Children of The Voice
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RE: Children of The Voice
Sawyer and Mia's concert had some videos posted recently.

[Image: ft5xUQc.jpg]

These two are just so talented. Unbelievable to me that they are 16 years old and know their musical identity to the extent that the do..and sound like that..and can convey emotion the way they can..You can tell they've never rehearsed their duet though. There are some moments of brilliance, but there are also moments that...well, you can tell they didn't rehearse it together. haha

And in other news, Melanie Martinez will be joining Adam Lambert for the Australian and New Zealand leg of his tour. That's a pretty good match. Big Grin
10-23-2015, 07:59 PM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Sawyer has his first post Voice release song, on a soundtrack. It's pretty good and very Sawyer.
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RE: Children of The Voice
Forgot to add this to the thread.

Danielle Bradbery's new video for "Friend Zone"

And Mia Z and Luke Wade's music video for "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

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RE: Children of The Voice
[Image: 2015-CMA-AWARDS.jpg]

Danielle at the CMA's. She looks like a superstar.
11-07-2015, 08:21 AM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Sawyer opened for "A Great Big World" at the Troubadour last night. (Probably his biggest performance post Voice)

Someone got some great videos.

This is my favorite song that he performed (Four Pockets)
11-11-2015, 02:27 PM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Sawyer released his new EP today. It was a bit of a surprise (as well as a single). It's already #11 on itunes.

The EP includes four songs, one of which is a duet between him and Mia Z. (A fantastic song, actually. We got the best of both of them in it.

I think "Stranger" (The duet) and "Still Here" are the strongest off the debut, but they are all pretty strong. (IF I'm honest, it's more that the first two sound completely Sawyer, and the second two sound like pop/radio influence were involved. Which is necessary, but..)

I can see Mia and Sawyer developing a bit of a Haley/Casey relationship in their careers.
11-13-2015, 09:44 PM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Sawyer's Moms words about the collaboration with Mia. When Sawyer was asked about it by a follower. (via FB)
" Sawyer Fredericks This proud mama wants to answer this question
When Sawyer and Jamie Hartman began writing this song in LA, Sawyer immediately could hear Mia's voice in the track. But here he was, so new to working with a label, so he didn't know if he'd be granted this wish. It seemed to take a while to get approval (well, it just felt long because we only had so much time to write and record in LA). Sawyer even wrote and recorded the song as both a solo and a duet, just in case we couldn't get clearance on having Mia. It wasn't until we were back in NY state that we got the go ahead! So we drove the 7 hours to join Mia in a studio in Pittsburgh.
These two prodigies, with their family as cheerleaders, but no other producer, label rep, or professional songwriter in sight, just one sound tech recording every take, worked through all the phrasing and harmonies and ad libs, on their own. In a matter of a few hours. Jamie checked in via Skype, and quickly decided they had this- said just keep doing what you're doing! Together they composed 3 part harmonies! (Mia is especially a natural at this-Sawyer was learning so much from her.) I'm still blown away by the memory, and feel so honored to have been witness to their innate talent and the obvious joy they get from working together.
And on a side note- Jamie Hartman did a fantastic job of producing this song, supporting Sawyer's request to have all live musicians tracking together on this, rather than synth instruments, or solo tracking sessions. Some of our favorite musicians in LA are on this song, including Victor Indrizzo on the drums. (He is also on Lovers Still Alone, and many songs that will be on the full-length album in Spring.) We are all so incredibly blessed and so excited for the success of this song.
I know Mia's family (wonderful, talented, and authentic people) feels the same way.
So obviously this is Kirsten!! Because Sawyer would have probably answered you with 4 words and 3 emojis"
Sawyer also co-wrote the song (and had the lead credit.) Amazing. These kids are so young..and to be that sure of themselves and knew who they are musically..(and with what they are capable of..)
11-18-2015, 09:03 PM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Melanie Martinez released a combination music video of Soap/Training Wheels. She directed it herself as well. 5 hours up and over 170,000 views!

Danielle Bradbery released her cover of "Speakers"
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RE: Children of The Voice
Mia Z. will be joining Sawyer Fredericks on his West Coast tour (hopefully the East Coast side too, I'd LOVE to see them in a show.)

My personal belief, is that these two are the most talented kids to ever come off of any of these shows. Amazing that they were just 15 when they started the process.

Here are the tour dates, in case anyone wants to check them out.

[Image: post-1109-1460493247.jpg]

And Melanie Martinez became the first Voice act to chart on the pop charts with "Pity Party." I believe it is currently at number 43.
04-20-2016, 09:46 PM,
RE: Children of The Voice
Danielle Bradbery performing two new songs. Her album looks to be shaping up extremely well. Room for Two seems to be a favorite among fans. (She has matured a lot vocally too.)


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