Texas' "extreme" drought is over
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RE: Texas' "extreme" drought is over
(05-27-2015, 12:00 PM)john Wrote: Miguel, do you think there could be any weather/flood issues for PMJ shows in Texas?

No, we're good. They have played Houston and Austin, and have a day off now before performing in Dallas on Sunday.

They say Texas has received 35 trillion gallons of rainfall in May. They also say that is enough to cover the entire state in 8 inches of water, or put New Jersey under 10 feet of water.

I went to bed about 2 AM last night. A storm was rolling in... lots of lightning and rain. It was an impressive downpour and caused some flooding -- mostly south of downtown.
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RE: Texas' "extreme" drought is over
New drone video. It opens and closes on the spillway on the south side of White Rock Lake, which was Dallas' first water supply. The lake is about 4 miles from my house. There is a trail near me called White Rock Creek Trail that runs down to the lake. There are about 9 miles of trails around the lake. The first bridge that is shot near ground level is NW HWY. It is located on the north side of White Rock Lake. They just elevated the roadway a couple of years ago. The old road would be flooded now.

I just realized the sign with the flashing lights near the crossing arms says, "Do Not Enter - High Water." That is on White Rock Creek Trail where it nears the lake. It's directing people to not to follow the trail upstream.

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RE: Texas' "extreme" drought is over
I built a house for a guy that owned a nationwide lightning protection business. His two biggest markets are Florida and Texas because they average 135 storm days per year...your chance of getting hit by lightning improves significantly in the Sunshine and Friendship states. What's so friendly about lightning and sunshine? Dodgy

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