Modern homes
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Modern homes
My home is in a small subdivision that was established in the 1960s.. Because of its age, it's closer in. So any new construction in the area these days is relatively small as there aren't any large open areas remaining.

There was a home at the front of my subdivision on a large lot that was torn down. This weekend I noticed a sign for a builder. This is what they plan to construct:

[Image: CK7l5cdUMAAt43D.jpg]

[Image: CK7l5ZCUEAAJjiS.jpg]

[Image: CK7l5kxUMAIgCxa.jpg]

It's not altogether out of place. A couple of blocks away there is a subdivision featuring modern homes like this. It was built on land that was previously an informal dumping ground. It has fifty lots on 13 acres. Sales and construction dragged for years, but there are about a dozen homes being built now.

[Image: nhm_Orrill+Home_48H0WBKLN.JPG]

[Image: Chris-Craft-House.jpg]

[Image: vanguard_residence_msm121208_13.jpg]

[Image: 6a00d8341c67ce53ef011571eb423b970b-500wi.jpg]

Below is a home built at one of the entrances to a larger subdivision located on the opposite side of mine. It was built in the 1950s. If I approach my home from the south, I pass by it.

Google Streetview, May 2014:

[Image: CK7nsedVAAEMaB1.png]

It has since been remade into contemporary looking home. It was more of a do-it-yourself project than a project completed by a high-end builder.

I'll post an updated pic in a day or two.

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