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Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-23-2014

With Casey's recent video with PMJ and the hope that Haley might also do some work with them I thought a dedicated thread might be a good idea.

PMJ has been picking up steam, especially in the past year and has developed a large following. The channel on YouTube provides great exposure for singers and musicians, and the comments on Casey's video indicate he is reaching many new people. The audience is global, as PMJ's upcoming tour to many cities in Europe attests.

In addition it appears that the core of PMJ performers are from the east coast, especially the New York City music scene. Connecting with some new music people is another potential benefit if, say, Haley were to get involved with PMJ. And she did sing AATB with them at their recent Hollywood show.

I have been exploring some of the PMJ artists and I plan to do some posts about people I enjoy or find interesting. But this thread can be about "anthing PMJ."

Kate Davis

Uploaded in September, Kate's cover of All About the Bass currently has more than 7.5 million views. She is popular on PMJ and not just for that performance. Kate is growing on me quickly. I like her a lot.

She has a website:
Quote:The music of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kate Davis has been turning heads in New York’s music scene since 2012. Whether she’s crooning rootsy ballads or plucking bright riffs from her bass, the gutsy songstress from Portland, Oregon, puts a fresh spin on the standards and brings a canonical sensibility to her own lush tracks.

Lauded by MTV as one of 2014’s “15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop,” Kate grew up with an instrument in her arms and a head full of inventive lyrics. Her lifelong training makes for smart, warm pop that’s as musically nuanced as it is addictive. If you put a mid-career Jenny Lewis album in a room with Regina Spektor’s coloring, Joanna Newsom’s lyric poetry, and a dose of Tina Fey’s sharp wit—then added a couple decades of rigorous musical education and a shift dress—Kate Davis might come strolling out.

... Kate became a New York transplant in 2009, when she enrolled at Manhattan School of Music.

She has a number of songs up on SoundCloud:

And if you want another side of Kate, try her TED talk.

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-25-2014

A week out from being uploaded the PMJ video featuring Casey now has over 200,000 views. Not too shabby.

The statistics available on some of the PMJ videos indicate that their uploads get a steady viewership. An early burst is typical and then it settles into a rather steady viewing rate. My guess is that Casey will reach a million views by mid January.

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - Tusk - 11-25-2014

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 4h4 hours ago
New PMJ video! We remade @ArianaGrande 's "Love Me Harder" as a James Bond movie theme, w @crisgattina on vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGctbQ0OxOY

She seems to be a favorite of PMJ's

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-25-2014

(11-25-2014, 06:36 PM)Tusk Wrote:
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 4h4 hours ago
New PMJ video! We remade @ArianaGrande 's "Love Me Harder" as a James Bond movie theme, w @crisgattina on vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGctbQ0OxOY

The video, just uploaded today, currently only shows 2440 views, yet it has over 1600 ratings. The majority of viewers rated it. I imagine that the early viewers of the videos are subscribers to ScottBradleeLovesYa and are inclined to rate new performances, and to comment.

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - Tusk - 11-25-2014

Quote: Scott Bradlee retweeted
Marie Digby ‏@mariedigby 5h5 hours ago
Looking forward to singing a song tomorrow night at Hyde in Hollywood with @scottbradlee and post modern jukebox! They are amazing Smile



RE: Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-28-2014

This is one of several clips from the PMJ show 11/26/2014 at the Hyde Sunset (none with Haley or Casey Sad). Jacob is featured a little in this one.

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-28-2014


Morgan James has performed a number of songs with the PMJ including Really Don't Care, Maps, Break Free, and It's a Mans, Mans, Mans World.

Really Don't Care also features the popular and very active "tambourine guy."

A brief bio appears on Wikipedia....
Quote:Morgan James (born November 24, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.[2] She has appeared in numerous Broadway plays, including Motown: The Musical, Godspell, and The Addams Family.[3] Her first studio album, Hunter, will be released by Epic Records in November 2014.[4][5]

James was born Morgan Grunerud[6] in Boise, Idaho,[7] the daughter of educators and actors, Allen Grunerud and Shellie Harwood.[6] The family moved frequently when James was a child, going from Idaho to Utah, Tennessee, and eventually Modesto, California where she spent her high school years. James was inspired by her actor parents to enter the performing arts, and she joined a choir while in middle school. Her grandmother also bought her a karaoke machine and agreed to pay for singing lessons until James went to college.[7]

James attended high school at Peter Johansen High School in Modesto. She graduated in 1999 and was quickly accepted to The Juilliard School in New York City at age 18.[6] There, she studied opera,[8] and eventually earned her Bachelor of Music in Voice in 2003.[9] In college, James also took a master class headed by Broadway veteran, Barbara Cook.[7].

After college, James initially struggled to find work and looked for jobs that utilized both her operatic and classical training.[7] James did not make her Broadway debut until 2010 in the musical production of The Addams Family, starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth.[6] In 2011, James appeared in Frank Wildhorn's Wonderland[10] and the Broadway revival of Godspell. James was injured in a rehearsal for Godspell in October 2011 and was unable to perform during previews.[11] She recuperated and, by November 2011, was performing in the play at the Circle in the Square Theatre.[12] In 2013, James took on the role of Teena Marie in Motown: The Musical. She stayed with the cast until December 2013, at which point she left to pursue a vocal performance tour.[2][8]

During her time on Broadway, she also moonlighted as a solo artist with a backing band often composed of Chris Fenwick, Matt Fieldes, Damien Bassman, and others.[10][13] She has played at numerous New York City clubs including (Le) Poisson Rouge,[13] 54 Below,[2] Rockwood Music Hall,[11] Birdland,[10] and more. Her first solo album, Morgan James Live: A Celebration of Nina Simone, was recorded at New York jazz club, Dizzy's, and is a collection of Nina Simone cover songs. It was released via Epic Records in December 2012.[1]

Her second solo album (and first studio album), Hunter, was recorded in 2014 and first released via Epic Records in June 2014. The 11-track album was produced by Doug Wamble and is James' first album of all original, solo material.[5][14]

Interview with Shaila

She's Gone

She has released two album's with Epic Records (CEO - L.A. Reid). There are quite a few videos on YouTube featuring Morgan, though none with the views she has garnered performing with PMJ. I find her songs to be uneven; sometimes she kills it and other time not so much. But she has some quality material out there and caught my attention. (Or vice versa.)

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - john - 11-29-2014

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee · 2h 2 hours ago
3 yrs ago, I made my first video ft @DrueDavisMusic & @timkubart http://youtu.be/3KzP4bC1Ypg

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - buzzenator - 11-30-2014

Nice Thread John...always love a cover of Hall & Oates...She's Gone. Cool

That Maps...Vintage 70s video with Morgan James is really good, 1.8 million views since August of this year. I assume that is Scott Bradlee on the piano? He plays that number completely by memory...no sheet music. Morgan James could have been the Blonde Bomb of Motown. Rolleyes

RE: Postmodern Jukebox - My Alter Ego - 11-30-2014

Quote:He plays that number completely by memory...no sheet music.

Perhaps. More likely, he (and his band) just understand the chord progression, and don't need music. This is a group that seems to be used to doing spontaneous arrangements -- sans music that has been "notated." (There are, most likely, discussions that take place prior to playing/performing, so that all the players have an idea of the game plan.)

That NOJO uses music and specific arrangements is largely because when you have that many "moving parts" you need a "road map" for everyone to know the starting, middle, and end points.