Puddles the Sad Clown
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Puddles the Sad Clown
"Puddles, the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice"

[Image: whitesmall-02.jpg]

Puddles performs on several of the PMJ videos and I wondered, who is this guy? I'm not a clown guy, so I'm giving him his own space.


Royals (This clown got more than 9 million views)


Who he is ...
Quote:Hi, I’m Big Mike. I’m a singer, musician, an actor, announcer and a pretty good cook. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I am the fifth of seven children. My dad, Big Oz, was a big music fan and a lover of Manhattans and Martinis. And the apple don’t fall far from the tree. My mom, Peg, loves to sing although she is a bit shy about it. I got the singing gene from her I guess.
I grew up in a houseful of giants, with my 2 brothers and 4 sisters, all of whom grew to at least 6 feet tall. I’m the tallest of them all at 6’8”, and I became affectionately known as Big Mike. http://www.bigmikegeier.com/home.html

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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
So Puddles did his AGT debut. He has already come out ahead regardless of how far he goes in the competition.
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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
Puddles posted this about 14 hours ago (1st comments) and it has 35K views. It looks like his AGT appearance did gain him some fans. He has 214K subscribers. Go figure.

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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
Puddles is currently on tour and by the looks of things he is doing quite well for himself. For example, tomorrows show in Boston is at The Wilbur, and venue that seats more than 1000, and it is sold out. Other shows are sold out. He is placing venues of about 500-1200 and filling them nicely. He charges $35 and up for tickets at the shows I sampled. (Tickets are as cheap as $20 for his upcoming show at The Nova in LA but the info says it holds 2300 so those are the nosebleed seats.) Considering he could easily do the show with himself and a behind the scenes assistant, Puddles in raking in some dough. Probably the most successful touring act of any singer who has been singing with PMJ.

Here is his act BTW:
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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
As he takes a page from the PMJ playbook, leveraging off his AGT appearances and past PMJ work, Puddles is regularly recording and posting covers on his YT channel.

Here's one he posted in October that has 1,356,477 views.

The Sound Of Silence - Un-DISTURBED version

His most recent upload...

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding - Elvis Costello - Dressing Room style

Among other things YT makes for a decent test bed to see which songs are popular and which fizzle.

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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
Quote:Penn Jillette  Verified account
@pennjillette    9h9

Wow ⁦@PuddlesPityP⁩ is a perfect powerful avant- guard art piece done for a Casino crowd that loves it and gets it.  Genius ⁦@CaesarsPalace⁩
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RE: Puddles the Sad Clown
That's quite a compliment coming from a seasoned entertainer.

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