Morgan James
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RE: Morgan James
Thanks, good thing I had a lot of experience figuring things out on Haley's vids, first Wink

Even with a Monopod, I have to be better with my camera movements, would take a few minutes off the time putting the vids together.

I use a Canon Rebel 5i w/ a 55 mm ST lens. Turned out it was good my Zoom lens wasn't ST (ST lenses are quieter when focusing so the camera mic won't hear it), because using the wider lens in addition to the above average resolution allowed me space to move around the scene Tongue

As far as the sound quality, as I've said, it's a crapshoot if it comes out or not, I've been lucky most of my audios have been at least 'useable'.

I imagine being close to the stage probably helped w/ crowd noise not really being a distracting factor in the audio. We might have asked if we could hook in w/ their audio, but I'd already told them that I was basically a fan, wouldn't be publishing or using my media for sale. Tongue Also, I think we got more of the experience than we were meant to. Asking to plug into their audio, might have increased the scrutiny on us. After Morgan's set, I found out that security was told that we were allowed 2 songs to video/photo. But because we (especially Greg) socialized w/ security and the attendees who we'd be doing our stuff near, we ended up being able to do Morgan's entire set Big GrinCool

Finally, I do some audio and video editing of my footage. It's a cheap program, Magix, around $40, but it get's stuff done. The only draw back, is it seems a bit buggy with my computer, maybe windows 8 (It works fine on my windows 7 PC and laptop). Sometimes the audio doesn't work, sometimes the video craps out, I have to reboot. But that happens as well with the higher end video editing programs on bigger computers. Video editing is a memory hog of a software, so I guess the rule of thumb is to save and save often.

The audio, I try to dampen hisses, reduce 'crackling' and buzzes, then use the equalizer to bring up or lower sounds. The hard thing about audio, the way I do it, w/o much knowledge, it's like a cook trying to make a new recipe, you taste it too often, it becomes hard to judge objectively.

Audio can be hard because sometimes you try too much that you might change it so much, you might as well scrap the whole thing and reboot, start again Tongue

I had a good amount of problems w/ Haley's Troubadour set.

The good news is, IF you're able to find a good balance, you can save what you did and use it for the other songs, same with videos, save settings for one clip to apply to the others.

Here's a good one, "Say the Words"

^^ This one, because it starts so quietly, I added extra dampening to pull back ambient crowd noise more, pleased to hear it didn't adversely affect Morgan or the musicians... it fact Morgan's voice sounds even clearer...'brighter' Big Grin

BTW, there was a song before this one, "Jenny" that Morgan said was a new one they were trying it out. For some reason, I had a thought that maybe I should ask her if it's OK to post. Turns out it was good that I asked. She said she wanted to work on it more, if it was OK if I don't post..... She asked if it was OK w/ ME to not post it? LOL I said, it was her song, I wouldn't post it w/o her permission.
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RE: Morgan James
Thanks Tusk. I am going to shop for new camera, the last good one I bought was in in 1975 and it stopped working several years ago, besides not much film being shot these days Smile I wonder if younger people would even know what camera film is????

Anyway, thanks for the info. I have some travel upcoming and want the camera for that as well as video of my grandchildren, and maybe Haley if I am ever that lucky.

I think it serves you well being so courteous and thoughtful about the artist. The quality work and that attitude has earned you a good reputation, which is priceless.
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RE: Morgan James
I ended up 'splurging' on the Canon because my City Walk video came out so terribly (saved by TeamHaleyFans joining in to help video), then Costco came out w/ a great deal, the Camera body, two lenses 55mm & 200mm, two batteries, a charger, an SD card, a carrying Case all for around $800. I couldn't resist Tongue

Here's "Drown", two more to go...

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RE: Morgan James
Here's her Prince cover "Call My Name"

08-05-2015, 11:23 PM,
RE: Morgan James
Last song, Heart Shake, I included the standing O at the end Smile

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RE: Morgan James
You captured some great video at the Morgan James concert, Tusk. Those outdoor venues seem to work pretty well from an audio standpoint. Thanks for posting. Smile
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RE: Morgan James
Thnx! If I knew what I was doing, I might be dangerous Tongue
Really helped 'class up' my videos with Greg's high resolution shots. He sent her some large prints. She Loves them... Smile

Quote:My managers were FLOORED by the pics. They couldn't believe the size and quality, so neatly sweetly sent over.

Lot's of consternation all relieved in a matter of hours. Finally got some SMYM nods/acknowledgement for SMYM's anniversary* & I was hoping I did 'OK' by Morgan.

Quote:morgan james ‏@morganajames 26m26 minutes ago
@HaleysTusk @SteMichelle thank you!! Need you at every gig! Haha

BlushBig Grin

*I was worried that Haley might have some regrets re:SMYM IMO if you put your entire self into a project, put in your best effort, learned what you did during the process... It just didn't seem like Haley to regret it. So I'm really glad she retweeted and favorited several SMYM anniversary Tweets Big Grin
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RE: Morgan James
Quote:morgan james ‏@morganajames 23m23 minutes ago
New vid is up! Newest SHE vid is #DirtyDiana feat. @dougwamble. Hope you enjoy! #MJdoesMJ

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RE: Morgan James
Morgan has a Stageit Benefit show coming up....

Quote:morgan james ‏@morganajames 3h3 hours ago
Get your tix for my online @Stageit show: Mon! 6PT/9ET. Live from my living room, feat @dougwamble & #ShuggieOtis!
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RE: Morgan James
(08-12-2015, 01:49 PM)Tusk Wrote: Morgan has a Stageit Benefit show coming up....

Quote:morgan james ‏@morganajames 3h3 hours ago
Get your tix for my online @Stageit show: Mon! 6PT/9ET. Live from my living room, feat @dougwamble & #ShuggieOtis!

bought my ticket

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