I am a patient soul and a year isn't so bad. I waited years and years for Spider-Man to get out of the courts and finally make it to the silver screen, and now I still have to wait for all the Phase 3 Marvel movies to get made. Considering, a year ain't so bad, eh?

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-06-2014

And the subtitle for the new film is...... (drumroll) The Force Awakens. I'm getting chills just thinking about it!

RE: Star Wars 7 - Tom22 - 11-06-2014

Ok even more than you guys want to know... I just wanted to look it up.

It's really cool that so much of the cast that worked successfully in the first trilogy will be working together again The additions also seem experienced and/or have potential (the guy Serkes listed did an excellent job bringing the odd role of "gollum" to life int the Lord of the Rings Trilogy ... similar to how so many of the original 3 casts actors brougth to life colorful roles without huge diaglogue (or no line like Chewabac haha who's actor will reapear)

particularly Cool that we'll again see
Harrison Ford, as I suggested, without his unique persona even with all the other great performances his humor and enagment brought the movies alive and of course,,, the indiana jones action classics probably would have been terrible with any other actor.

For those Here's a link to the IMBD cast projections


As I mentioned
>I did enjoy Phantom menace's cinematography.. hard to know if the sets and stuff will be as cool but I hope so...
.........I love beautiful movies on top of their plot lines... I need beautiful screen shots.
> I also get excited about the "nerdy" sci fi and fantasy elements

If I had any worries it would be a diminished role of George Lucas's ability to capture a time and a place .. a culture (american grafitti? ) Yet he lost his way on the second three.

The new director JJ Abrahms also had a role some of the second three...(not such a good thing necessarily)
... but he also did a lot of of LOST episodes.

Both wrote and produced 118 lost episodes ! (but only directed 2 if the IMBD table is right)

I loved the LOST serious until it left a very bitter taste in my mouth with the way it ended it's saga .... but I would call it one of the best cast TV series i've seen .
.. and Lost had many many great episodes with side character development stories that could stand alone as individual drama's in its own right

So I guess that makes me really excited that he'll get a cast together and emphasize characters as I droned on about in my first post.

Yeah, that excites me about the movie....


Side note... did you guys Like Willow ? I barely remember it but I do remember enjoying the human element to it and wondered if it were a "stealth" making of part of the Star Wars 9 episodes without sharing the Star Wars name.. looks like that theory was very wrong.

I really didn't see enough movies between 1999 and 2014.

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-07-2014

I'll always remember the first time I ever heard about Star Wars. I was a kid watching a late night horror movie program called Creature Features. The host was Bob Wilkins, who had a sort of nerdy persona with black horn rim glasses. He would talk about different subjects during breaks in the featured movie and one time he did a tease for a new movie that would be coming out that summer. I watched the trailer for the first Star Wars movie without a clue of what it was, but I was intrigued. When it came out I watched Star Wars Episode IV several times and loved it. Looking back at that first trailer now it looks so quaint. But it sure did stir up my 16 year old imagination.

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-18-2014

According to the rumor mill there MAY be a trailer for Star Wars 7 in as little as a months time! Sources say the force theme will play softly with wind instruments as images of the movie's characters come up and fade to black. Then a female voice says "Wake up" and a full orchestra begins to play as the title Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes up. Finally, we see the Millennium Falcon coming towards the screen with guns blazing. The trailer is supposedly no more than minute long, but, I'm telling' ya, I can hardly wait!

RE: Star Wars 7 - Swansteel - 11-28-2014

I just saw the teaser trailer and, oh my goodness, I got the tingles! It doesn't show a whole lot, but what it does show gives a feeling for what the movie will feel and look like. And, boy oh boy, are the final moments of the teaser ever soul stirring! Mark me down for being more excited than ever!! Big Grin