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(07-18-2014, 06:46 PM)My Alter Ego Wrote: On Saturday July 26th, National Dance Day, Mary Murphy, a judge on SYTYCD will be joining/hosting a FlashMob scene at Universal Studios CityWalk where they will dance the Christopher Scott hiphop routine. They are attempting to set a FlashMob record.

The hiphop routine is set to Mark Ballas' Get My Name and Mark will be there to perform it live. It would be really nice if he'd invite Haley to perform it with him. Even if he doesn't, I hope he convinces her that it would be advantageous for her to attend. Four days before SMYM is released would be a good time to be around dancers and choreographers Cool

Mark sure has gotten some good publicity with his song "Get My Name". Maybe I shouldn't say it, but makes me wonder if he would have gotten the same if he wasn't a dancer on Dancing With the Stars. He has a big fan base from the show, and he is definitely striking while the iron is hot. He announced today that his next single is being released August 3rd, and he's shooting a video for it.

Haley is performing with The Human Experience on July 26th. But the flashmob scene would be cool to watch, and I imagine it would be filmed during the day, so maybe there's time for both. Wink
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
The Haley Reinhart Experience

[Image: 0.jpg]

[Image: BmRdX-rCMAAO-Jg.jpg:medium]

[Image: 10349758_1450478531865578_203997900_n_zps934efa57.jpg]

[Image: spUOv4E.jpg][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTSZ92BdvSFwgX-26uakv...mXPaRy_s72]
[Image: electricforest.jpg]

[Image: crustacean-beverly-hills11-PHOTO-B-Walk-...Final0.jpg]
[Image: 10369310_788233951188081_70596400_n.jpg]

[Image: 0.jpg][Image: default.jpg]
[Image: brayvfdciaa2zd.jpg?w=676]

[Image: brk5vpeccaamycw-large.jpg]

[Image: 20120208_021739_lucent002.jpg]
[Image: N8T4U6W.jpg]
[Image: 1397425_424081661030618_1467795614_o.jpg](from Gratifly website)

[Image: BC+Jean+Britney+Jean+Carlson+KIIS+FM+201...H5i_pl.jpg][Image: 537eab27ef283e4aee3cfdb6_jpg_250x250.jpg]

2013 Interview with David Block

Quote:...I’ve been listening to your music, it really resonated with me, as it does with many people around the world. I hear you have a new album coming out, Soul Visions.

David: Thank you! It comes out on June 17th. I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been about any musical project I’ve worked on.

What’s it like? All of your music is so diverse.

David: This is continuing on the path of extremely different. It’s a fusion project with a band called Rising Appalachia.

They are like sultry goddess women from New Orleans and Atlanta, and they also spent some time in Asheville, North Carolina. They grew up playing traditional Appalachian music and soul, kind of gospel styles of music. They play banjo, fiddle, guitar, and single two part female harmonies.

They melt my heart, they really do. Sometimes you hear an artist and you are like wow, you get it. They do that for me. We met years ago in India and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. We got together about a year ago have been recording this.

...I don’t understand music. I love it, but I don’t know where it comes from, or how it gets into people to create it. It’s such a weird thing when you think about it. Everyone responds to music. I mean it’s obviously innate. Even babies in the womb respond to music. You can probably explain it.

David: Here’s my theory, it kind of goes to why music is so powerful. Since humans had free time on their hands, when they weren’t just surviving and trying not to get eaten by giant bugs and poisonous creatures and things like that, once we had a little free time and leisure, one of the first things we did was figure out oh, we can make sound. We have voices and we can hum and chant, that sound comes from you. Then the first instruments came about. We can blow through this bone and it makes a tonal sound and that sounds cool next to this sound.

When you look at the evolution of music through the previous millennia and especially in the last hundred years, it’s just crazy. Now there are just no genres. Our new record is blending traditional folk and gospel Appalachia music with Tabla and Indian sound, and all sorts of weird stuff. Music is definitely innate. Everyone can play music, everyone can tap out a beat and everyone can contribute musically. You are a vibration, a slow moving frequency, which makes you appear solid in this world. Really, at our fundamental level we are just sound and light, and sound and light are the same; it’s just vibration and frequency.

...What did you listen to growing up?
David: I played classical piano from six to twelve years old, and I went to a lot of musical theatre with my family. My family is very musical. I listened to a lot of classic rock growing up. Then I got into rap and a punk rock phase and a hard-core metal phase. I’ve kind of explored everything from blues to gospel.

I grew up listening to more mainstream music because that is what I was exposed to. I wasn’t as familiar with a lot of the more underground genres and experimental genres of music that I listen to now. I think when I really started listening to a lot of music and playing music, when I was really young, I had a lot fewer options. I remember the first time I heard Led Zeppelin, when I was 16. I was like, “What is this!” Ten-minute songs with three-minute guitar solos! I remember when I was 18, the first time I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I’m like there is music that sings just with guitar! Where the fuck have I been? Listening to Manny Fresh and hip hop from the south and hearing it from all angles.

I was living in Dharamsala, India, and I discovered psychedelia, much deeper psychedelia, and LSD. It kind of opened up my mind to a lot of new genres of music. I had never heard of this stuff before, but I really connected with it. Approximately a year later, in India for my 22nd birthday, this friend of mine brought this DJ and he said, “I have the new Bluetech album, and I think you will like this for the dance party.”

I never heard anything like it in my life, it was never in my awareness at all. I thought all electronic music was either like Daft Punk, Paul van Dyk, Chemical Brothers, or Moby. Mainstreamish is what I was exposed to. I heard that, and it was like being color blind and then being able to see color. It was like, I can’t believe that this genre exists and I hadn’t heard it before.

I had been making music that I thought sounded like this and this is the kind of stuff that I had just been making without anybody supporting me. Most of my music was unheard for the first four years because I didn’t have a community to receive it. I didn’t know anybody who listened to what I was making. I didn’t have other influences. I was trying to make rap hip hop music without rap lyrics and messages, and happened to be a pretty psychedelic guy, so those elements came in, that came in. I play guitar, piano, I sing, I play percussion, I play bass. I can dabble on pretty much anything. So it’s been an interesting path.

...You are only 26? I don’t mean “only” it’s just that you are so accomplished and you have a lot of wisdom.

David: Ya, I like to do a lot. I’ve been on the road for about six years, so I think in that time I am able to saturate my experience with lots of juicy stuff.

I spent about 70 percent of my first Burning Man just wandering around by myself, just getting my mind blown. I had never seen anything like that. I came from a sheltered upper middle class white community in the suburbs. That world was not where I was from and until I left to travel around the world, I hadn’t known anything alternative to that at all as a possible life choice.....
I can see Haley resonating with this guy.
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
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Quote: allisonholker Beautiful

haleyreinhart @allisonholker Thanks darlinSmile I don't know where your other comment went.. But that night was somethin else! You are such a love light, hope to see ya again soon. Heard there might be another fiesta comin up
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Quote:Dancing With the Stars' Season 19 Pros Revealed: DWTS Veterans Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, and Derek Hough Confirmed to Return

It's tango time! The Season 19 roster of pros on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars was announced Wednesday, Aug. 13, on Good Morning America. The list includes veteran dancers like Mark Ballas, Karina Smirnoff, Cheryl Burke, and more, as well as a handful of newbies.

[Image: 1407939475_mark-ballas-cheryl-burke-derek-hough-lg.jpg]

Read more:
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Quote:Dylan Chambers ‏@dylan_chambers 5h
Oh crap! @HaleyReinhart just nominated me to do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge on her Facebook. Guess I'll do it a bit later today!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes U.S. by Storm

In order to issue a challenge, Haley would've had to have taken the challenge herself... no idea if there's video evidence though, technically you should have proof that you did it ie. video Wink

Pia did it and issued a challenge to ex USC QB, Matt Leinart

Quote:Pia Toscano ‏@PiaToscano 8m
I accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from the @lakingsicecrew to raise awareness for #ALS .. I…
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR 18m

this friend of Haley's challenged her
[Image: BvCva7mIQAIj2nE.jpg]

Haley "Liked" the FB post with the video challenge (see link above).
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Haley's really liking that hat Big Grin
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Quote:So @haleyreinhart nominated me to do the #alsicebucketchallenge and here is my 100% honest reaction. Left a half bag of ice in the water for a full hour before doing this. I now nominate @lindsarnold and @witneycarson to do this (even though they've probably been nominated already....) You both have 24 hours! May the force be with you. (Full video of this up on

Hahah by golly, he's done it!!?
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
The best thing about lauryn hills concert was the picture I took with my momma...absolutely horrible
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
4 days ago
Kicking it with @humanexperiencecreations during #kalya_scintilla sunrise set at #shambala ... Brilliant music spirit and heart healing dancy set #ilovebassmusic #shamanmusic

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