Posting images quotes, vids etc @ HF
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Posting images quotes, vids etc @ HF
The following image is the page you see when posting
(Buttons to be used demarked in red with arrows above them in the layout graphic)

[Image: HFPost_zps23727026.jpg]

You need to get the url (web address) of the image or video you want to affect. Usually go to the address bar at the top of your browser and copy (control C) it to your computer's memory, then paste it (Control V) in the appropriate field (a space you input information)

Posting Images, usually jpg or png files.

click the Icon that looks like a mountain (In red text reads 'Pictures' in above layout graphic). A window will open up where you can paste the url (web address) of the image you want to post.
example: this is the url of the above image ""

type or paste the url into the field, then click ok. The code will appear in the text field with the [ img ] [ / img ] tags
(you can type in the img code too, but much easier to use the button)

[Image: haley-reinhart-pr-20120-p.jpg]

Putting text into quotes:

Use the Button that looks like a cartoon word balloon (In red text reads 'Quotes' in above layout graphic). The code [ quote ] will appear. Type or paste the text you want to the right of the code.

Once finished with your text, in the upper right corner above the row of buttons/Icons, click the 'close tags', in red, that appeared when you click the quote button. This will close the code for you and you will see the code [ /quote ] after your text

Quote:Quoted Information

Posting videos

The most common videos are youtube, although there are other formats that can be posted, like vimeo's.
Click the button that looks like a TV with antennae (In red text reads 'Videos" in above layout graphic). A drop down list will appear, chose the video format, ie: youtube/vimeo.
Like posting an image, a window appears in the upper left corner where you can paste the videos url (web address). Click OK. You will see the code appear with the url address in the text window, between codes, [ video=youtube ] and [ /video ]

(code includes spaces so you can see them )

You can make type Bold, Italic , or Underlined by selecting the text you want the effect on, and clicking the corresponding Icon in the upper left of the Icon area B= Bold, I=Italic, U=Underlined

For example of what the code should look like, hit 'reply' to this post and see the code wrapped around the info
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RE: Posting images quotes, vids etc @ HF
^^Thanks, Professor Tusk! Big Grin
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RE: Posting images quotes, vids etc @ HF
You can also find some information about posting photos here:

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