Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
11-21-2021, 12:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-21-2021, 12:08 AM by Tusk.)
RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates

Haley makes a first cameo appearance in one of her friend's music videos.  The first singer, Matt Reezy (Haley's friend) was at the Catalina Jazz club w/ Tay Dean (It was Tay's birthday, she was also in Haley's 'Shook' video) .  When they entered the club, I happened to coming back from the talking to the manager, I heard Tay wonder where 'she' is.  I asked if they were looking for Haley, and pointed them to Haley & Drew's table (Tay thanked me, Matt acted as if I wasn't even there lol, Hollywood people, what ya gonna do?  Smile )

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