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Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 07-24-2018

[Image: 37012037_2092325001006753_9211438783755452416_n.jpg]


Stoked to sing a few tunes with mister @caseybassy at one of our fav festivals to play, #jazzinthepines!! It’s the 25th anniversary, so come on out to #idyllwild CA Sun. Aug 12th & get jazzy with us! Caught by: @lightstonpix @villagestudios

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 07-25-2018

It appears this is happening very near the school, reports say it could be arson.... best we can hope for is minimal damage, but it's not looking good Undecided

Fast-moving fire burns homes, threatens hundreds more near Idyllwild

ISCAT actually made me aware of this show last week, I wanted to make sure before I posted about it, since the last time both Haley and Casey were on the bill, it was cancelled. This time I only booked the flight and a ticket....but right now, there are much more serious consequences to consider for the Idyllwild community. I hope for the best outcome

Quote:Camps in Idyllwild were being evacuated, including Idyllwild Arts, Camp Maranatha, Idyllwild Pines, Astro Camp, Camp Emerson, and Tahquitz Pines.

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 07-25-2018

Photo posted on Twitter from Idyllwild Arts, two hours ago, to get an idea how close the fire is....

[Image: Di_eWqeU4AAV_EK.jpg]

Everyone has been evacuated to a high school....

Quote:Susan Pascale @StringsProgram 1h1 hour ago

Everyone was instructed to grab their instruments-they are safe at the HS now

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 07-26-2018

From Idyllwild Arts’ Twitter:

Quote:Idyllwild Arts deeply regrets the damage to the town of Idyllwild that we’re so strongly connected to. As we do our best to help the town, we’re happy our campus is safe and that we’ve safely evacuated. Eager to return to campus soon for our Summer Program and Jazz in the Pines.

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - john - 07-27-2018

Quote:Flames danced all around the stage where jazz musicians annually present Idyllwild’s biggest tourism event of the year. But somehow, the structures remained intact and the 25th annual Jazz in the Pines festival will go on as scheduled Aug. 10-12.

[Image: 636069781996023178-Casey-Abrams-and-Hale...5&fit=crop]
Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart, seen at the 2013 Jazz in the Pines, will return for the 25th anniversary celebration. (Photo: Ming C. Lowe/Special to The Desert Sun)

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 08-10-2018

Quote:Nora Germain @nora_germain 1m1 minute ago

really excited to be playing as a special guest with @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart and a bunch of other amazing peeps at Idyllwild Jazz Fest this weekend

[Image: DkRngAcV4AAtmqp.jpg]

Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy 39m39 minutes ago

Who’s stoked?
Sunday at 4!
With special guest @HaleyReinhart
Jamming with @jeremybieber**
And more special guests Smile


**Justin's Dad?

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Miguel - 08-12-2018

Not Justin's dad. The white-haired guy in Casey's full band.

Quote:Nora Francesca Germain
44 mins ·
always nice to see the talented and lovely Haley Reinhart

[Image: DkcA0D8VsAA0f_2.jpg]

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 08-12-2018

Haley performed 4 songs, Moanin', LKG, CHFIL, Time Of The Season, and she joined in at the end with a group performance of Cougar Town. So that Haley didn't sing that much was the only bummer, otherwise, it was a perfect day, the people running the event were super nice, as well as the volunteers. I spent alot of time talking w/ Casey's Mom, Pam, even met Casey's 2nd grade teacher (so now I've met both Haley and Casey's early teachers Big Grin )

bonus, the person coordinating the AV was the same person as last time, Pam, who I first met when I went to video Morgan at a Newport Jazz Festival, which allowed me some access, as well as permission to plug into the board.

(initially, I thought it failed again, but I just put the card into my laptop and it seems I might have audio from the board on this one Smile.... going to wait to get home tomorrow evening to look at what I got... I've burned through two laptops, two PCs editing video over the years... video editing stresses processors out if you don't have the right equipment aka 'regular people PCs' , so not really wanting to spend anymore on another laptop Tongue )

Just in case I had a failure w/ the board audio, I also used my iPhone for back up...here's a clip of the beginning of Moanin', when Haley enters the stage. I didn't think about zooming in because I just wanted it for back up audio. The guy in the blue shirt near the stage is me Blush


I posted some photos on my Instagram...

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 08-14-2018

[Image: 38792558_218224245703658_1619741500009086976_n.jpg]

Always a pleasure joining @caseybassy & headlining Idyllwild’s very own #jazzinthepines festival. It was a beautiful afternoon and evening of love, laughter, & pure joy! Thanks for listening & for havin’ me back! Heart #jazzfest #canthelpfallininlove #lastkissgoodbye #moanin #timeoftheseason

I've already edited two videos from Idyllwild 2018. Waiting for them to choose which one they want to post on Haley's Youtube, then I will post the other on my channel Cool ....unless they want to post both? Tongue
(One video I used my iPhone audio, the other I used the sound board audio...will explain why once they're posted)

Here's a screen cap from one of the videos Wink
They turned out really well Big Grin

[Image: Dkg4SBAVsAEmUrf.jpg]

RE: Haley & Casey Jazz in the Pines 2018 - Tusk - 08-14-2018

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk 2h2 hours ago
I had mentioned Haley is acutely aware of cameras & 'the shot', here's an example, as she sat down to sing CHFIL, she moved a microphone that was between her & my camera, so the mic wouldn't be blocking her Cool

[Image: DkmqQHqUcAACPxX.jpg]

[Image: DkmqR3NUYAAsT6Y.jpg]